0 thoughts on “DI WORST OF BLACK & WHITE

  1. The man with the clutch person and the big old granny grabbing her crutch is killing me with laughter today!!!

  2. met, sometimes the people them wear what they can afford and are comfortable with, do you this partying in jamaica break up people friendship, so some of these people who liive overseas borrow money to go to jamaica to party for the holiday and when they come back in america, and the bills pile up on them plus they owe the people them their money, you make war with the people them over thier own money just because they think they are bad, so the people them who look the worst at black and white i can assure you that they financial free

    1. Sound like u did deh at the party man lol there is also the option of looking in the mirror before u go road but most IMPORTANTLY TAN A U YARD IF U DONT HAVE WAT TO WEAR

    1. no its black n white in trelawney ..its a country dance them all never love bad but dem iss the farrina who look like old fart n sent him some ppl who can pass

    2. no its black n white in trelawney ..its a country dance them all never look bad but dem miss the farrina who look like old fart n sent in some ppl who can pass

  3. A wah di BB RC is dem here? you know I think “fimiyaad” willfully photograph some of these people fi mek ppl think a pare batta foot deh a yaad. I almost neva si a decent smaddi on “fimiyad” pictures dem yet.

  4. JEZAM!!! is a woman purse dat??? and lawd god man di ppl dem ah go too far with di make-up ting…PLEASE wear you shade!!!! nor is it to be applied in the dark or betta yet A DIRTY MIRROR…look pan dem to…big ooman need fi dress like big ooman and dem need fi start wear dem correct CLOTHES SIZE..CHO!

  5. this not the black n white in kingston ….. this actually a black n white in trelawny where grew up in country

  6. Good dressing in dancehall has gone to the dogs. Gone were the days we people used to put time and effort into looking their best when they go out. Wow times must be really rough for both the working class & hustlers of the dancehall

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