1. She at it agains! Oman stop!. your bedtime is 7 cause you have to get up at 3. Behave unno self n get some well needed rest

  2. I didn’t watch the vidoes because time mi nuh hav fi waste pon critters. But let me say this, Dawn is a water bug that harasses people everywhere she guh. Petal an her duppy mumma are pest who walk an torment people. Patra is a loose battyman so I don’t give a damn bout NONE a dem. From Frank dead an gone Babsy Murray she juss drop off suh. Yes Babsy, dats what you get for tekking people husband ancrow alll ah unno

      1. Dutty like yuh mumma wey walk an tek people husband an haffi ah walk an beg afta di man dead leff nothing inna yuh or yuh dutty mumma name. Tell me now if Babsy name get mention inna Frank will dutty water bug Petal. Di time yuh tek ah defend yuh dutty mumma yuh need fi get hooked on bloodclawt phonics an stop walk an spread yuh dutty legs to the Arabs inna di corner stores. Memba di one Arab boy wey used tuh fuk YOU (DUTTY PETAL) an di rest ah DUTTY bitches pon Nostrand? Dutty PETAL, go be the DUTTY granny you are an leave out Met good good website. Dutty Petal yuh mumma no use to clean nothing. Memba wey Frank did have her a live when Him WIFE and children did ah live way better. Dutty waterbug

        1. Retch you is a ghost yuh is nun but a dippy nobody nuh have no time unno life miserable
          Go and suck dead granny and mumma

  3. Could one person really wake up every day just to cuss cuss like this.
    What a SAD life to live.

  4. Duty anonymous u are so sad u are thinking about petal and petal who make money go on petal page her mother house is right there u can see who she leaves duty dawn the people them that writing for u them house duty like your owen lie dawn u say u have a job and u husband have money and cards and your house look like standard and sun juck hard
    Duty anonymous and duty old woman dawn don’t no nothing about petal mother when u talking about taking people husband ask your friend dawn because she take the woman husband and the man do is beat her a night every time she go dance the man all used him knife a night offer dance and sap sap are up so make u friend tell u who people husband tried her like a dog

  5. Dawn mi noh sorry fi yuh All yuh days yuh chat and class up ppl children and mixup and tell lie on ppl.Yuh in a di nasty project fi 23 yrs and all now you can’t step up to better life yuh big and fava hog yes yuh pickney dem look like duppy and retard yuh hole dutty dats y every one ah yuh pickney dem fava creature.Dawn mi waaan yuh fed up and drink a glass a bleach wid ice.Yuh ah evil from beginning to end.Moveeeee yuh bc nobody cares about yuh and yuh careless friends

  6. Dawn you to old to be going back & fort on videos with people, go find something better fi do

  7. Dawn a something else tuh raas! Anybody who can trace a battyman fi 1 hour straight constitution strang

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