1. Ewwww look pon him mouth, further more his Yuck ass teeth, let alone dat damn face…. Just Disgusting!!!! How Happle wicked to the rest of her family suh……Spread the “Worth” oops I mean “link” to the rest of family Happle

  2. rico u cant style nobody u and ur fake sista harpple go clean ur mouth weh the dolly gal say u live inna har pussy ,dutty rico go look fi di green card weh u sista want tashshine give u , a one a uncle side f**k dem , so what if uncle f**k out ur gal , when tina jetset lick the man car a queens and dem throw ur one good shoe away moneytrain do dat why smell bad harpple never step to him , dutty rico a ur gal loose and nuh rate u pussy ,uncle get easy , f**k easy dem falla him like how fly falla shit pussy

  3. Men don’t usually fight ova woman like dat still… met do u currently have a pic of credit?… would absolutely love seeing her

  4. dutty mouth rico , u and u dutty sista and mumma memba a u tief all a di weed them from people when u a dig dig nuff, rico is a bum ,the dolly chat u bad u nuh stop run backa har fi money , uncle nuh want u gal pussy , a bet none a dem caah come a ja

  5. Rico memba Yuh don’t live no where and rico just like how the fed them clean up Bronx last month u and ur family can go just like that memba DAT OK them seh duppy know who fi frighten weh Yuh think uncle ah soft soap think again nuff more champagne bottle we have fi Yuh and anybody weh Yuh ah bring come OK rico u is nobody,drink bleach Inna lava voice ,f**ka rico bad we bad ,rico memba lion run payneland ,suh don’t tekk uncle thing its nuh normal OK so pls go sis ur fake Lil ass down if u know what gud for u ,

  6. Rico wood little no rass about him war ova gal when them don’t have no wear to sleep at nite them have to deh Wed all different type of wast gal in dance

  7. Yes lord story come to bump , Rico Rico u and your entire family is a waste of space in America Christine donkey face woman u no shame ??? Get off .. Social media unno wutlesss old rasss :batabig :batabig

  8. Dem fight becuz rico tek di mic inna dance n call unkleton a country man so him show rico say country man anuh idiot

  9. “Christine donkey face”true words that lady ugly bad n she so mixxy for a big woman,but I don’t understand is Rico picking up his brother beef?? Bcus uncle a sleep with Stacy are uncle a sleep with BOTH brother gyal?Rico is a big fool I know his baby mother glad she✌️✌

  10. This shit don’t have to do wid no girl fight Rico just pure bad mind like him family dem uncle party shot and a DAT a kill Rico the bwoy good thing dem a mad him bad pussy mouth Rico weh wear pure duty clothes in a american u think uncle a somebody u wah play wid pussy bill…

  11. Pussy mouth Rico duty clothes Rico nuh live nuh way bwoy tek your lick and sitt down bad mind bwoy y u mad over uncle ramp party this start from DAT it’s not over no girl fight Rico eye’s is too red him go to these party and bad mind the new promoters den like party a him partna draw pussy go dead u and your family den all waste ppl dem

  12. rico u need to chill and have a seat u go a people them party last night and want start fight with uncle what because uncle knock you in a you head with a bottle. see you almost hit the wrong man with the bottle if the man did kill you last night how would your family feel little boy u need think before you act and remember that uncle is not the right person for you to f**k with.Rico you a promoter and want to keep beachwear party if you keep it up you will not be able to keep it so chill little boy and go spend sometime with your kid. Get your life together find a woman and try to get you papers so that your can travel with your child.

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