Met please post this is Carrington St.Paul McDonald 30 years old 3 baby mother all living with there parents including carrington Poughkeepsie top man that doesn’t take care of his kids never buy not even a diaper fi one a them 4yr 1 yr 5 mths but yet still he can party throughout all boroughs popping bottles buying engagement ring PS the new gal move into his moms house in the attick u can buy new red bottom mean time ur kids be looking like shit n there moms struggling to make ends meet u are a shame an disgrace time for ur ass to grow up Dutty b**h Gaddy an u idiot azzy a you next bitch u laugh at the baby moms them wen him a diss them up u put up picture of the baby mada a suck yuh man hood u a idiot gal a tek yuh money a mind man see u huh ave nuh sense a nuh u alone him a f**k plus him an him last baby mada still den read an weep bitch if it was me me gang that f**ka an beat him then put his ass on child support


  1. Which baby mother are you? Can you identify how you’ve come by the details as you sound real close to all the parties that are involved? For 3 different women to have children with this clown while they all live with their parents sounds slack all around.

    1. Bitch guh nam shit di gal vex cah har pickney bruk him nah gi har nothing fi di baby plus a worthless bloodclatt gal live inna house wid man madda worst inna addic him couldn’t put har inna basement go cha cha yuh old mumma crotches bitch

      1. How you one so hot for me when every body a say the same thing bout you? I live comfortable because me have house and car that’s paid in full from in my 20s and nuh need no man fi dat. Hard work and degrees, that me. My Pitney who was planned for is well cared for and anything him get from his father who is my husband is extrA on top of what me provide. My mumma is not old, and also owns several homes with my father, her husband. Don’t try to mix me in you and your friend’s sad life. She should have used protection and seems real foolish. Educate yourselves and protect your womb. She do mad with her self fi pick up the waste boy who already had 2 other women in the bad predicament but I guess she thought she was better. Hush ya baby mother, work hard and things will better.

        1. Bitch WHERE!! Way di house car degree day mussi undah yuh dutty whoring mada.ur child planned for woah if me laugh one more time yuh man fi guh do DNA testing cah he’s not the father go watch out yuh dutty life and cum outta di gyal business wid yuh dutty body nuh bloodclatt man nuh wah yuh tell di people dem how di man married yuh fi papers idiot gyal guh look a life wid yuh ranstid hole duh worry bout my protection guh protect yuh mouth and stqy offa crack hoe

          1. Salty baby mother, how me married fi papers when a 3 passport me have? British, US, and another. That’s why the man nah mind you, busy on the web a trace when high life for you is living in smaddy basement or attic. Tek a page out of my book, all masters degree I have. You life sad bad.

  2. Den yu neva have all dis information before yu guh breed fi him? Met nuh werk wid child protection services. Try using the courts.

  3. Serves them all right……What would make a sensible woman not protect her ovaries from a man that lives home with his parents AND if the last Baby Mother is still wasting time to entertain him after he moved in and became engaged to another woman and still don’t take care of their 5 month old, then she is a biggest idiot. Take that L and move along the lot of you!!

  4. U see dis nonsense here. The last part of this story is y I don’t feel sorry for not a rass. The last baby madda still a sleep wid him den her pikney must not be that hungry or want no pampers. She must be ok n u never see where him live before u spread out ur legs. Any grown ass man who STILL unda dem madda frock tail should not even a get di chance to breed nobody. So guess who’s fault that is YOURS. Your story is a waste of space n time.

  5. This always a gwaan’ wase’ Mon wid’ Mon clown. All ah dem kno’ dem one anada’, all ah dem ah sleep wid’ dem one anada’ an nun ah dem deh’ pon top!!! Den’ av’ d nerve to post dis’ nonsense tru’ dem ah ketch’ feelings, d war start!! AND there’s anada’ one on the way, arse’ holes!!!!

  6. Miss . If your kids not hungry and u have spare change or live near a centre try go back a school bout attick ( r*ss mi iPad refuse fi type the word how u get it fi bypass spell check)
    Mi notice u can spell engagement ring go sit dung! When u ppl breed fi kaylis man den big crying u not even a defend the Pinckney dem money your yiye deh pon the likkle tink from idk what dat likkle place weh sell ring wid diamond chip chip.
    SMFH u really never know ur kids need things inna dem lunch box till the man propose to sme other wutless.

  7. Well I am the last baby mother. I had my daughter when I was 20 and been dealing with him from I was 17 turning 18. I have my own 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment my own car. 2 jobs and in nursing school. My daughter is not suffering and he definitely sees her almost everyday. So whoever wrote this please speak facts smh. PS I did not know all that when I started dealing with him

  8. Well I am last babymom I had my daughter when I was 20 and I’ve been dealing with him from I was 17 turning 18. I definitely have my own apartment two bedroom two bathroom. My own car and I’m in full time nursing school with 2 jobs. My baby is no where near suffering and we are no where near struggling. He definitely sees my daughter almost everyday. So whoever wrote this please speak facts.smh ps:I did not know all that when we started dealing. So idk how ya attacking me
    Shit happens and sometimes you make mistakes while thinking you love someone

  9. Well I am the last baby mother. I had my daughter at 20 and I started dealing with him since I was 17 turning 18. I definitely have my own two bedroom two bathroom apartment by myself. I have my own car and Im in nursing school fulltime with 2 jobs I’m far from struggling. He definitely spends time with my daughter almost everyday and she is well taken care of. We are good coparenting so whoever made this please speak facts. All of our situations is different. So you guys are attacking me people make mistakes when they think they are in love. And I did I definitely did not know all that about him when we started dealing. But when your young and hot from men that’s what happens to you.

  10. 20 yr old baby mother goh one side an allow who nah get help fi speak , i know from earth to heaven sah lie u a tell bout u have diss an dat men treat everyone different soh y u agoh try tell d girl sah a lie shi a tell

  11. Dats y men behave soh cause uno love hype dem up., uno love tell ppl how dem a laid man deal wid every ooman different if him was all dat saint. Y him have so many kids wid soh much different ooman. Yes, him may teck care a yours. But him noh teck care a d other an nuff time a dam lie uno a tell sah him a care fi uno kid. Plus a one a him gal a rite d tings dem

  12. Yuh Kay Kay is a damn idiot. Nuh you gaddy did a deny yuh Pitney? Damn fool….gwaan tek u so-so f**k and kibba u mouth.

    1. wtf what I say I said my daughter is well taken care of cause I handle mines. What I say about carrington. Maybe you should read it better.move up you kan done me kmft

  13. How is he doing for your kid but you still doing two jobs with a young baby. Guh siddung if you don’t got shit to say because as soon as you can’t get the cocky no more u story change kmft.

  14. Come pon yah a defend the waste boy. Just the other day you was posting talking about he don’t do anything for the baby but now he’s a good dad? You bitches confuse me. Because cocky sweet yuh again, f**king editor. Yuh a real man clown cause when Azzy around yuh nuh get nuh knowings abayyyyy!

    1. When you see dat now Yuh just ah chat shit all I said was I work and take care of mine I never defended him. And she don’t look like no shit ya acting like ya so holy and never made mistakes. We not still f**king period no matter what I say yah cum for me. So at this point its w.e ya don’t know my story

  15. I don’t give a f**ck what ya say yeah I have two jobs even before I had a daughter. Did I defend him yah saying I’m stupid for picking up wasteman all I said was this post was not accurate because my baby not struggling I take care of her. We nah f**k we nah deal so what azzy have to do with kaykay. Move up speak facts I’m done with ya. Ya swear ya know shit. Carrington and me nah deal I handle mines and she good so how I’m stupid goodbye

  16. A Nuff man Mi know naw mine dem pickney met fi have a dead beat daddy section weh yuh just dash dem out weekly

  17. Met nuh fi have no dead beat daddy section! Some a dem woman yah need fi get a sign wid “no deadbeat” and put it up ova di entrance to dem hole. Contraception/Abortion/Morning After pill, etc too easy fi get fi gal still a bring pickney fi waste man. A wah unnu want unnu get at least the last babymada honest enough fi admit seh she mek and mistake an a tek responsibility fi har actions by looking after her child and self. The baby mada who write this needs to go have several raas seats or better yet go get a job and move out your mother’s house and take care of your child. and last but not least, don’t breed fi no more waste man!

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