Dear Editor,
Our popular media personality and former Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe is most upset that news about her court custody battle over her child with her ex, dancehall artist “Chino” has gone public in the mainstream and social media. Yendi should know by now that she can’t have it both ways. If she chose to be a public person the lines will always be blurred when it comes to private vs public life. It is the price one pays for fame and fortune and being a celebrity.
People in the media, fans, and those not fond of her will, of course, be interested, which is why the story made the news in the first place. Court records, unless where access is specifically restricted by law, are also public records. The Court is a public institution, not a private one, and nothing inappropriate was done when the media ran the story.
I recall Yendi was the one who was all over the media glowing about her new relationship with Chino, and then her pregnancy, and birth of her child. Chino, everyone believes is more reserved and private. So why blame the media now? Sorry it didn’t work out, but that’s called life.
Pete Delisser
Dear Editor,
Yendi’s shallow attempt to hide behind the mask of privacy is futile in light of the fact that she broadcasted her pregnancy and relationship status on Facebook and did an extensive interview about it with the Jamaica Observer newspaper.
Now she laments: “It is most unfortunate that, due to our public image, I was not given the privilege of privacy, especially since this matter involves a minor child.”
Yendi ought to be very careful with her choices as privacy for public figure is almost non-existent. And in her case she invited the public in their lives, so she should live with the consequences.
By the way, I don’t hear Chino complaining. It is called “cause and effect”.
Melvin Pennant
[email protected]


  1. My sentiments exactly! And to this day she still nuh stop. Still on fb, instagram, etc referencing the situation in some way or another. She even replying to comments when she claim she want privacy, how’s that? Simplest thing to do is to delete the posts, but she wont. Truth is, she LOVE the attention, good or bad. So much so that I genuinely think she have some deep seated issues that she really need to fix and fix quick! Someone with so much going on for her shouldn’t be in these predicaments and her attention-seeking ways may very well be a cry for help.

  2. Small boat going cross di rivah, wat a heap a commotion.
    Wah I seh.. there is a toime wen di rivah gets ruff, wind deh blow and chicken battey outah dooh. Get ready siddung and hold tight caz, dem oar’s ain’t moving fast enuff.. Yes jah jah.

  3. Yes Chino u did blind sided by the #MissUNIVERSE now look at whats going on – MET u memba when she all up in a d nx baby madda business all a force Chino fi get full custody ?? n all beat d gyal pikny !!! dutty Yendi u a commanas u ole UPTOWN THOT a hate d gyal u see

  4. I don’t know why, but this line killed me “Sorry it didn’t work out, but that’s called life”_______________________________________________ :ngakak
    Not only is she trying to hide behind the mask of privacy, she also trying to hide behind her child – a child that she flung into public attention.

  5. Metty OOooo wi waiting pon di dash-outs bout di Digicel man n Rosie new life n new breast….also Shantel life a foreign

  6. Give yuself a round of applause Yendi fe big up yu nawsy dutty badmine self. As fe Chino, him go mek song bout Miss Universe. A hope him write one now and call it This Bitch is the worst!!

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