18 thoughts on “DANCEHALL WIVES………….

  1. Red is Aidonias brother.Lavs
    She is from an educated Middle class PNP Family

    Don’t know the one at the other end

    1. TONKS MUCH cuz the one in the red can get IT twice on weekdays and 4 times on weekends!!!!!mi always love off kimberly but i had no idea she was so lil bitty petite…but still she too can get IT daily!!Hopefully someone will tell us who is the thickas on the far right end….WOW!!!the whole world dun know Rachel already cuz she insists on it…so yeah.

    2. Yea, Toni is really cool and down to earth. I wish her will in a certain part again. God will bless you again hunny. Take heart.

      1. Just like you mother own that have you thinking eating the elf is the next best thing to a fish dinner.

        Tell you bitch her thighs look like jackfruit.

  2. first of all Nicole always look stale, she needs a better stylist, but she lack taste so wateva she wear nah go look good pon her, kerry gi nicole di worst clothes fi pose ina, issa breakfast party so weh she ago ina dat big old wedge hel boot and dat style a dress outdated, she look like something outa dollar store clearance section #tacky #old

  3. BWOY…! Y’all on this post sounds so bitter. Real woman don’t knock each other down instead they build each other up. Y’all life so SAD unno know everything bout the people dem love life. unno own life can’t be all that GREAT if unno can find the time to worry and pree someone else who’s more than likely living better than whole bundle a UNNO.

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