Smoking, man with pick axe seen. At least 3 men in video. ‘

..stab him in a him neck and slow him down

…Man heard saying ‘

hold him dung mek mi cut him throat

”….Someone heard saying to man with pick axe ‘…

swing hard and nuh mek it ketch mi


  1. Tears…I knew it was coming to this, but to hear the ease of which these bast*** kill Lizard, grieves me.
    Met, thank you for stepping in and filling the space of The Gleaner and The Observer. This is more than necessary.

  2. a tek life like people a animal….what a day your ego so big you think you could continue living like a u name Jesus…heng di whola dem bumbo

  3. Every day bucket guh a well one day the bottom must drop out, look deh now, everything crash, weh gone bad a maarning cah come good a eveling woooiiiiiiii I shall sing my song :siul :siul :siul :siul Look deh now every crash!

  4. OMG its over.



  5. Met Gaza slim good man, a Lizard duppy she did see, RIP Lizard, He that keepeth Israel neither slumber nor sleep.Gaza mawga gal u have a lot of explaing to do.


  7. tearssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” 10He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground. 11″Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.

  8. Mi feel it fi di yute mi nah lie. That’s gruesome and must be the worst way to do. Imagine knowing that you’re going to die, imagine his last minutes and seconds. Mi cyah manage at all. Mi want cry and me nuh know him, mi feel a way. Kartel need fi hang or electrocuted or worst di injection so him can countdown him last minutes and seconds on earth and all him pickney dem need fi go wid him too because that’s his seed. Fi him seed evil and should be discontinued, they should not be allowed to procreate at all. Nip it in the bud…NOW! Him a mussi di anti-Christ to raas. Ole wicked

  9. grab yuh balls and hold yuh draws mr palmer,di real big yard is waiting…yuh fi dead like dawg dung dey ole wicked yuh neva haffi kill di yute over 2 machine and wee fi dead a prison di whole a dem fi dead a true lizard kinda soft mek dem kill him..Dem neva haffi kill di yute and a not even like a gun shot a pick axe stick dem use beat di yute till him dead yuh know how much pain and agony dat and balling and begging and dem stand up dey and still carry out dem devil act …

    1. How dem feel now?? He did not appear to be anyone innocent he kept doing things and the public disregarded the things he was doing..suh mi waa know how dem feel…mince meat? how would he feel if it were his son?

      1. I don’t believe a the only summaddy this dem kill. Blood deh pon yuh Kartel, yeye wata deh pon yuh. Met mi sick ina mi self. How dem evilous and wicked suh??

  10. Met wen some people a comment bullshit like

    u fi just stop it cause dem grieve mi bad yow all if kartel confess dem ago say ano him a drugs dem drugs him n force him a weh dem si pan worl boss soh kmft

    1. Sources just revealed that tavares-finson actually changed color just now when the judge ruled against his objection and told him to “sit down”.

  11. sorry BABYGIRL wrong name mino know how it copy paste your thing met fix dat up fi mi mi a try multi task pan di ppl dem job….

  12. When the person say all forensic team dem have a hevendal if you eva si anything like dis before… Met was that kartel or Shawn? lmao

  13. Bob Marley tell uno already before uno point uno finger make sure uno an clean wait on the out come of the trial b4 y’all judge …

  14. Bwoy from di case start a di first mi eva find mi self a cry suh….,but kartel fi kno seh my God is real…yu did tink yu untouchable and bigger dan God himself but father God a show yu a who run tings, mi feel seh a nuff more killings him gwaan wid weh nuh body nuh kno bout,him tink tru him smart him cud a get weh but yu can’t play wid God…di police dem mek sure dem plan fi him good and proper, not even him lawyer dem never kno whats coming…him lawyer dem kno dem can’t help him but dem just a gwaan nyam out di rest a money weh him have…how yu fi do people pickney suh and yu have ur own a come up,hw shawty really breed fi u knowing seh yu a evil…no man a torture dem fi torture di nastiness

  15. gaza slim see if yuh av a next prayer round up yuh is twice is wicked as yuh man memba mi tell yuh dat yuh hole curse fe life

  16. Met, Metters & Peepers howdy!

    Met, look from when we a seh Kartel is a sociopath.

    Sociopaths nuh love nuhbady, ongle demself and day is debatable.

    Sociopaths have oversized egos – Dem never wrong yet, always right. A sociopath is obsessed wid power.

    Sociopaths a de biggest and best liad. When dem tell yuh lie is sound like truth nuh matter how unreal it sound. Dem good at inventing stories, very creative and descriptive.

    Most sociopaths are relatively intelligent, charismatic and charming. Dem very good wid words and word play. Dem use dat fi build up a following suh dem can manipulate dem fi help dem duh dem work.

    Sociopaths nuh respect nuhbady, dem ongle know fi exert control over people. Dem ver delusional and can justify every one of dem actions. Dem nuh have nuh shame or remorse if anything dem do.

    Kartel is a sociopath and should be removed from society; 23 hours a day in isolation. He should not be allowed to interact with another human being, except for prison guards leading him to shower during him 1 hour rec time.

    I feel for Lizard’s family.

    1. but anuh dat dem have him pon just high end security dem have him pon while him duh as him like over there…plus de socal guard weh a ova see him a gwaan like a groupie more than anything else

  17. Yes now si one a kartel blind follower ya….because wit all di evidence,dem come pon ya a talk bout wait till outcome a trial…please guh crawl back up under kartel stinking ass

  18. Seriously Met let us start it..Lets start the petition to stop his music..why should this narcissistic murdera keep making money. Lizard was a ghetto youth like Kartel same way Kartel use to follow backa man looking for acceptance and popularity before someone buss him.Kartel lost himself he was suppose to remember where he came from and help the guys just like how somebody help him not to take on this wold boss persona and having people bow down to him.Kmt it hard cause the bastard music have good riddim but it has to be done! So any selector peeping over here you can do something start the trend bunout Kartel music we can’t glorify Kartel music any longer I can’t whine up to it anymore and forget about what he has done to people.
    He is a Murdera…Lizard may not be the only casualty
    I believe it was Kartel himself who release the picture of Lisa Hype sucking his dick to purposely embarass the woman and teach her a lesson..From then I talked about banning his music because of how he purposely was on a mission to degrade women
    I believe to he went and phuck Shantel(busy signal babymother) because she was busy babymother and Kartel wanting the hype and talking you see he made song about it to and Shantal was just dumb…Gaza slim get her ass beat up nuff time and still ah talkbout she love the devil same with Shawty
    ..This man was on a serious mission to brainwash people and we need to really give this phucka a wakeup call that he is the Fool and his mission Fail.

    1. dem fi ban every artiste whey affiliated aid him also…and mek dem prove demself worthy before admitting them back into the public but ban his music for life..mi have more dan petition..i did a plan some words fi dem

    2. No!!! Let his music continue to be played. Lizard’s family needs to find a good lawyer to file a civil suit and collect all royalties etc. Kartel need to sit in confinement for the rest of his life and think about this every day. Any police weh give him nuh special favors must loose them job. Simple!!!

  19. Hi Simplicity, Lundun, Highly, WNPP! Cho fambily, name too nuff.

    Kartel songs should be banned from all radio stations. iTunes should stop selling his tunes. Kartel is the Face of Evil.

    1. screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mi man mi man mi man mi did knw a dis week a miss yuh like wow cum mek a :kiss :kiss :peluk

  20. Met mi wish yuh woulda bring back di like n dislike button bun mi fi dem people yah bout trial nuh done yet! Kmft!! all when Kartel confess and write him sworn statement dem still inna denial!!

  21. mi day mek kunta how yuh been mi miss like crazy a pure screaming kuntaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mi did knw yah ago sign in b4 the kartel mishap end

    1. ((((( Simplicityyyyyyy ))))) Babz I’m doing well. Can’t say de same bout Skirtel. Mi nah leff yuh and de fambily. Just some additional responsibility wid werk keeping mi away and relegate mi tuh peepa most time.

      Mi did affi chime in pon de wikidniss. From dat piece a shit used tuh a chat tuh wi unda sykes mi know day germs was a sociopath. Everyting a come tuh light, slowly but surely.

      1. yea wen him did deh yah as landlord yuh see how him avoid certain questions..glad fe knw seh yuh gud mi knw a yuh project dem have yuh a way

  22. JAMAICA JAMAICA LAND I SO LOVE. I hope him heng. i hope him burn in him cell like others. I leave him to GOD. a life still. nuff a this going on in that wicked country. i am just happy this make the front page via this known clown . so more people really get a real feel of what goes on in that country. ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US. jail too good for nuff a them in jamaica . WORLD BOSS MI RASS. One world boss mi know.

  23. This more than bad, it more than wicked, it more than evil, there is no word than can be used to describe such a barbaric act of how kartel and his demonic cronies kill and disperse of this young man’s body, I really think kartel made a sacrifice with this guys life, as part of a ritual, I think he is deep into witchcraft more than we could possible imagine. This very deep, it more than meets the eyes.

  24. Dat likkle wicked piece a shit. OMG when I was reading all me could tink bout is Lizard girlfriend. How she feel reading this knowing say de man did tell her say him ago dead and she a gwaan like him a overreact. OMG dis dutty nastiness fe just drown in a tub a bleaching cream since a dat him luv. And de one Curran deh pon twitter a talk bout road soon. All she dem fe hol on pan to!

  25. @Met
    But with all you put up here and what some of the artists dem know, people still wah free him.
    I was watching entertainment report (that’s what its called I think) and hear Alkaline a seh ‘FREE WORL BOSS’ so whats really good? and it seems ER is on his side because dem still a play him music and big him up….

    by the way, where can I find the thread that ‘landlord’ spoke to you guys on?

    1. ayeee yes landlord spoke to us regular..he may pop in tonight..alkaline dem a se dat fi save face but i have something coming for them this week

    2. Jamaican entertainers are the biggest vaginas on the planet..Instead of saying no comment and wait for an outcome, they will say free him because if he were able to walk, dem fraid a whey a guh happen to dem. If they truly believed he was to be free they would have shown a more united front in support..dem know him guilty so dem jus a gi di hypocrite wave

      1. Please Met, mi a beg yuh put up something fi dem dutty artist dem

        And duh, please nuh call dem nuh “Vagina,” weakness is not part a pum pum m.o

        Betty White said it best:
        “Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

        Di artists dem a ‘balls,’ weak like wah.

          1. I never hear dem man yere a defend di woman dem suh, neva hear dem a defend education, neva hear dem a defend anthing that is positive but them can ball out ‘free werl boss,’ all are a set of dutty long hairy balls.

          2. they do not defend anything that will uplift Jamaica and dem a di first that will say what dem do fi Jamaica by performing and they don’t do charity ..When di Lisa Hype ting bus instead of them coming together and stand fi har right as a female entertainer, knowing well that picture could influence the masses di whole a dem tek whey demself and fraid fi even put out music because dem intimidated by kartel

  26. Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 1:32 pm
    Ainsley “Notnice” Morris knows exactly what happened to make Vybz Kartel “tax” his studio equipment(atleast he has an opinion), as he very clearly states in his interview. Notnice would have to clearly express the reason he thinks Vybz took the equipment, atleast then we would have a better idea of the cicumstances in this incident. Without knowing Kartel’s side(slim chance of getting that) this saga will be clouded in mystery. Based on the one sided interview;i like anyone would sympathise with Notnice.
    However going to the police is not the answer(mi cyaan believe people a tell de man fi tun infoma too rahtid), this plan of action is a no-no in garrison communities. The best thing to do is sue Kartel in court(the jamaican justice system is very slow and costly), or dust yourself off and move on.
    Notnice is/was alligned to the Gaza and will always have that stain. It would be foolish to think just because he and Gaza rivals had no personal conflict, the public would not interpret him(Notnice) working with them as a conflict of interest.
    Let us hear what really happened 3 months ago to make Vybz take your equipment? why did you not go for it?, you know where it’s at. Why did you continue to work for Kartel afterward without pay? Because he promised to return them after the work was completed(mi neva hear tief a gi back nuttin unless dem fraid fi keep it).
    Notnice is talented but to make good music you need top artists on your rhythms, it is a 50/50 endeavour.Move on Notnice, people pittying you is not a good thing. Keep negativity out the media and let your talent speak for you, maybe then Kartel will have some regrets and give you back your studio equipment.
    P.S… I am not affiliated with Vybz Kartel in any way(some people have delusions of grandeur). I am most suprised by you MET!!!(but from a slightly jaded point of view it was a good business move, intentional or not).

  27. Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:29 pm
    Not respecting the terms of a contract constitutes a breech and should be handled appropriately in a court of law. However, how many deprived individuals actually take this route? It is just easier to “bad-up a bwoy” and tek him tings. This does not make it right but it is how things are done more times than not.
    Again, i sympathise with Notnice but a coward dies a hundred times before his actual death.
    Kartel may have done Notnice wrong but not even Notnice won’t declare the reasoning behind the “taxation”, he was asked his thoughts on the incident and skirted the issue by saying “you would have to ask Vybz Kartel”. So, let’s see if we get to hear the other side before passing judgement(no bias to mi ting).
    My previous statement does not combine the garrison system with the political system, it is actually a comparison.
    P.S… I would never diss MET(fi har ratings tall, she wise yu f**k).
    nuff a oonu fi go back go listen da intaview deh and stop pitty people, a juss so some part a yaad run(foreign too).

  28. Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:36 pm
    Okay MET… these recent disses must be your idea of tough love but mi nah diss yu back true mi rate yu.

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:43 pm
    SIMPLICITY… wich person who has the title boss or is in a leadership position does the actual work themselves?

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:45 pm
    MET… You split justice? When i see/read it, then i’ll believe.

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:56 pm
    Kunta… yu deh ova desso wid fi yu informa ting, mi deh ova yah so.


  29. Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:57 pm
    MET… Spit would be better than the police alternative.

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 4:23 pm
    Oonu tink a foreign weh man can go to de feds juss so. Mi say Jamaica run unda orders, oonu a get pon top a mi nerves now man. Bout report and a cry tears when oonu nuh know de whole story.

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    Mi ansa oonuh bout Lisa already. A juss true oonuh don’t satisfy.

    Land Lord says:
    May 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm
    Yow… mi a cut!!!

  30. mi gone find the lisa hype wan weh him shell dung and tear out him battyhole ge weh chue him a grine the gal frm she a teen …damn luddy ace mek sure unno a read a gwine put the chead dem name if yuh needs it…yuh c how him cut as de bloggers dem ask him if him tell lisa

  31. i wonda wah MR. wyclef jean haffi seh bout all this now! after him come ah big up kartel at sting! bout “free vybz kartel”

    mr.jean do you need help taking your big foot outta yuh mouth??? try using a pickaxe and tell mi how it go! mi ignorant fi the ignorant supporters of this devil worshiping clown!

  32. people if unno nuh bizzie a de old wall unno need fe guh read nuh dash weh old fe new 😀 JUST KIDDING CUZ DE WALLS DEM A ONE but ppl did a tawk up de things dem pree dah comment yah

    mi cum fi tlk says:
    May 28, 2011 at 10:36 am
    Kartel memba mi sista fren bredda whea yuh kill a Naggo Head a think a “MAN-E-BWOY” him name yh mi did dae dare d night when yuh kill him man yh man ole dutty f**ka yuh yuh neva knw sey God did ave a plan fi yuh (tears)

    Mi not even a tlk bout d 1 dem whea u an mi uncle an mi uncle fren dem go lick whea ova old road a Spain an dump dem body dutty bwoy an all afta dem sumn dae mi still rate yuh an sey a 1 good DJ give him time fi change no yuh naa blooodclaaat change

    D weed whea u a sell yuh think we nuh hear sey a u mek man push off d ras whea day ya Miami yh man d said ras whea u an him use to war a Waterford fi turf whea Tesha Milla call d 2 a unu an sey yow dun d f**kry yh man Kartel we knw everything……

    All d weed dem whea lef Hellshire some night whea go Haiti an u get d gun dem in xchange fi d weed all dat mi knw bout yuh come an a give out pussyclaaaat statement whea d f**k u nuh give out statement bout dat

  33. admin oba suh sweet bad yuh need a rewind no lie dem ppl dem did a shell man

    mi cum fi tlk says:
    May 28, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Met Nuclear an him nuh really chat again fr loooooooooooong time fr him kill d man naggo head cause mind u that a Naggo Head Nuclear born an grow wid d man whea Kartel kill ova ad

    an d next thing is dat memba afta him neva did go look fi d man a hospital whea tek gun shot fi him r even sey him a set thx by buying back a next likkle scooota fi d man nor ntn so dem nuh deal wid him
    Kartel yuh nuh stop recute d ppl dem an a beat dem an yuh na beat Raheem,Jaheem r blooodclaaat chucky looking shorty whea nuh stop walk an f**k like puss
    u a come tlk bout Kartel fraid a no 1 LIE u a tell memba when Nunu Puss fr Tivali did jus dead an dem sey a u kill him ova 1 dutty gyal a naggo head how u did a fret an yuh call prezzy an link him bout it an tru dudus knw sey a tivali man dem said 1 slap whea Puss him tell yuh sey nuh worry bout it man we knw a room-ma


  34. I cannot comment on the ‘stab inna neck,’ and ‘cut him throat’ because im shock! I’m actually lost for words, I don’t even know how to feel because I cannot imagine what was in his mind.
    just imagine someone holding you to get stab in the neck, not to kill you but to ‘slow you down’ and then cut your throat, and a chop yuh suh…… my GOD, how sick?

    what kind of males we have(not us) as brothers, cousins, fathers, friends? can we honestly say they are ‘good people? I could never know this about anyone and put them with the word ‘good’ in one sentence…. I cant.

  35. Land Lord says:
    May 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    People a suh nuff bad man and don move a yaad, enuh(in my Cory voice). So if Kartel was or is a real don ( i use the term loosely), some of the behaviour described in previuos posts were expected from him if not all. This is how power is weilded in the garrison and some rural areas. It is not right but anything less could be misconstrude as a sign of weakness especially when many of your followers are ignorant and suffering under babylons system.
    Kartel’s biggest mistake is that he did not weild his power or use his influence wisely. I want to have first dibs on writing the biography “Rise and Fall of Vybz Kartel”, if he indeed falls because jamaican people are very forgiving. That is why Vybz Kartel remains the most popular artist locally. Maybe internationally to,just read some of the comments; all now some people nuh eat breakfast, clothes don’t wash, some all have lunch date weh dem nuh guh. It’s not this site alone, people Vybz Kartel is almost every where as long as dancehall music is involved.
    If u really want to hurt him, don’t pay him no mind. What is funny is that he tells his detractors this all the time, but they continue to make him famous.
    Personally i don’t give a f**k about Vybz Kartel, but i do like some of his songs as do most of his detractors.
    However i like suss, it is better than any comedy ( Oliver included ). Suss to di world!!! A dat mi say..

    1. Bwoy, Shirley was a real sick modda fukka…. look how di man a refer to himself, a how much people this up top? 3? 4? or 6?

      “I don’t give a f**k about kartel personally’ :sup2: beyond sick

  36. Almighty god!!! wha leff whe Shirley nuh do???. @met, me memba how him used to cuss me unda di alias of LANDLORD..@Kunta, me see youuuuuuuuuuuuuu, me so long fi hear from u…Glad u drap een..

  37. you think say di bwoy lizzard innocent too. The whole lot a dem fi hang. Everybody round kartel did know say people dead pon d regular from fi him orders, so why them associate with him same way. In Kartel own words “Kill dem all and dun”

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