Di streets a talk seh……..yes as we did know Marsha did a carry di ting fi har man but di people dem waa know why she dweet because a neva fi har man alone she was just one a di ladies but anyhoot………..Dem seh Marsha talk up and call di man name dat him did a use ina di place suh a dat di big man dem a look fah but dem nah go can find him cause he is not in town ( duh di maths)…Marsha talk she talk she talk…which is right she must talk cause di man neva come from where she live him live five hours away and Marsha family member dat did run go tell di news seh she aint know nuttin …….him ina sumting tuh das why di madda doe fawud. And das why him did a run off him mouth……….now him ina problem wid di boys tuh

Now dat di man not in town di people dem seh him nah go can find cause a di name whey dem not calling but dem seh is dat name Marsha give di boys because a dat name she know…… Suh it look like she gwine haffi go hold on pan di time cause she give dem di farrina name she neva know di real local birth paper name.


  1. If a 1 hour before daylight them must find him worst it drug charge. All when him bone white dem ago dig it up and extradite dem. This man undermined one of the biggest “secured” space in this age.

  2. Dis damn old man inna dis drugs mis up to? What a shame on dat family. ..dem too damn gready.

  3. Trust me when I tell you this, Even if the name she gave the BOYS is not his right name, lol “Imagine me a Dagga Man and don’t know his right name” THE USofA going to find him. What a shame? When will people learn? This Drugs and Scamming game is no joke.

  4. Nuh worry. Marsha fambily know Pinkwall well. Dem soon get the message and find the right name. So as long Marsha can mek a call or 2 from inside……they’ll give her the updated info and she talk some more. Worse him picho out deh. Long run short ketch Mr.

      1. maybe she gave a sketcher a description of him or she can tell dem where she has a pic of him

  5. But i’m pretty sure mi did read a article an dem say a neva she alone in the airport that day and mussi one odda person did get arrested…so whappen wid da person deh?

        1. They arrested two other males with large amount of cash who was on her buddy list and are known associates of her.

          Another high profile individual who attempted to flee to Jamaica around the time she was arrested was prevented from doing so, even though there is no indication he was arrested.

  6. Marsha may not have him right name but she sure have him right pikchur. Di Feds aguh round up di entire lot of dem!

  7. Willie, how you know di man never unda disguise or on top of surgical table a get him features changed right now?

    All she know bout the man is dat a Magnum XL condoms him use.

  8. When yuh get the first set a money as a newbie an yuh get away with, you feel good….. during di middle step you already beat it so many times so why worry… kick back and put more plus I’ll make more
    Third stage you feel invincible by now and a different mind frame cause your no longer thinking about the consequences like in the beginning your pass that now plus that’s if you were thinking about it…. plus if you have been slacking cause u didn’t think it would have been so easily done
    On stage four when u drop in a situation like a search like that no preparation was done an just like a ditsy chick who is a vehicle an just do what she’s told she wasn’t prepared and she forgot the rules which was probably…. don’t forget the rules….. all when yah live comfortable like a bitch dat can dweet yuh supposed to still deh pan di grind…di only comfortable time a when your time

    1. From a psychological stand point you got it down to the T, I am happy I got out when I did and decide to stay focus on what was real and what was not, I have seen and heard of a lot of my peers who went to prison, and this may seems hard to believe, BUT once you go into the system your life will change forever, you may move on physically, but mentally? You are always going to have the after thought of prison life and how you wasted so many years not being in society. Good luck to her, This should be a learning experience for all these females who deem fit to be drug mule or helping these drugest.

  9. good morning me and metters, u nuh hear seh ricky dun a town Canadian baby mother get ketch a Montegobay airport with cocaine last week.

  10. This is so sad how a graduate from New York University can end up in prison by following bad company.

  11. Latty ur so right..I can verify that n by the time u realize how comfortable u get u got caught r get rob n lose everything

  12. ……”but dem nah go can find him cause he is not in town ( duh di maths)”

    What does the above statement have to do with “maths” or I’m I missing something here? Sender, please, in the future, do not use terms which makes absolutely no sense when writing your story. How the f*ck can someone do math without numbers/dates?

    Bwoy, some people really stupid and write nonsense hoping others can decipher the stupidity. Why not write the story in straight english that can be easily understood?

    1. Obviously you a’int Jamaican “do the maths mean do a summation by adding the pieces together…or yuh pass mix up age by far…its a jargon……

    2. :nerd :nerd, is u Jamaican? :ngakak :ngakak :ngaka. Cazzen seh if u are then I don’t undastand wah u saying/questioning/asking…errybody know seh is suh it di dyam maths..u nuh haffi have numbers fi add a dyam ting.. if u get one tory and u know one u add it up and get two or more depending on u maths skills..suh nuh bash di senda caz u nuh know how fi add up when no figgah nuh involve..kmt

          1. Just like to laugh at fools like yourself….big p*ssy Met. You are the head admin/ediat of this domain. They don’t come any dumber than you Ms. Met.OOOOO oooooo

          2. Yuh nuh tired fi come and nyam up yourself in silence and cyah belch? Yuh nuh fraid gas kill yuh? P— fi big because it bring life, unless yuh a nyam di life dem whey you get fi bring. Lets not talk about dumb because you been visiting a big p—sy dumb admin place and keep returning to the same thing..wacchu call yoself?

          3. Yes, pussy fi big IF it brought forth life. But is your excuse? According to the facts available, yours haven’t seen any passage of live at all and will never seen any period (barren). Soooo…what would contribute to it large size Metty? What would cause your pussy to go way beyond its elastic limit?

          4. I read and understand patois not gibberish. So go back, gather your words and use them.

        1. Suh unu hi-ty ki-yt people love come a hoodrat house..caz unu miserable inna unu uppity life. Kick out and leave di hoodrat life chile…wi nuh grudge or need yah. Time u tek a chat u would larn di hootrat maths suh u nuh haffi come chat u nonsense – a suh wen unu can’t fathom sinting all di hair dem pan unu tongue stand up in defense…gwahn chile, get u life in order suh u don’t have to stoop..ole crukcruss bag yu.

          1. Huh? What the hell you are trying to say? Statistics = Microeconomics/Macroeconomics? What does Statistics have to do with economics? Listen, take your dumb ass off the site unless your grow or develop a brain.

        2. Just say u Neva understand the expression and quit while your ahead. Though I can’t comprehend what was so difficult if a man says ” do the math” and yuh never see any numbers. How about use your head and think context? Clearly not thinking, just disappear from this convo u already made us all know your a fool

          1. Dem love come pan yah like dem waa dictate how it fi run and nuff a dem cant even run dem body

          2. Di eediat pull out calculator and bex him nuh get no numbas. Even if u nuh see numbas you nuh juss summize seh is a word puzzle. Den when unno lack of intelligence and logic show chu unno a come wid insults, which ongle prove more seh you dumb as rocks. Some ppl fi stay unda dem rock man.#notalgebraclass #notrigrounhere #getabrain #getalife

    3. I swear some of the most serious posting gimme the most joke…hush hun u really neva know and now u a lick out bc yuh shame…. :ngakak :ngakak
      MI good good fren hubz Inna it deep.
      Bout 3 house buy cash plus cars vacation and other ish…..mi stay furrrrrr not even a dinner invite will I accept bc it’s only a matter of time.

  13. everyone knows jamaicans don’t talk straight, we use parables in everything….so born jamaicans knows that….yu overstand….etc

  14. Tsk, tsk,tsk.. Morsh hole tight yah life seh ah prison. Yu nuh dead so we nah dash yu weh.. Just do some whole heap ah programming to occupy yu days.. And buy some blue fi meek you sleep straight chu di night..Das weh me did duh and one ting Weh mi learn in deh when mi did ah grummble bout mi stretch is at least you have a release date some you’ll meet naven ave nunnn mumms..

    1. What blue u talking mek u sleep? is a pill, a drink, a soap? enlighten wi darkness nuh, pleese n tonks

  15. Any update on the girl that got locked up from mbj arriving at jfk airport smuggling drugs??? She’s from st anns bay Jamaica Chelsea

  16. question for anon 103…what blue soap has to do with sleeping thru the night?….anyone knows?

  17. When the don’t know the maths and come here not knowing the HISTORY either,a bet yuh when yuh see Social Media yuh get mad a cuss seh it’s Social Studies :ngakak :ngakak:ngakak

  18. The blue pill, it’s called roxy. Get the 30 mg and take half a pill with a shot of prison liquor(made from fruit in prison). It’s better to crush and snort it.

    1. Nigga dat shit worse than crack. Done seen mofos shit up dem self when none caan find. Str8 heroin

  19. Well dis blue never come with no prison liquor fi me..I hate the taste of hoooch. I had a psych friend.In hell you have many different character of friends that u wouldn’t Keep on the street. Enyho who would get a blue pill fi calm her nerves. Ma when she trick the nurse like she swallow it and hide it in har jaw corner. Spit it out and yes line deh deh fi buy it with your commissary.. In hell you know everybody business cause you have time to investigate. So we know who sick and don’t buy fi dem spit oit pill. plus the only secret in there is when you pinning for someone.. So yes we buy har spit out pill fi sleep chu di night.. Trust me miss Jamaica soon be very is what it is.. Deal with it..this prison might have save you from death.. Yu man big time ain’t no telling when some goons ready foo come fi him and you deh deh wud your pretty will pick up shots too

  20. Mi neva did ago comment eno but the maths argument av mi a way. Likkle most mi bun miself and mash up d ppl dem compoota, caah mi did a rinse out the milk tin wid hat wata when mi read it. Ppl cyah so fool nope. A same so if di smaddy say “u see it” dem wudda draw fi dem spec….um i mean glasses. DWL no sah, mi know unnu eno, brite so til unnu nuh have no common sense everything literal and when unnu get called out unnu rally back pon education rather than have a laugh at urself and move on. Which only mek you look STUPID. Tek it fram a very educated hood rat.

  21. This girl no safe ,she calling names , a serious thing that, we all know wat will happen when you turn informer ,run run run, she well and know what she was doing, and she doing it for yrs, ppl that know her say she eva hypying, now dem hold har and she wan give up ppl, she shoulda think abt prison time before she start work ….run run run fr marsha if she come out

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