Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame
Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame

Me mi just watch kasi snap she and bolt at the airport going on vacation mnl


  1. Tek yuh vacation yes gal yuh deserve it after all that tom foolery wey gwaan…lol Met what yuh say all the way into the sunset dem gone.

      1. Mi want usain married her.. And she do him worst than how Angel do beenie dwl.. A angel come bout come bust the likkle whoring way no shame dem nuh have.. Usian is a bigger gyal clown..usian inna a gal clown catergory by himself. Cannot compare to your husband.. Usian mek beenie galclown ways look forgivable and forgotten. Dat means usain do not value his family because of his own dirty ways

  2. Waooii septemba second really com fi chruu raee kasi u finally get ….own up? Mi nuh know ya cause a u a post up mi a wait fi bolt post fi confirmation …mi also wah throw likkle shade…di trip mussi non refundable cause dis nah add up di way him treat u and ah today since him reach back ah fuss you get ah glimpse ah him..


      1. You look so stupid and ignorant. No offence to ghetto ppl zeen cause must a weh mi meet level headed and smart but yuh is a reall ghetto sketel. Bouy abaay? Put up with the nastiness and woman pon top a woman unno must ketch something sooner or later. damn nasty

  3. Pain may endureth for one night but joy cometh in the morning!!yes mi tweetie kasi me woulda defend u a million more time cuz a we say last laugh a the best!

    Whey dem a go do now now the thing up?it too late,too late(alkaline)
    Whey dem a guh do ya now(popcaan)

    Plzzzz don’t let this get to ur head though goody!nuh mek them draw u out again or me a go lose dearly offa yuh!
    Carry on oo#winning

  4. Yes gud gal hold on pon the whole a wi man mi lub,put in the car phuck and suck out yuh daily allowance send it in to JMG before yuh send it to TMZ.

    No mi like Kasi a she seh mi nuh care,mi nuh shame mi waan mi monayyyyyy

    1. “No mi like Kasi a she seh mi nuh care,mi nuh shame mi waan mi monayyyyyy.”

      Why did I read this in the voice? DWL. Mi excited bad! I’m ready for the “slayage”. It’s months now Kasi been shopping and planning her swimsuits for this trip. Even last night, she was sewing to make sure everything fit perfectly. I hope she didn’t bother with the cheap IG boutiques and spent some real money on some nice pieces.

      I’m here for it. Have fun Kase.

  5. Kasi mussi a leprechaun :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Then man coulda diss me so n my front react to him?????????????? Ahhhhh boy that’s when my puxxy would sweat powder cause him couldn’t get me wet Kasi u like 2 wks ole vagina residue mama????????

  6. God kno mi couldn’t do it! No matter how di man hav money! A one thing wen u get bun or kno u man man f**k a woman under di quite, is another thing wen di f**r a pose dem up inna u face and u guh deh suh! No sah! After how him a suck down da gal deh face! No matter how unnuh agree seh him fi whore down di place and u good wi it. Fi him really a fling it inna u face and u still deh deh!

    Wait till dem post up dis pon foreign media cause a dem a guh gi u another floppings! Can imagine how di idiot dem a cheer bout “still winning”

    1. They said he used to kiss girls and carry on in front of her in the clubs in Jamaica. Its us just seeing it to know how terrible Bolt is. Kasi used to it. I’m genuinely happy because I was tired of her taking trips to Miami alone and never being with Bolt outside Kingston. And the shame from the Olympics was too much to bear. She deserves it.

  7. Bolt just post a pic of him and her on his snapchat with the caption “and so it begins”. This is the reason why I do not fass in people business nor entertain mindless gossips about people’s business that does not concern me.

  8. Usain has it up on his snap as well! They going on vacay for real hahha .. Clearly she gave him the go ahead to act up for his milestone bday and Olympic happenings .. And then come home to idle wid r lmao them goodly plan this publicity stunt ! I can see it people really bought it smh … Reality tv not unu life boring like

  9. It will be interesting to see the mixed reactions on social media to this. I know there will be lots of people happy she “forgave him”, and then there will be some saying she has no shame and will tolerate anything for money.

    One thing I learned though, dis girl ya cold is a shame! I knew she was manipulative and used her charm and move up to the top of Bolt’s list, but seeing how she move since the Olympics, I know this girl is here to play the game! Nobody or any amount of embarassment is going to get her to leave Bolt. She is definitely cut out for this WAGS life.

    1. Well it looks like the majority is saying she’s stupid and clearly in it for the money. This is from my reading of Facebook, Twitter, Shaderoom, and Kasi own IG comments. Kasi the people dem say you nuh have no shame and all about the money. Not that you care still! LOL

  10. So smaddy comment say dem a wait fi BOLT post dwrcl…see di man post deh… Look yah a gwine dead inyah…MET me need a wheelchair.. Mi say the snap weh him just post KASI head Inna har phone n she a crack up…one mind tell me say she ova yah a read an a dwl.. Say yes now unu gwaan chat..see we yah!! Wooooooiiiiiiiii……… Mi asthma ..HIIIII KASIII HOW THE VACA MAMI??? kikikiiiii

  11. i think he went on that trip cuase is just a good time..if he really cared about her he wouldnt have done those things..although she may be at the top of the list he sure does treat her like the ones below her..he jus going cuz he know the freakiness aguh tun up know she ago do anything to keep him being he showed her there are plenty of fish in the sea and anuh she alone ah red snapper or lobster

  12. Met Goody gone through Bolt post I would never him would have to apologize public …. What are we teaching young girls.

  13. Yup!! Off they go on vacation and to get engaged! Go Kasi…you don’t care that he cheats so why should we…$$ solve all your problems.

  14. I don’t have her on snap anymore but Bolt snap it with them in the airport and all the pole. Dem good like gold. This is blackness but mek mi come outta big ppl business ya man.

  15. Escort a go pon yacht prostitute a fly first class …what’s the big deal if him carry ar pon vacation ?? Lesser man Dan him have done it ….

    1. True but as I understand from people here; he has never taken her out of the country before. So, all things considered it is a big ting, for her anyway. Especially with the events of the last 2 weeks. People thought they had mash up. Far from it. I’m surprised but good luck to them.

  16. She really is a eediot! Pretty dunce! Bwoy if a suh Yu easy fi buy all that embarrassment and you siddun a loss next to him

  17. This date (Sept. 2) was set in stone months ago… Remember Kasi tweeted back then that she can’t wait for Sept. 2nd. I think she knows what she is doing… Love conquers all!

  18. Where dem garn ? And look for an engagement announcement when dem reach back. Watch dis ya space if unno believe seh a lie me a tell.

    1. I wouldn’t take a victory lap yet. Like others have said that trip has been set in stone for a long time and Bolt has shown he will always do what’s best for him.

      1. Of course it was set. Bolt may look like a rolling stone but he has his life planned out. I am taking a vacation in December and everything has been booked and planned.

        1. The main idea is he did not plan this trip spur of the moment in order to make it up to her for making her look like a fool or doing something nice for her.
          It was booked when things appeared better between them and this is her way of staying in the group.

  19. Met A now you see a REAL LIFE #SAVAGE YEAH inna real life ahahaha i ain’t mad at her still i can see they asked her in an interview if she has sacrifice anything…and just like Donald Trump she would say “YES I SACRIFICE”

  20. I knew they had a plan.Like I said before them have an agreement to allow him to get all that good out him system 3some and 4some after all him get gold so him deserve to.
    Once all that done then it’s back to basic.Him test her to see how strong her stomach is then possibly him will reward her with a ring.Then she might play the fool and marry him to get half or close too..smh
    Hats off to you boo.
    P.s.There is some serious diseases too not just hiv.There is a big monster called hepatitis c and Zika stay in sperm for 18months

  21. met quiet as a mouse….she and G must vex say Kasi nah flop. G was in every thread as was met now the two of the humble OH THE MFING IRONY

    1. Samala why mi wudda vex and me is not Kasi vagina? Vex fi wha?????????????? If u notice I have not commented on any posts in a few hours but you so dumb u wudden see dat. I was not available and there is no surprise here . Di only iony here is why yuh change your name to palace and u nuh ina your own space :travel

  22. cho man leave the ppl them alone buddy come to share she know why she is still there dont make them win kasi leave him on your terms not on there.

    1. Anybody Weh se she love him a wicked … Love go two way and if him go give away what is sacred she would let him go …. No woman Weh truly love a man can really accept seh dem have everybody cocky status

  23. A must Alaska dem ago! Could never be the Caribbean and Kasi inna high heel boots! I am dedding! What a gal buttu ! Plus you a being celebrity wife and cannot even get two custom made things you a sew cloths inna night!

    1. i noticed the boots as well. I said to myself where this girl going in suede boots and denim jacket? Everywhere is warm this time of the year. LOL Odd to say the least.

  24. Yes Ma sew! I cannot seh is what she was sewing but she had a sleepless night a sew and in anticipation of her trip! Excitement did a kill Kasi till she not even realize weh she a go! Boots and Jacket to blow wow! She made sure she ready for the paps dem and picture taking though, hair extension did, eyelash did, eyebrow tattoo! Go deh jkasi !!!!

  25. Ok I don’t get it. Can someone clear this up for me? Ok so they have an open relationship. Fine. But why wasn’t she at the olympics? She had bragged on Twitter that she was excited for July, August and September. July was her birthday, August was the olympics, and September was this trip to…. Hawaii? Bora bora? If they were cool all along, why wasn’t she at the olympics?

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