A lie them a tell on danny bless he wasnt involve in my dream promotion
Nesbeth got paid friday 2k
And got 2k for the saturday which was cancelled
And 1.5k for sunday
him n his management didnt want to give the lady receipt saying she must provide her own recipt
The point is that nesbeth thinks he is above all the artists that is on the bill. He didnt want to be in the same hotel as the rest of artists. He wanted 5* hotel
He was pushing and getting all the demands that wasnt in the contract
And didnt want to perform with such a little turn out because it doesn’t look good fi him career
And it is not danny bless.. dem chat too much. I need not correct them

this is from the promotion team who pay nesbeth
The threat he claims came 11am monday morning.. and his reason for not performing is? Where is his apology to the paid patrons..?

Kiprich.. junior cat and gaza kim on it.. they got paid and everything criss with them
Executive suite he was in
In luton


  1. I said it already that I believe this story. Some a unuh dont know how fcked up some of these entertainers are when it comes to show ting. 1st off them think of dem self HIGHLY suh 1st class is a must along with a luxury hotel and I see ntn wrong with that. But if the venue empty dem aguh rue, this normally happens when the promoter does not do thier research. I know of an entertainer who cancelled a UK tour cuz nobody neva come the 1st 2 show and me a wonda what this promoter was really thinking in the 1st place.

  2. Dis post is true why blame Danny bless
    For your own demise.nesbeth dis my dream ting get to your head inna real life
    You can’t sing your talent is subpar.
    Yuh get de one hit my dream an feel like seh yuh ah bob Marley yuh but have one song web ppl would remember 10 yrs from know.
    Yuh are not one of the colums in dancehall
    Like super cat josey Wales briggy etc list goes on an on but yuh nuh de pon it.
    Yuh nuh represent Rasta yuh fe Mar
    Yuh attitude sucks after your success did my dream yuh fe respect de fact dat yuh can eat off of your basic talent web yuh have an give God tanks.
    Promoters I assure yuh he cares zero an feels intitled to his dutty behaviour An yuh have ah nerve ah blame Danny bless really
    Lmao come Betta rent ah dread

  3. No clue as to where dem career is really at. Di man really tink him is some Grammy winning artis when im jus a fartist, ten a penny.

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