0 thoughts on “DASH OUT

  1. I don’t know these people but I just want to say one thing… the devil is a liard! bout you want the man kill the girl, May GOD of mercy on you little girl you are a wicked to utter such words

  2. At 1st I felt it was a mistake but now I know yuh grammar no too right. FARTHER and then yuh have the nerve fi call Har dumb try guh pick up a book.

  3. I know not of the couple in the photo but kaykay aren’t u too old to be posting ish like this? Memba say u have kids too and a wish murder pon people ?

  4. Going around mashing up people life how shi know its not his kids…what if the man si di post on fb and in a fit of rage hurt this woman an nothing nuh guh suh…how you know who is or isn’t the father of her child…hate bitches sometimes.

  5. GOOD MORN METTY! Don’t know this couple, but sometimes we r not to be so judgmental. Honestly I don’t think the sender which, for her to die deep down what I think she meant is wen her man finds out they both have it out cause every relationship have it ups and down. Again to because she is a mom running around with different men, they r not helping her she is just concern for her and her daughter is for her to set example for her child get a job and focus on making herself better, that is just my opinion.

  6. Bwouy, yuh bitta bad, a wha di gyal coulda do suh fi yuh wish har death. A can get a jacket fi get it, cause the right faada dem nuh waa mine di pickney dem. Kay kay yuh really hurt, whatever it is tell it to Jesus. Yuh si how yuh spelling stay bad.

  7. farthar, help dem please!!!!!!

    U wishing death pon d girl, no sah, a wah, u fancy off er man (in my cockney voice).

    Morning jmg, met, jmg crew, peepers, bloggers an all, bless up!

    Jmg ah d best, caw we nah promote no dunceness roun ere, we promote a higher learning level. I just can not believe that so many of us, can not construct a proper sentence, free from spelling errors!!!!
    Yes, we all make grammatical errors, but proof read nuh, before u post! I am so embarrassed for u, that, u cant even spell FATHER! :bola :bola

    1. She did proof read. That only help when you know the correct spelling. She needs to use spell check….lol

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