Now the dropping of SuziQ gofundme link dash out fi file gone out suh….And so we begin

Named Paula SuzieQ Rose..SuzieQ started at IrieFm back in the 90ties as a secretary and was eventually taught to spin turntables by Ainsworth Higgins. At that time , it was known that she was sleeping with Clyde McKenzie, she eventually moved on to IrieFM’s C.E.O Karl Young (R.I.P)

Karl Young

From she start tek Karl she start gwaan like IrieFm did belong to har so now it mek di whole a di artiste dem at that time start run in fi get dem song pan IrieFm and SuzieQ turn table. Buju Banton run in pan SuzieQ turn table and she gi him a spin and him song get spin pan IrieFm turn table. Di people dem seh nuh bed neva ina dah spinnin deh but thats not my business (insert kermet here)

Suzi–Q for Quality never partial at all she start tek Lenny whey used to spin pan Bass Odyssey and one time him drop har off Ninjaman yard fi go pick up something and him claim she gi some to Ninjaman…………Ninjaman later seh him did get it fi true 🙁 ….Some baby argument did end up wid Lenny but di baby was never seen………

Anyway after di whole turntable lifestyle, Shaggy pick up SuzieQ and him was a hardworking man, work buy house gi har, file fi har pickney that was not his but due to how she always believe ina obeah and dat somebody a work pan har she cannot keep no relationship cause di obeah man/woman dem always a tell har seh somebody jealous offa har and that is what will take us into part 2 wid SuzieQ and di Obeah…….har file bring up fi show the opportunities presented, cause IrieFm owner later died and a few years after his son. SuzieQ meet di man dem and end up guh borrow money fi marry Spanna Banner but wait fi dah part deh.


  1. What a colourful existence she has lived. Also, she seems ‘easy’.

    How can a woman who is using her body to get ahead feel that someone is working obeah on her? I could see if you are actually achieving off your own merit and show some great talent in an area, or have a booming business. But ppl who a trade pon dem front really think smaddy a work on dem?

  2. A wonder if it’s the same thing Nicole Campbell Obeah man telling her. That people are jealous of her. DWL.

  3. Wooooooo sender your absolutely right about the Q omg . The mumma plant that in she head from ‘ the sisters are nothing like Q and they all doing well in life . Well now the mumma is in a nursing home and off the street off Ocho Rios. No lie suzie is such a talented & great media personality but her dutty hands evil ways cut back her properity in life . When suzie just come a Ochi she used to sleep in my sister hous a buck field and mi start she badmind movements and tell mi sister fi run she out ‘ cause my sister stoosh and kind hearted while suzie a oil up & oil out a she house . Suzie lub Obeah and used it for the wrong purpose that’s why she’s suffering now later in life . I feeling she’s going to mad in the head like mother ‘ suzie mental i your covered under the blood off Jesus & pray for your sins cause god is forgiven merciful. Suzie you tie spanner & did plant your self a IRie Fm . Thank God shaggy kept your secrets you think you easy from Portland.

  4. Mi say in those days a Reggae Bash days Suzie Q done everything under the sun fi hold Buju Banton but him would never get too close . . THE Obeah man up a high gate st mary talk back say him tyad off suzie Q back in 1993 . Suzie yo

  5. Listen 2 me sir Mr talentless Shaggy Wonda Suzie Q ex man. Hell hath no fury like a maama man scorned. U is a real mumma lashy. Leave d woman alone n go look wuk do cos Suzie Q move on n she no want u. Y u tarnishing d woman name yes she tek pure big man in har lifetime but great minds think alike. Me watch Suzie Q nuff time n she give u whole heap a air play n u iron baloon song dem neva reach no way. Gwaan bout u bizness n mek d ooman live in peace she just baptize n get off all d crasses offa har. She might b struggling with Spanna but d woman will b alright. Walk good Shaggy Wonda n lef Suzie Q alone

    1. Whoring suzie Q stop call shaggy name because him down remember you! Bout a pure big man yu tek. What you have to show out of the big man dem??? Talk how spanna a beat yu,you a tell shaggy fi go look work,you need to tell spanna fi go look a wuk fi pay back the money him barrow from him brother fi pay fi the wedding. A shaggy child support money a mind you and spanna! Suzie q you tarnish your own name,because you nuh have no pussy principle. Nuff other man f**k yu while you married to shaggy,but because you blind shaggy with you obeah him couldn’t see! Suzie q shaggy move on with him life tell the people dem and your husband how every woman shaggy have you call dem,stop stalk the man remember a three f**king hours you sit down on phone with the girl from Connecticut. Tell spanna sey when him beat you a shaggy you call an a cry to him,and a ask him if him would take you back! Gal nuh Mek mi buss out you’re secrets dem! Suzie remember when you son put out you and spanna out of him house a motel uno live in a. And a shaggy same one you a call and beg money because uno cah pay fi the motel and uno cah buy food! Move yu dutty whoring bloodclawt and leave the man Mek him prosper! SHAGGY SAY GOOD OVER EVIL AN GOD OVER DEVIL! SUZIE Q BAPTISM CAH HELP YOU BECAUSE YOU WORK TOO MUCH OBEAH! WICKED GAL GO DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND REPENT AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU BECAUSE YOUR SIN DEM SIN DEM

      1. A think she just mek one more comment dung a bottom at 9:11 :hope

        You file retention skills on point 😀 😀

  6. What an interesting read. A suh Suzie Q pussy did busy. I cringe when I saw the Gofundme account and the nasty back and forth thing between her and the son. All who nuh believe sey karma real.

  7. Suzie Q walk the ends of the earth fi obeah. I only hope spaner keep your secret like how shaggy keep all your dirty secrets! Suzie q you wicked and evil bad,look how you make shaggy look like him mad after you a bring yu spaner a the man yard bout you a manager. Paula Rose a God a beat yu. Shaggy never use to beat yu tell the people dem how spaner a beat out yu nasty rass!

  8. It stink and still stink from she dey a Irie FM say Karl Young (RIP) was Yendi father. The other 2 a shaggy own them.

  9. WHY are we keeping a file on Suzie Q pussy cat please .

    Aren’t half of them in dancehall shining out and giving it ways for profit too ?

    1. Idiot gal suzie q nuh body nuh rate yu! You is a whore like your mother Miss King wah and f**k like dog! Suck pussy gal you walk and spread pure rumor on Shaggy,mi sey to how suzie q wicked when spanna start beat out her rass down a Miami and she want him out of her son house,the wicked gal call shaggy and a tell shaggy how shi nuh like how spanna a look pon her daughter! Spanna you don’t know what you buck up into! You better run while you can

  10. Suzie Q let spanner banner sell him a port more in Kingston that’s why she’s indepted to hm cause if try lef him she’s a dead woman spanner tell she . By the way Shaggy have him big house in Atlanta Georgia. Wey suzie run lef also the big half finish house behind Irie Fm up a content garden a ochi Shaggy tell q to keep it . That’s why she make the gofound page to pay the mortgage cause bank out to repossessed that . Shaggy you used to work in Miami and give suzie Q him money as a husband. Spanner never worked a day in his life . Don’t worry about Shaggy him have him good job in Atlanta & paying his child support . A reaction a tek suzie she think America would take Wey Shaggy US passport or drivers license for child support for the two children but him a work . Beating from god under suzie backside spanner giving it to you Wap Wap .

  11. True at one point poor Shaggy almost mad fi see spanner eat and drink a him yard then tun round asleep with him wife . Then pop Big married to show off . Karma Karma mad woman suzie Q just like she mumma . She soon reach back a Portland .

  12. Heyyyyyy dem always say when u tie man n dem wha pull dem beat out badmind outta u Suzie pull the man suzie loose the tool

  13. Suzie q don’t know who’s YENDI father! The amount of father YENDI have. Carl Young,Garnet Silk and a few other man! Suzie you need god because you talk how you hate your first born son. When the bitch did a f**k Carl Young shi Gwaan like she own Irie FM this whoring gal try get out everybody mighty Mike,Baga Brown gone to them grave hate this gal!

  14. This is true, I used to work at Irie fm. Clyde Mckenzie wife died under stress true suzie q was taking her man. Bob Clarke, andrea and the whole of them did know her story.

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