After news broke that D’Angel and Sizzla were both banned from Sting, the greatest one night show on earth, both artistes are speaking out about the ban.
According to D’Angel, Sting has always been about adult entertainment and maturity.
“As a grown woman and an artiste, I am entitled to entertain and perform. I have been watching Sting from I was a child and there is nothing that I did on stage at Sting that was far-fetched from all the things that have happened on that stage over the years,” she said.
She added that she has seen artistes splitting, gyrating, and clashing in what could be deemed as an explicit manner over the years without any repercussions.
problem before
“I haven’t done anything different from what has always been done at Sting. I have never seen it become a problem before, so why is it now that they are making a big mountain out of it? I went on stage with ‘The King of the Dancehall’ Beenie Man and the fans loved it, I went on stage with ‘The King of Sting’ Ninja Man and the crowd loved it. The opportunity presented itself to perform for my fans and I did that and they all loved it,” she said.
According to D’Angel, she was not the first person to behave in that manner on Sting and she definitely won’t be the last.
“I stayed true to the culture of Sting, which is energy-packed entertainment. I think outside the box. I was just having fun. It was just solid and mature entertainment. The patrons enjoyed it and the fans were happy. I represented dancehall on a wider scale. My music and career is not based on one night, my career goes on after this,” D’Angel emphasised.
“I am looking forward to a positive 2014, touring the world, and fans can look forward to a new, fierce and sexier D’Angel. For bookings, persons can contact [email protected] or call 1876-484-6463,” she said.
As for Sizzla, his publicist, Olimatta Taal, told THE STAR that they (Sting promoters) should not have tried to censor Sizzla.
“It is Laing’s show but he knows the artiste that Sizzla is and he knows what Sizzla represents. If you book him for a show, don’t censor him. If you want to fight the issue, then fight the Government,” Taal said.
She also said that based on the constitution and the legal system, what Sizzla was denouncing is illegal.
“Sizzla was just expressing the values he was brought up on. Don’t censor the artiste for that,” she said.

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  1. lets be fair. Did Lady Saw gyrate on stage , simulating sexual acts, acting out live sex on stage during her set ?

      1. Yes she did. But a time long ago before the promoters pumped so much effort to try and create a show that viewers abroad can watch via pay per view, to attract international rap stars that charge $100k for a verse, and to get the body that represents the tourism infrastructure of the nation on board. Unfortunately not most artistes fail to see the efforts that has been put into organizing the event, especially since DSR has been a part of the efforts. Sizzla and D’Angel clearly being two of those artistes.

        1. beenie man come on and him drop him words and him know di show was ppv mi neva do much and a nuff night mi did go a mi bed 3 and all 4 am a try set things up..the only way we really can come on top if fi set ourselves in line…I dont think anyone would have paid sizzla too much attention if him neva call out the sponsors name..JTB sponsoring was a good look mi nah lie di jamaican artiste dem disappoint mi in every way… u go africa or spain n if u did book one a dem artiste deh fi di show dem wudden even waa pay because dem feel so honored fi come pan di show but di jamaican dem not even promote dem waa help promote…dem mentality waa bleach

  2. Big up Olimatta Taal!!!!…

    She also said that based on the constitution and the legal system, what Sizzla was denouncing is illegal.
    “Sizzla was just expressing the values he was brought up on. Don’t censor the artiste for that,” she said.

  3. Michell plz stay outta di media way n go tek a seat somewhere….I don’t know what u don’t understand about ur ratchet behavior at sting…foh

  4. Sting was actually very boring and all the artiste were very disappointing in their performance which was mostly based on the idea of the promoters who take people for granted .
    the time is ripe for anyone who want to start a show or dance and give people something to look forward to on Boxing day .The idea of sting is now very dated .Rebel Salute is a by far better show ,it’s themed and maintains it’s theme ,sting is trying to be everything .They bet on the audience forgetting about how bad the previous year show was .I dare anyone to sit and watch any sting from the past fifteen years and be in anyway entertained .

    1. exactly. the show pap the fukk dung now fi years except for a few one off performances by a big name or two entertainer each year. overall the lineup nuh make it and it get lame. even the entertainers seem bored with doing the show now as well.


    A L.A. Lewis sista…a caan manage!!!bout FANS!!!..a mussi LASKO fans… :ngakak

  6. @pmrn
    A fan of rebel salute will not find it boring as it delivers what that fan expects and more, while a fan of sting (as I am ) will find that it has become something else that is extemely boring .It has become like an album of a pop artiste , where they spend most of the money convincing people how great the album is only for it to disappoint beyond imagination .

  7. you know, I really like d’angel vibes afta mi watch that video of her, can tell she is fun and can get really down an dutty and cuss smaddy out…. but me liking her vibes is neither here nor dere.
    D’angel delusional nuh box cova, what fans??? but yuh affi appreciate her for what she is doe.

  8. Di only ting shi did wrong was be up dere and she wasn’t booked, an dats still not bad cuz one artis is har man and di other is her fren suh wat di big deal is? An as for as di skinning out an wining up har self dats normal behavior at sting by female artis….angel jus hurry up an drop di nex half a dah ting deh yaa lolll


  10. mi Dark, mi nuh get fi see nuttin even tho mi pay for live streaming and it dont seem like di ppl dem out fi gimme back mi money oohh. So I couldnt tell if it did boring or not.

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