THE son of former Grant’s Pen don ‘Andrew Phang’, who was himself cut down by agents of the State, was killed by police at his home on Lady Huggins Avenue in the community yesterday.

He was identified by a relative as 18-year-old Shaquielle Stephens.

According to their report, the police went to 13 Lady Huggins Avenue and saw a woman and three men standing at the gate. They entered the premises and went to a house based on information they had gathered. But before they could apprehend Stephens, he allegedly pulled a gun and attempted to open fire. They, in turn, opened fire hitting Stephens.

The police said the gun seized was illegal.

However, as sleuths assigned to the Independent Commission of Investigations processed the scene, some residents accused the police of lying.

“Him was in him house sleeping and dem go in there and kill him. Him was in him underpants,” one resident said in a hushed tone.

Blood stains were on the floor of the two-room dwelling where the shooting occurred and mattresses and furniture lay strewn about, an indication that the house had been ransacked by the police.

Stephens’ father, whose real name was Andrew Stephens, was the don of an area known as ‘Top Gully’. He was also said to be in his underpants when he was fatally shot and killed.

“Him dead just like him father,” the resident said.

The elder Stephens was cut down by members of the now-disbanded Crime Management Unit in October 2001 in Pembroke Hall, St Andrew.

Police said they went to a house in Meadowbrook Estate to conduct a raid and, as they approached, Phang opened fire and evaded them. They said he was cornered about four hours later at a house on Annandale Avenue in Pembroke Hall.

The police reported that Phang engaged them in a blazing gunfight and was shot. He was taken to hospital where he later died.

His killing sparked a massive demonstration and spurred a Coroner’s Inquest, but no one was found criminally liable for his death.


  1. Yes, I believe a the police has a pattern of going to these so called “Dons” homes at a time that they are in bed sleeping…….second such case I’ve heard of, the last being Souths Pugu! It doesn’t seem as if the Jamaican police is interested in apprehension as they are to kill on sight.

    Buenos Dias a todos.

    1. You may want to lay low on this one…cause a so de “don” dem go to dem victims homes “at a time that they are in bed sleeping”….DEM KILL PUSS, DOG, MOTHER, FATHER, BABIES, ROACH AND ALL.

        1. :shakehand2 @Observer. Me glad fi dis forum and fi drive de nail into the coffin we have that “case” going on and de rass VOICE NOTES.

          Look how de “DON” (pain me fi use that term) did ago send goons inna “Shevy” yaad go kill of somebody MOTHER over bbcloth gun! Me any day and any time GLAD FI JCF. Shame that bad apples inna de bunch BUT GLAD fi de one’s whey sey Prison and life TOO GOOD FI “DONS” and them “POSSE MEMBERS”

          1. hayyyyyyyy wen dem a sen out dem cronies dath is sureeeeeee dem nuh lef nutten alive ooooooo an dem strike wen yuh most vunerable…inna yuh sleep i doah sorry fi noneeeeeeeeeee..dem fi ded like dawg

      1. I will fall back on this one after saying this……Police are not given a license to commit murder, they are in place to protect the public!
        “Dons” in your country are terrible people but I dont think it is correct to not bring them to justice and make the excuse for killing “they had a gun”. I think it does nothing in gaining the trust of the public.

          1. Yes, just an opinion for me, I don’t believe I would ever know what it’s like living in a community with a Don (don’t like to say never)…….disturbing to hear that may be a reality of yours!

        1. @10.24am. for your information a”Don” in any country is a terrible person, not only in Jamaica. 2014 and you are still trying to undermined Jamaica any little chance you get, yuh want to enlighten us about the crime wave, drugs abuse and drugs violence in Puerto rico…. about the Dons who control the country. are they nice? nuh last year dem kill wan a yuh famous boxer, yuh waa tell me she it was the pope and not a ‘DON’ ordered that hit.
          Met is international in terms that she features any news worthy article on this site. she nuh focus pan Jamaica alone, and tru seh you is a regular ,who is not of Jamaican decent meck we know little bit weh a gwan inna your side a de world nuh?. and ooh, the way how sound soo super hype, meh ded think seh is a ‘ DON’ yuh did married to.
          however, me agree wid yuh in the other part of your input. police should arrest suspects and bring dem before a court of law. if it is possible to do so.

  2. The youths live a vicious cycle cause dem see dutty police kill dem fadda m grow wit a reasoning say dem ago fuxx up even one n not even business wah gwaan after that this one is close to home it hurt me yow water full up mi eye

      1. PP there’s a whole lot of blame to go around sometimes in this life circumstances make us wat we r , a child especially a very young one who has never seen his father commit a crime the father he knows is a loving n caring man cause at no time did he expose the crime side to him child, this child loves his father unconditionally n will hate whosoever took away that father from him
        With all the gunmen who die in the ghetto by the hands of the police there needs to be some sort of counseling r something cause as mi say it’s an endless cycle that will just keep going on n on

          1. Obs mawning :peluk :peluk of course not in no way shape or form but if police continue to kill dese criminal in the fashion that they do them offsprings ago pick off the police dem head back said way n it nah go dun the street justice nah work n Neva will cause a just kill fi kill that bring n most time than not is a poor police whey no inna di wrongs end up a get kill

          2. cheuty dem man deh a guh go a prison guh put fear inna less badah man dan dem an still sen out orders dem deh rite weh dem belong…six foot six…weh dem put oddah ppl family…jamaica prison system is like killers hibernation camp :nohope:

        1. Chuet…yu know me love you so nu tek nu offense. I strongly think the women have to break the cycle for the children. Remember, is not all who die at the hands of the police were without fault; nuff a dem kill more people than what the police dem alone kill.

          We as women need fi break the cycle. No longer should we tolerate men like Kartel to grow or influence “our” sons. (I don’t have children but as an African decendans…it was and is the responsibility of all the women of the village to act as mother figures to all children)

          1. PP of course mi know say more time a no innocent a get kill mi just a say if the police way is killing these boys n men dem not solving the problem them just a create a war that’s not far down the road u get me

            Wats sad is that the police dem whey get kill n kids n wife at home who r really the innocent n a dem really suffer in all this
            PP mad love same way man we cannot agree pon everything else life would be monotonous n bland a just so it go still

        2. Darn it….I was prepared to fall back until I scrolled down….@chuetty, your saying it best. POLICE should set an example, hold one just ONE of these “DONS” accountable by bringing them to justice and show the yutes the crimes committed and the consequence there after!

          Falling back!

  3. Me nah hug up and sympatize wid KILLERS. If your life is not in danger you have NO AUTHORITY fi tek a life…simple as that.

    My hate for killers began at age 5! It start with the cold blooded murder of an elderly woman who live a country…droncrow dem bruk in fi rob her and because de woman refuse fi give them her life savings them rape and slaughter her in her bed!

    …these bastards destroy many lives in the process of killing ONE…guess how much lives are ruin in the killing OF MORE THAN ONE… nu sympatize wid killers nor dem offsprings wanting to emulate them! PERIOD, POINT BLANK!

    1. I’m with you on this one, Phantom. I was not brought up to fear nor distrust the police. In fact, I might be naive, but when I go anywhere and see a police uniform, I start feeling better right away. Every person has to live their own truth, I suppose….

  4. I want to know WHY Jamaicans don’t tek set pon police a foreign. Dem respect law and order to de maximum and beyond, all code enforcement, de garbage man dem respect.

    Is the possibility of deportation the source of obedience?

    Is it the fact that the white man nah romp fi imprison a black man why dem subservient to foreign laws?

    It boggles my mind.

    1. Caw dem kno seh yasso is a different kettle of fish. The “big stick” of deportation is used to keep them in line. The corruption and fraternization weh dem used to wid the politicians ah yawd cannot be had here, and even when d politicians here corruptible it’s not to fi dem level.

      1. :maafaganwati quantitative and qualitative mind phuck…lol You can imagine some a de demon dem whey de a foreign a live like choir boys and girls…

  5. Good mawnim Met and Metters.Is not every case people have to call out the police as cold blooded killers.The same scenario happen in the states would have the same results.Scenario police get infro that a person have a gun in his home.Police go to home ,shout police enter .or kick off door because element of surprise is the key to success operation.Now mr gun hearing police or even getting his door kick down will some badman a try used tactics that badman themselves used togo invade and kill people.The first ting mr.gunman is going to do is reach fi him piece because him don’t trust no one.What u think the police is going to do in making that split decision.say drop it and wait for him to.If this same act play out in the USA what the result.Again most Jamaican police learn that showing gunmen pity is a sign of weakness the will get u and ur family killed.A lot of killer gunmen get lock up after been caught with a gun ,only to get bail and go kill again and again.
    ,by targeting who ever they think inform on them and even try target the police andhis family.Until the Jamaican justice system is fix and revamp these controversial killing not going to stop.A person must know that when they commit murder they are going to lose their head in a timely but quick manner,then this will be a deterent.Look next door the Cuba,people live poorer than JA. but far less murder and crime.and people don’t live in fear with burglar bar on their houses.

  6. Sas Christ ppl.. It’s ok for police to kill him because his dad that died in 2001 was a don? Unu is a wicked set . No man.. Him never deserve this.

    1. The yute was a troublemaker and the police went there to kill him. That’s how we deal with murders and thugs. The pussc is dead… live with it! This is what one person said about the yute from the Observer article:
      “Guest • a day ago −
      i wonder why the media didn’t report that this guy in the months leading up to his death shot at police and successfully hit 1 of them…not to mention when him n his gangster friends trading bullets with rival gangs…i live here i know him people.”

  7. Good day Met and lovely people…check my medz mek mi show you how jah a work if Kartel was killed in the same manner as this yute do you think Jamaica would be calm? NO it won’t so instead of him being killed lizad was the mortar used to bring light to his demised….what hurt me is that some Jamaicans tend to show more respect and obedience to DONS and ENTERTAINERS more than police….name 1 time a police was killed in the line of duty and Jamaicans protest block road burn tires? I can’t recall, can you? The moral is, any society that chooses the easy way out continue to turn they head away from evil and not taking responsibility for certain actions is doom, some tend to get complacent with what’s around as EVIL and wrong as it may be. A don can kill 10 people in a 2 year reign and a police kill him maybe a new cop and it’s his first killing on the job, but it was a split second decision…here comes the community a demonstrate disrupt order o di don did a sleep him no do nutten…now flip it, the same cop get kill on the 1st year of the job, you don’t hear shit from the same people he took the oath for to protect and died for in the line of duty….by the way study shows that it takes 2-3 year for a cop to be corrupted but even within their 1st year on the force some people already label them as corrupt and killers.

  8. I did not know the deceased but RIP. Not because his father was a don mean he was a bad person. However, fi all addi rest a so call Don dem kill dem all and done because dem too wicked and no baddi nah protest when dem kill innocent people. All di one dem who run whey gone a foreign unnu betta sleep wid one eye open cause KARMA IS A BITCH AND FAKE PAPERS NAH GO HELP, Unno must pay.

  9. is that the actual scene where the incident took place??? if yes, they ransack the house before dem kill him because some of the blood would be under di carpet area. seems they were looking for something specific as the report state di police went based on information they had gathered. it couldn’t b gun because it should have been in his hand. it look like dem all have conversation wid di man before dem kill him…that puts holes in their “shoot out” explanation. y is the blood smeared, and random items “strategically” placed in di area where the blood is? what time of day did this happen? how di people dem so sure say him did a sleep….because him have on underpants? di 3 woman and man a di gate a wha? y dem never inside or deh a fi dem yaad de sleep to? indecom interview dem? these cases always end up di same because there is corruption on every side. u don’t know who to believe.

    1. Boom dutty politician look fi a man whey have the respect of the community put gun in him hands same time dem a give him food n necessary tings whey di ppl dem need not long after dem start meck demands wipe out mi competition a me look after unnu, before u know , if the man start hesitate fi kill n rob dem set dutty wicked police fi kill dem

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