Good day met. First I want to say I am a Jamaican so mi nah try bash Jamaican people. A Jamaica mi come from, but when I go down for a funeral the other day I was shock.

When me hear say my uncle dead I know say I couldn’t miss the chance to see him one last time. Me see my family start write things on fb about how them miss him and a bag a thing. When them hear say me a come everybody a beg clothes fi wear go a funeral. So wait, if me nuh come wid the clothes unnu nah go?

Then me see set up keep and a lot of people turn out for free food and liquor of course. MI frighten again after funeral them a cook more free food and have liquor fi give people. So wait, if food nah share after funeral unnu wudda neva come?

Mi say to how me see people a write this and that on Facebook me say me a go carry a rag because a nuff cow bawling a go gwan and me easy fi cry. When me reach a funeral a peer selfie people a take, take picture a them outfit, and all a drink liquor in the church yard like a drink out. Look like funeral turn day rave . . . All now me nuh see not a tears because nobody nuh want fi spoil them make up.

As so funeral run now? A foreign you have dead them carry things come give you. How me fi have dead and then have to find so much freeness fi give people? You know say a only poor people keep up them f**ery ya though? Kmt.

35 thoughts on “DI NEW FUNERAL STYLE?

  1. Sad but true. A suh duty stinking nasty jamaican stay, dats why mi nah sen fi mi $$$ from New York fi Bury nuh dead.

    Is not bash yuh bashing dem. A di truth yuh a talk..

  2. Sad but true. A suh duty stinking nasty jamaican stay, dats why mi nah sen fi mi $$$ from New York fi Bury nuh dead.

    Is not bash yuh bashing dem. A di truth yuh a talk..

  3. This is a new world order. Them sell beer at the gate a Meadowrest. The one funeral me go over there. Was like a free for all. The gyal dem inna clothes me sure them wear go dance, dancehall music blasting. And this was 10 yrs ago. As for the set up, let’s be thankful it’s not Africa where people take out huge loans, so they can have the biggest nine nights.

  4. @ pit toilet y u have to characterize us as dat Mek mi tell u this any weh u go people beg all up ya to, oonu love class dem down there to the lowest oonu need to stop it, cause if u did down deh, u would a beg also, cause before mi reach ya mi use to beg once mi hear foreign. Oonu love Characterize oonu own too much fi no reason dat it y others love to take step of us because a people like you!

    1. Dem class and encourage. God blessed and cursed the day negro’s became free to relocate on dem own so dem can $h!I pon those who can’t.

  5. I went 2 a funeral on Saturday & the ppl were taking selfies with the casket & the dead in the casket. All the ppl that showed for the dead yard didn’t even go the funeral. They showed up instead for the nyamings after the funeral. Funeral in Jamaica is turning into dancehallaw. It’s all bout the outfit, hairstyle & thing pictures.

  6. Yes this is very much the truth. When I go to jamaica for a funeral all of a sudden nobody has clothes for the funeral and they are looking for you to provide. You lucky if they wait until the nine night and repass to look for food and liquor because sometimes they are waitinf around the night after the person dies for what they can get. Much different in America, everyone brings you supplies/food to the point you dont know what to do with it.

    1. Don’t a foreign 99.9% of those coming to the funeral have a steady income?

      Dem not going to beg clothes to wear a funeral because dem can go swipe a store card and pay monthly, go thrift store, walmart, rainbows….or go theft from the hundreds of stores.

      Food no de a foreign in abundance to all dumpster pile high and padlock till truck come fi draw way food?

      Onu really forget say is a poor nation onu come from?

      Onu didn’t know that TRUE Americans/Canadians/England made their country great by contributing, dying and talking good about it all when it a hell hole?

      Onu lo me country if onu nah contribute to it betterment!!! Chat onu careless family and stop class up de whole country!

  7. Not everyone in jamaica beggy beggy because when i was living dung the mi neva one time yet beg none a my sisters or any family members yetttt fi ntn. And as to dead yard and good that’s been going on from ever since. I was.shocked.couple years when Mi si the outfits dem wearing to funeral also.

  8. My family just had two funerals there and nothing like that. Maybe it’s because the are well to do 7th day adventist and it was mostly church people.

  9. This is so true. The other day I go to a funeral and me hear some people a chat a girl say look what she wear and it’s her family dead. Them chat a next girl say look how she have on hat on her head if she couldn’t do her hair. Them chat say them come a set up and never get nothing and them first a reach back to the yard for after funeral eating.

    It’s not about bash Jamaican or not. Truth is truth. People a wear dance clothes go funeral and alla video things on them cell phone during the service. Man Stan up and a drink rum. The list goes on.

  10. I presently reside in jamaica after living in the USA for 25 years. I have had the experence from bith sides. I don’t think its bashing jamaica its just a fact. I have been to several funerals and it depends on the person that died. I went to a funeral that no one took pictures untill we were at the grave yard and it was well dignified. I also went to funerals that I had to pinch myself to see if I was at a dance or a funeral. Forget about the food because it has become a thing that if you dont provide food and liquor the people dem vex. So sad but it has a lot to do with the person that died and their family dealing with the funeral in a particular way

  11. That’s the culture, once you have a gathering at you yard whether it be funeral, dead yard, prayer service or birthday party. Everybody coming with expectation to eat, they don’t even bring a gift for the birthday person but they come nhyam you out and go home. As a result birthday is only immediate family.

    1. I remember an after funeral gathering at the home where plates were going around and a woman returned the plate flatly stating only what part of the chicken that she can eat. Some of these guest have no idea of time or place. Not to mention those travelling with Tupperware of collecting a second plate to take home.

  12. @Met, some families put dem selves in DEBT JUST TO PROVIDE FOOD AND DRINK SO THESE SCUMBAGS NUH CHAT AND COMPLAIN BOUT HOW THE DECEASED FAMILY MEAN AND BRUK… Its sad but nuff a dem pple deh a yaad nuh nice when dem come a funeral. U AFFI FEED DEM WEDA U HAVE IT OR NOT AND THAT I FIND DESPICABLE..

  13. I was taught as a child that when visiting someones home you must take them a gift and if you don’t have a gift you must volunteer your service(s) ( not sex). What happened to that part of our culture?

  14. @ sweet that is not accurate . You probably knw someone who took out a loan to bury their love one. But u can’t speak for the first whole continent.

  15. Ppl hav dem money dem do wah dem want. Wen my mom died i wasnt gonna keep any set up. But her friends came together and kept it. Another ting tho som a unu farina a ongle wen unu ppl dead dem get nutten from unu. Dem wi out yah sic an hungry an beg unu fi buy food or meds an unu no sen it. But mek dem dead unu quick fi sen money com pay fi dere package.

    1. Uno misunderstanding foreign n how hard it is. I’ve seen where people walk with card and beg fi burial money to send to Jamaica and borrow. Uno don’t know where the money coming from so uno nuh fi think people only put out when funeral. No one is obligated to do a thing so gratefulness should be applied

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