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      1. I don’t think it’s different material. Honestly think it’s the real deal. But it’s how dem get it and if dem have dem assets and tings

  1. Yes Missa Icon, it’s “worn” not “wears” . Btw, you are not a “great mind” . You are just a trifling dude who steals cc info to dress like the Jones. FOH!

  2. Met find a way to stop these grounds hogs to come on here man a sick a she and her manisha not even we women watch the men like Apple manisha. John crows oonu go pitch somewhere else oonu played out!

    1. :2thumbup same here…I am tired of these two boasy bruck pocket celebrities here dem nuh have no shame atall but dem day soon come :coolnonsense

  3. this is pathetic. i want to see the deed to his house here and abroad. if you can’t show that stfu and have a seat —-> _/

    1. LMAO at how the seat well recline.

      If survival of Tom Ford’s clothing line hinged on his (their) PR, promo and grammatical abilities that jacket would be the last.

  4. @ Chocolate u took the words out my mouth .Jay Z and Justin and them wife not doing credit card scam or running from mall security when them a shop . Matter of fact those stars get merchandise for free all the time from the designers . Fcuking thief unno .

  5. These so call ghetto dancehall starts..cause only dance dem feel da way deh…only place fools pop ppl clothes collar in video and wear their tag in their clothes….like hom on the video bout tom ford..jayz and justine dem no need fi do that as well as so of us who actually work pay tax and can afford to buy without a cc..can look at clothes and know quality from quanity…so showing n trying to compare n compete..and funny they can’t afford to live amongst real starts pay real star rwnt a d bills..
    Go L.A.or something leave the ghetto or cheap big sin e great minds think alike.

    Jayz jacket is a differwnt material from his and justine so pls

  6. If dis half eediat want fi impress den im fi prove seh im and im odda half eediat mek more dan Mr & Mrs. Carter. Shi coulda tief half a Merica it haint gonna happen!!! Since dat a nuh di case, Jay Icon shut yuh trap, tap compare yuh self tuh celebrity cah yuh nuh hab talent, career nor ambition.

  7. most of these stars don’t pay for the gowns and suits they wear to these events they are loaners and a means to display the item to the public n afta the show or event dem haffi send it back or dem will get a rass bill fah.. so oonu spend off u pennies fi impress n bruk di next day

      1. I can tell you this some of them really don’t even send back those clothes. Designers will send celebs a whole rack of clothes for free just for their pics to be taken in it, thats where the publicity comes from. Xmas on Rihanna page she had scores of gifts sent to her by various designers. She nuh buy none. Mi seh dem people yah a real idiot dem can only impress adda idiot..I am not looking!!

  8. Jay Icon did you stop go school in grade 4 or something because him dont seem to know bout past tense and dem ting deh. Apple fi read wid him and make him stop embarrass them

  9. So what happen to Flippa no really matter to these ediots? The higher the monkey climb the more dem batty expose, continue with what you are doing Mr and Mrs Ghetto Fabulous.

  10. So I read all ur comments n all I c is that u envy these ppl apple n her ma.. so what the f**k if she wants to post what she wears the bags the shoes cars etc y u mad thou? The girl av a right to feel like a celebrity n ur name certainly fit her cause unno is like the paparazzi every move she Mek unno on top of it I believe unno hate unno self u should really ask unno self y this girl lifestyle a drive unno crazy her kids them seem fine n taken care of n unlike some if u who dress in Brands n kids wearing no names they all wear the expensive things too.. All I can say to apple n her man is keep posting cause we all know u post to hurt up ur haters head post ur fake ass breast n everything cause guess what it fit yuh n what a way unno haters a talk bout Ali express how u know about that site if u weren’t shopping there??? Do yuh ting yah apple the mad cause the av nothing to brag about

    1. Show seh some a unu frighten… Really?????? Welcome to the USA where credit can get you anything. Apple need fi focus pon learning fi write a proper sentence. Everything unu talk about hate and hurt up head. A wah unu feel like. Nuh because yuh frighten fi dem, nuh look no company round here. If she entitle fi post f**kery, we entitled fi redicule the f**krey….Even keel!!! FOH!!


    3. Yes apple aka barb! No one on this site have to hate on you an your man! Apple an jay not so icon,make sure you’ll have lawyer money put down! An make sure you guys have trust funds & saving towards your kids education! Apple I have a few question for you? #1 do you own a house,where you pay mortgage & file taxes an your property at the end of the year.#do you ever think
      about going back to school & get a degree,I guess girls like you never have any dreams growing up as a child! You’ll are the perfect example of getto fabulous,you are both are in no category to the people,you put on your ig! First of all both of you are uneducated,underprivileged,low lives scums,you can tell both of you not use to nothing! If clothes,shoes,bags & cars that are not own by,you apple an jay,but own buy the banks! Both of you need to sit back an look in to life,and ask how do I see my self ten years from now!

    4. @barb u a Apple n Jay Icon cheerleader…raters a fren u a beg idiot..u get some a di fake shit to….no one nuh envy them n they put their shit out there so guess wat it ago get criticize u best believe that…go hold a chair n tek in the preview my girl…Apple n Jay need fi know anybody dat a mek $$$ can buy Tom Ford, get batty n breast in fact it a dash way a NY…u all not special abay

    1. @Simply dem day gwine come and then dem aguh sey is badmind people fault. ‘He who worships vanity and have no love for humanity shall fade away’
      Job was very patient and so are the FEDS.

  11. @ ispy…. Why would you sit and count the days for someone too fall… You sound like one badmind m’fuka…. As a matter of fact u all do.

    Apple and her man…. Gwarn live life ya, cos you only live once

    1. huh …..why unno luv de phuck’n wurd badmind suh nd use it all wen it nuh phuck’n needed tuh each dem bloodclaat own of course but smaddy weh a pay rent nd only own things weh depreciate as the hour goes by yuh tink ppl av time a hate pon,bitch plz

  12. Lets play how many grammatical errors can you find!

    I spot FIVE.
    Terrible considering it is such an oh so short sentence…and due to the fact that he’s supposed to be an ‘hi-kan’!

  13. These 2 are so sickening how bout you invest ina greencard rotten apple your kids educational funds and stop hype jay not so icon you could never walk in those stars shoes yuh ugly and theif nuh rass.

    1. Don’t worry bout the girl status she get dip n she reach she get lock up n she come a road so she naw guh nuh weh unno a run off unno mouth before jay z was an star him use to hustle n hustle can b a variety on things so if the ppl want duh credit scam sell drugs or whatever it ain’t ur business unno nuh help the ppl get them money or them things suh dem can do what the f**k they feel with mi anuh anybody cheerleader mi nah look nuh friend or nuh hype same how unno hate the ppl dem cause a dem hypeness mi a pick up fi dem cause mi nuh bad mind or grudgful n the ppl dem nah do nothing wrong more than a hot up unno head n a mek unno gah unno bed with hate in a unno heart

      1. Mek up yuh mind…cah yuh done knoe seh yuh a cheerleader fi all scammers an hustlers. Dis a di second time yuh pitch pon di one post an a plead di people dem case. Backup offa pink wall, nobady nuh feel yuh passion fi wutliss, waste of space people. Sound like from yuh a tief till now yuh still nuh reach.

      2. Jay Z never hustle to floss on social media he hustle to support his dream of being who he is today.Taking money from hard working citizens who hustle everyday is no hustle they’re stealing from innocent ppl funds. And for what? To “rock Tom ford” please.

  14. The real celebs Jay Z, Justin Timberlake can PROVE their income. Can u Gaydon? How dare dis ghetto, dunce couple compare themself to REAL STARS. Rotten Apple no u cant measure up to RiRi no day, no how neither can ur bleach out pock-holed face man compare to JayZ

    What a piece of eggs-up renkeness. My cross bad!!!@@

  15. Why are there no pics of her kids school school or sports activities no dentist visits no quality time with the children..all I see is dancehall clothes shoes bags new hairdos trips they really don’t give 2 f**ks about there kids…apple and jay can barely put a sentence together so why da f_ck would they care about puttin away any of the people dem stolen money for the kids education??i I’ve never seen anyone living the fast life come out on top..what a sad life no education no retirement plan nothing..jus a live day 2 day all for the love of material things smh I feel for those kids ..2 wutless people for parents

  16. Den hear d girl inna d video check the phonetic pronounciation a TAAAMMM FOADDDD aka Tom Ford f d man eva hear how d chat bad ppl dem a spoil up him name n clothes po ting dem – totally wrong priorities…

  17. Funny am watching jue u on dance on youtube..and Apple just a push ip in a him woman kerrian so..and just a chat n a big up ina video n kerrian just can’t stand it …so Apple stop and I hope that man deh wid u forever..well once u still mine him with ur outa town credit card shit…it not about the clothes you wear it your character and i jope ur kods are wearing true religion and gucci..cause my kids does..and its all about them but they wear target they can wreck ot at household wear it all….from anywhere at the wnd if the day dem clean and can change everyday
    Poor you..and understand yourself..

  18. Lets just shut this shit down, those boots are knock offs,Tom ford made those exclusively for rihanna,go ask in the Tom ford store, saks , nieman and Marcus they tell you its fake

  19. A word of advice to youemmy ear. Whilst being among the rich and famous for crying out loud go and enroll in some basic English classes or stick to patios. The word u were searching for was worn. And when using it in that context the word is alike. Not a like. Good grief man

  20. Apple just post a status on IG stating she doesn’t have time on waste ppl which I’m assuming she’s referring to the pink wall. Met if u look closely clearly the dunce bat need fi mek sure she crop out the pink wall site first. The bottom pic you can clearly see it’s the post u had up with the man meeting the girl on IG and she turned out yo be the ugly fat gyal.
    Apple please goh pick up a book and try to better you’re self instead of wasting time posting PIXS on IG. Poor u

  21. I believe they wear the real deal. Now whether it’s stolen or not via hand, credit theft etc that’s a different story Lol.. Dem hype eh.. Hope them have them assets together or working towards it smh black ppl

  22. Dem 2 idiot yah nuh ave not a thing fi hurt dem….a notice dem a look.nun outta di 2 idiot cannot put a full sentence together…an mi fi waste another word pan dem!!!kmbct.

  23. Singers Keyshia Cole and Rihanna were both spotted wearing the same pair of Tom Ford Black And White Printed Peep Toe Over The Knee Boots from the brand’s Fall 2013 collection. At the time of the press, these boots are not available for purchase. K.C. paired her boots with a white top and denim daisy dukes for her birthday party at NYC’s W.I.P. Riri styled her boots with a Kokon to Zai cropped top and matching sweatpants during her Poland performance.
    Shoe Razzi 8/13/2013

  24. It mean Apple the people sey yuh know to mix fake wid
    Real the boots never went into production for sale where
    Did yours come from


  26. I love apple she’s a cool girl and fun to be around with, i like jay he never make people business be his own, who cares how they get their clothes, we all have skeleton in our closet, its just not ready to come out. Apple my doll you and your man do your thing.

  27. all u ppl keep talking about credit card scam u think u can use somebody information buy those 5 grand shoes with out the bank notice the person first of al u need a lot of verification like that person pin number where in the world those ppl going to get that and if they r doing it over a phone then they need a good address to work with that is safe for those expensive stuff I think its more buy and return then thief they cannot be doing all those thing and get way with it so long u guys put their real name out there for the public to know u don’t think a red flag will be on them listen u ppl need to stop it u think the feds r some idiot to let those ppl get a way with robbing American hard working money please

    1. I think they have been doin credit card scams long enough to know the ins and outs of don’t know if the Feds are watching and building a case so stop and Kerry have put up receipts with the bottom half not showing so all u see is the item and price but not the stolen credit card they used to purchase their stuff..these people know what they are doing..all she can do is keep putting up her fake job pictures and try to convince people she has a job that is paying for all this..her whole life is based on fraud …fast life soon catch up

  28. Those shoes are not available to the public for sale go on this site it will tell you..BROWNSISTA.COM…So apple where did you get the shoe from again?……

  29. Not this damn jacket again… this jacket needs it’s own twitter or instagram account. So in this girl’s mind only her man, Jayz and Justin own this jacket…. oh yeah she wouldn’t know because she don’t move in those circles. You and your man could never compete with these celebrities, because they get theirs clothes for free and spend their money on other things like luxury homes, cars and vacations. You on the other hand trying to make a $1 out of 15 cents to buy these clothes, you could never win.

  30. where is the houses, bank account statements.. dem ppl yah neva learn i neva c a set a ppl weh deaf blind and dumb like these so call dancehall stars.. dem naav no educational background, dem neva win the lotto, dem parents no rich, dem naav no business yet they manage to floss and carryon as they do.. smh and dem no think the febs dem a watch dem keenly.. its only a matter of time unno nex

  31. Wears!!!! Really? Yu a big man or 2 yr old child? Omg!! Yu an oman a two Dunce. A wonder who duh unuh kids world work .

  32. Yu really a compare yu self wid “J” yute?! Yu tink sey wen jay a buy him suit him Fret, yu tink him hungry or Cyah find money fi rent wen him dun buy him Tom Ford? Get a life wana be celeb…jah know mi Sarri fi unuh.

  33. Excuse me they did not just make these boots for Rhianna, Marlo has these Tom Ford boots also. I’ve seen 2 other model girls with them too. Who cares if they real or fake Apple pulled off the look and she looks cute. Cute girls dont have time to hate.. UGLY girls are always MAD.. GO SIT DOWN UGLY

  34. Those boots are exclusive regular ghetto apple can not get them… Smh, furthermore ugly ppl a di one weh try hard to be noticed… That biatch is regular ain’t nothing special about her makeup do a lot for ppl, other than dat har body do up and it look good, I will give her that much. As fi pothole gay icon him need a facelift and I hope him bleach di rest of him body. 🙂 gm metters

  35. One more ting before mi guh a wok… Gay icon guh hold a seat wid dah jacket deh—–> _/ bout “great mind thinks a like” guh get a education u and dunce bat apple… Mi cyaa badda (lava voice)… Mi dun wid dah thread ya on to the next!

  36. first of all apple bought lots of fake stuff. she and twinny kno the african man wey get the knock off clothes, shoes,bags and belt as china drop them in the usa. second the real stuff that apple buy she return them as day light. j icon him broke like dog. them a struggle to pay them x6 car note. kerryann she bawl day and night how the range payments a kill her. these sets of fool brag and boast both them rich and a welfare help pay both kerryann and apple rent and them both get food stamps.

  37. apple is full time you and kerryann go and learn to read. if a nuh fi picture apple and kerryann and jicon nuh have nuh memories of them clothes, shoes and bags because them wear and bring back them stuff. apple u and yuh man so rich and yet still uno nuh own nuh house. dunce bats. apple take 1photo of all yuh clothes ,shoes and bags in ur closet at onces please.mis bruck and boasy idiot apple

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