1. Suck pussy water mouth Noah u fe tak killa name out a u stinking mouth, as far u Maggie bitch it look like u f**k man or u want to f**k killa why u live pan him so. Pr u wake up and fine him in a Maggie bed is what.

  2. A hype u a look just because u have a little song a come out. But guess what bounty no have time fe u. Go fix u nasty mouth bitch.

    1. bitcccchhhh its just for fun so gtfoh with that bullshit matterhorn keep them coming but your vine them too short tho

  3. What happen to Maggie. Mi did rate him but him just go too far more time. Di tracing ting get boring after a while. Anyway big up War Lord him On Stage interview wid Winford was a good look and mi ah nuh Bounty fan at all….

  4. well said Dainty..

    look like Matterhorn deh pon crack

    weh yu tink people??

    fe a ‘artist’ fe galung so un professional..
    look like de crack man get him..

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