No sah!!!! Met this yah one yah big to clat Seet that’s why yuh nuh Fi hype up man Enuh everybody know this yah boy Dj Damion nuh want this yah gal and every year she run go a Jamaica to boy Wey nuh respect her no mannaz nasty hole nuh mannaz all a Damion baby moms them a your r**s problem worse the last one cuz yuh know them still a f**k and him Fren them up yah (Canada) yuh cuz mix up Fi him n them kick off, look deh as yuh lef is a next gal that inna the man bed when me get the call all me could a say a f**ka yuh girl child no body wants you every man come Tek you Fi fool and me pretty sure yuh not even land a Canada good a rass and this a the husband Wey yuh nuh stop mine??? This a the husband yuh nuh stop hype bout?? You come pon pink wall a Mek comment bout Damion nah pay me nuh mind, how Damion Fi pay me mind when me and Damion nah f**k and me live inna a next country when me come Ja me come to my niceee man Wey me sure want me nuh affi a wonder bout a next gal like how Damion baby mother a mad you with yuh apartment belly bout Damion love it no bitch Damion love Wey U can do Fi him member him lef you already and a buy yuh did buy yuh way back in every man a look sumn so me nuh wrong Damion if him find a fool why not take the fool but pon a serious note Damion Fi years me wonder how u walk with her how yuh wicked to yuh self smh

0 thoughts on “DAT HUD DAT HUD

  1. Sender yu know say you a mad over these 2 people life but yu know Mi have a trang feelings say yu want this man and him nah look

  2. Met off topic. For the sake a Toya Jackson you need to post the pics of the two germs them that is circulating around. So the 50 billion ppl of the world can see the slime them is and dnt support them or their music. The girl not even reach the morgue good yet but them a carry on. Set a nastiness them.

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