The question is :

If you have a man & all the man want do is:
LICK OUT U A*S (every chance him get)
Shows your a*s more love than pums …
If di man tell yuh say “my girl skin out yuh batty gimme mek mi f**k it” when you refuse.


262 thoughts on “DEAR MET AND METTERS

  1. Ammmmm you need to go have your vaggie checked for shit residue am sorry that mothaffffker is gayer than Elton John.

  2. This serious bad…..but u just as bad. Why ask now when yuh did a put up wid d almshouse suh long????? Met could you do a post highlighting some a d signs of men that are on d down-low…too much undercover battyman a run round man1!!!!!!!!!

      1. They don’t believe the signs but they will believe shit from strangers written on a message board. Sad clucker

        1. chuet but if him a tell har fi skin it out mek him ram it out………u can’t ram sumting whey neva pull yet so what condition har battam under is my very HONEST question and what size him have dat it can ram ina desso…we need di measurements :nerd
          sender u too bad

          1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
            Ok lets be honest…..there is NO way ramming is taking place in that entra……AHEM….exit area!

            Me being who I am will let you know this, wayyyyyyyyyy back, I gave it a try (more than 1 but less than 5) and I can tell any woman this, it is so very painful and uncomfortable that I have no idea why sender would put up with a relationship that calls for this!

          2. My bellyyyyyy mi laff so till mi cry Metsy u right as rain those are very important questions mi a run go bathroom go done laff ya man lmao

          3. Mettyyyyyyyy you know I keep it a buck at all times……tWo DiFFeRent sizes but same results pain and uncomfortable. I even tried birthing breathing techniques only to say f*ck that ‘ish.
            Lots of folks like to say it’s a spanish thing here but I can tell you not every spanglish, def not me. Glad say mi esposo never asked, ‘im anuh batty man πŸ™‚

          4. But a whey di rawsssssseee hey mi need a plane whey Quena say she do more than once but less than 5
            Grung here I come —————————————————————————

          5. :ngakak like when di store dem se less dan 100 and den u go see se di price a 99.99 quena u too bad lol

  3. I think that’s a caring man. He’s doesn’t wanna run up your pum mileage !! Hes saving your vagina for special occasions. You should be thankful

          1. Unno come back fi mi nuh duh! Mi a beg a link fi lef di place fass fass before tings start get hot in here. Dis nuh normal. Hey unno eva a do the things dem and the man a ram out hell and mek the mistake and ram the wrong hole? yuh know how that hot! much less fi me willingly and consciously lidung mek a man ram mi out rear end.

            Senda yuh batty infrastructure strong nuh bclaat fi tek dem deh rammings deh.

          2. di man say skin it out him nuh waa no lay dung skin out him want di full 100% skin………..out :nerd

  4. Senda this sound like a very bad case of denial- what a question to ask lol…
    A*AL SEX—check
    THREE SUM (WITH MEN)—-check
    LICK OUT U A*S (every chance him get)—check
    Shows your a*s more love than pums …—check
    If di man tell yuh say β€œmy girl skin out yuh batty gimme mek mi f**k it” when you refuse.—-check..
    Although you have a point- if him love di batty more dan di front, but him still deal wid di front, technically, him bi-sexual.

  5. So the part bout three sum (with men) senda wha the next man role? does he touch and grope your man? does he fuxx yuh in your ass too? or is that exclusively for your man? does he get excited watching your man ram out the rear? or vice versa? And send is that really your man? or you are just a freak around the way kinda girl? Senda please to come and fill us in di whole a we in yah waan know.

    From I was delivered outta mi mumma belly!!!

  6. he may simply have an anal sex fetish…..for some men its feet…some men breasts…..some men will kill themselves over a BBW who weighs over 300lbs….. some men like to be dominated……there was a dude on tv once who liked to dress up as a baby……there are those who like to dress up in furry costumes…the latest fetish trend is cosplay…where ppl, especially women dress up as anime characters… might simply be a sexual preference that is considered to be abnormal…..however……i call time out on di 3some wid a next man ting…..a f**kery dat……everyting else is sounds like fetishism but dat part deh fi sure prove him is a battyman….

    1. Ahhh pardon me Mr Harde a bit of a personal question but I get the feeling ur Jcan or of Jcan heritage so is this particular fetish one that appeals to you??

          1. Obs :peluk :peluk u see it to bout harde him a come off top shelf freaky from di other day fi real

  7. My girl is one question I want to ask you, is your bottom made out a hardware and lumber? and I need a answer fast because I don’t think agwine tarry too long cuz all the Admin ride out it look like a plague deh bout yah

  8. well ive attempted anal for the first time with my husband ! it all started when he was giving me a massage tht turned into sensual sex (bk shot to be specific) while d buddy a sweet me in the midst of it i feel supn odd ,nvr pay it nuh mind wen i was grinding i feel it again so me reach roun a him thumb ina me ass im like wtf him flash weh me hand frm move it n after a min it jst started feeling good n gimmie a extra kick! so a few times after tht him will rub it (nt every time we have sex) one day i was on my period him get horny n ask me fi gi him me ass! suh me say wtf no wid yuh big hood! he asked again so i went in the car for a condom (we dont use condoms) cuz he wud hav been ok if we didnt bt me knw a shit roun deh n me did hear bout a girl weh me knw tek f**k ina har batty n go doc go find shit ina har puss! so we attempted mind u him buddy big n him strong only a small part a d buddy ed get fi go in b4 me giv up eye wata did deh a me yiy ! i told him if u wnt fuk me bloody frnt go right ahead bt nt me rear! a over night pad me put on a d red-est blood me eva c! nvr again!

      1. yes met bcuz u knw over night pad reach roun ur butt for wen u lay a certain way it doe run n mess up ur undies! so dats y i use it!

  9. writing tht story me remember is nt the first time dat husband ask me fi anal tho! i guess me block it outta me ed, i remember we made attempts b4 tht !smh…sigh me n him dun now still! met a freak n i mean FREAK!! best sex me ever have omg him have a big hood to! the first time we f**k d bwoy nyam me puss out frm bk way n SWIPE me batty n me say YES sah me like it lol! always wanted my ass licked idk y dwl its my way of dominating a man jst like me like cum pon dem tongue n wine ina dem face fi all a d TROUBLES dem gi oman lol! so wen me get me pussy eat , me a whine ina dem face fi d oman race! he ask for anal too bt him hood too big n frm my first experience nvr again! his finger in it is fine by me!both men r JAMAICANS ! MEt a CANADIAN girl who love anal she says she does it more than how she f**ks! the smaller the penis the better for anal bt jst like pussy after a while ya go wah supn bigger

    1. well his penis isnt very big it jus deh deh but the vaginal sex is OKAY i guess
      thats how i feel about when he gives me head fi ll d problems mi put up wid him
      dominance i guess… him all ask mi one time if mi wa piss pon him tru because him piss me offf and mi diid vex

      1. piss ina him dutty mout sender! cuz me c a VINE VID wid a gal a mek d ute wid him likkle buddy piss inah har bore tongue mout !kmt n d ute post it a disgrace d girl!piss ina him mout n run weh him nastiness

  10. sender i was jst sharing my batty episode like QUENA bt from wat u wrote he prolly gay or bi! bt i dont believe men cn b bi sexuals they are gay ! and i say that bcuz one of his sexual preference must dominate the other and in ur case its ass , so him gay!

  11. weh mi really wah ask yuh is how much time em tel yuh fi skin out yuh batty mek em fuxx it and yuh dweet?? a di real question dat

          1. never do it before he just always asking me and he got fed up one day and ah bad mi up fi skin it out soh mi ah seh wait deh sumn nuh too right ova yasso

          2. is di sedddddddddddddddddd way em bad up man fi dem batty…tan deh deh a kill off yuhself wid dis man yuh tan deh

          3. pon a real medz unnuh scare mih wid dese acts weh unnuh mek DL battyman a indulge unnuh inna

  12. Met do nuh expose mi mi ah deaddd.

    ppl unu behave mi never do the anal before but him always a ask and mi always a say no lol and one time him say mi fi skin it out give him and mi say hell no
    mi all ask him i fhim gay and him always a get mad when mi ask
    mi always a say babes just tell mi lmfaoooo
    he likes 3 sum with women too but he gets a thrill out of sums with men
    cuz he asked more than 5 times .. cmon if mi did dweet mi wuda tell unu mi fraid a dem somn deh mi poor punni …. him eat mi ass like evry single time though and it does nothing for me not even kiss me nuh kiss him .. this guy is obsessed with anal sex he ask for it all the time !!!!! And he also wax him body!!!!!!! mi nuh know maybe him just freaky mi life ah badda mi i swear

      1. yeh met ah jamaican … BORN JAMAICAN

        him ask mi fi pee pee pon him met lmfaooo and he also asked me to eat his ass AND MI SAY YUH MUSSSI FKN MADDDDDDDDDD YUCK!!!!! ALL NOW HIM LUDDY

          1. Met mi love u no homo shit u a mi dupessssss Met
            Met say she will say it times two lmaoooooooooooo

        1. well sender most ppl a peep n man ask dem fi lick batty n dem a consider welp all me cn tell to those who considering use ceran (sp) wrap dwl sender piss pon him as me say up top n run him ! him have money sender?

          1. KAY HOW U KNOW? yes he gott loads of dinero !! lmfao

            met unu just tell mi mek mi go a mad house guh recover

          2. N no mount a money caaaaa fix back u batty ole structure eno
            In my bad days where I worked my director much older man was always asking me to give him my dirty underwear n commenting how he would love for me to piss on his face after much consideration I did piss in his face on one condition at know time can he touch me n he agreed after wards I sat on a chair skin out while him masturbate for about a month after every week I found an envelope wit no less than a thousand dollar in it in my desk drawer but I couldn’t do it another time I felt real sleazy

          3. muss feel sleazy caw big n seruss chuet wen you say no oddaz will say yes suh $1000 is nutten to em fi gi smaddy else kip yuh pride

            but yuh bad ooooooo caw yuh shuddah neva dweet to begin

          4. Hey chute send on I will piss on him* in my R Kelly voice* I won’t feel like sleaze at all, that way all the piss I’m pissing in toilet can actually do me some good, time hard pissing can bring me the extra income…… I piss about 50 times a day dat add to about $50grand gal you mad!!

            Anyone out there want me piss on you $1000 a pop link me ASAP

          5. The mucho dinero ones, yea zir dem ah di worst, think they money buy them all types of freak. Before I got married I used my Spanish to con many since they think we the biggest freaks anyway, Phone sex and wire money. Nassy ninja’s

      1. no doe kill yuh self! cuz me knw a girl weh did deh wid a ute n him use har as beard n she nvr knw him gay! jst nuh tell nuhbody if u feel depress cum tlk to me !

      2. hef you honestly neva noe seh em gay unda di quiet den my advice fi yuh is ds…guh see a counselor but hef yuh did summize a ting…juss gwaan geem til yuh batty too loose em wi dip back to di pum pum :nohope: :nohope: an yuh Zervah doah gi bad advice oooooooo

      3. doe kill urself jus pack a bag wid some a likkle dettol and likkle bit a bleach a single drop…full di bath a water (all dis after di money safely set aside) drop a likkle dettol..soak…full back di bath a some body wash and soak agen ..come out..dry off u body and tek di bible … pat u tings and say (all is well)

        1. you don’t think the Dettol and bleach dangerous Met? wont it throw off her ph balance and probably produce a discharge?

      4. Dem seh a man g spot is inna him batty. Mi nuh tink him fuk man batty mi tink man fuk him inna fi him batty and him know seh it feel good and him waan mek yu feel good too. Since him too small fi satisfy your pums him haffi try di batty.

          1. don’t cry. You will be ok. I’m sure many people have been with DL men. The reason they are called DL is because we are not supposed to know taht they like men. It’s good you are finding out now before him breed yu and your child end up with a battyman fawda.

      5. No talk flackery, you know long time a the money part sweet you. How you no know him a battyman and a you batty him love? Stop try play fool fool feh catch wise

  13. I doah tink di pissin pon yuh man ting bad at all but di fuxxin inna batty nuh rite oooooooo wen all unnuh dun regulah ooman like mi caw get a man cawwwwwzen seh di tings dem weh em use to mi caw manige πŸ™

    1. no @obs? d pissin pawt nuh mek yuh squeemish but the batty does? dwl hahah obs a weh yuh do , cum tlk to aunty kay

      1. mi try like hell fi piss pon em but mi glad ooooooooo my man nuh deal wid dem funny guy tings ere…dem tings yah soun alien-ish :ngakak di man all want di batty while she deh pon har reds no rastahhhhhhhhhhh dat nasty

  14. @ met , a mus a money man n she say him a jamaican a dem ting ya dem into yuh stay deh ! dem upt gal deh batty ole deep ! @sender me mind did tell me a money man ! sigh …sender cum hear mek me whisper supn ina yuh ears *whispers * wen him eat yuh frnt him spit pon it?

          1. yes hun hes gay….i think for a big man weh rich cuz me knw him up ina age ! man f**k him! most politicians a big ole freak

        1. met , me fren hav a english man n she love him money bt she doe wah do anal me tell har is either she get a better job , ask har man fi more money or lack har yiy n do wat it do! bt i rather get a better job!

      1. @sender we affi go talk one a way! dwl d spittin pawt upset me , a ute do it n me box him !kmt i will full up d buddy a spit bt me nah spit on it ! seem barbaric to me

        1. _____________________________________________________________________________ kay u fi gwaan betta bout talk one a way :hammer :ngakak lmaooooo no sah dedin

          1. met a dem suss ya sweet me! ___________________________________________ woii sas crise lol pray for me

          1. kay have heexxperience in this so i suggest unno link fi tell u di choot…si har a se fren have battam demand at home mi nah luk pan kay mi cannot manij :tkp

        2. mi love when him spit in deh out deh pon it yesss gawdddddddddddddddddd slurp it back out n den swallow it woiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. I can tell you in many different ways. Him is a FISH, BATTYMAN, GAY, FAG. Your purpose in him life is to front. him is in the closet and not yet ready to come out so him need yu so other people can tink him like women.

  16. Senda dat deh bwoy deh a big battyman, it clear him bin a f**k batty, an yes I tink him f**k yuh in yuh pussy an yuh ass a couple times but it hurt an yuh want him stop but di money make yuh cyaa let him guh!

          1. If you like di batty fuk but caan tek di pain, try anal ease or oralgel. It will numb di area.

            I used to sell sex toys and dem tings deh.

          2. suh mek mi ask dis davgal…di tngs dem weh yah tel har fi ease pain dem can use inna puxxy to?

        1. @obs no hun nun a dat !in all honesty i made my confession and i am really against penis in batty! bt she need me counsel !

          1. YESSSSSS oooooooooooo denial is the word I really wanted you to use. It’s very clear you are onto something because you felt uneasy with his demands. What puzzles me is that you even complied to begin. I guess you’re only human >>shrugs<<< I guess you're just into his money! I guess you're in it for fun! I guess…I really don't know I'm just guessing but stay true to yuhself…dat man is a battyman if yuh wah tan wid em a fi yuh buznizz but dis nuh nahmal oooooo

  17. This whale need to cum out the closet ASAP!! him have all di symptoms of a gay so y it tek u so long fi cut and run.

        1. dwl hear obs, str8 penis to me goodness! altho last nite me dream say me a lick 3 gal pums sigh ..a cuz me eat dinner late last night

          1. mi just drop offa mi chair causen sey mi cyan badda wid Kay enu man. Mi laugh suh til…Ms Met big up causen sey is you make dis possible.

  18. Sender…..yu seh di punny sex is “OK, I guess”. Dat tell wi seh him nah wuk di juice outta yu nash. Yu nah moan an groan unda di bubblings, suh him aguh mek yu bawl out fi murdah one way or di nex….dwrcllllll.

  19. I tried anal with my Ex. i sit on top & take my time to go down, it was painful & i thought i almost pass out, but it felt good in some way.

    Now he tells me he still want to f**k my ass & that he want to try with a man….(we dont mess around anymore). I know hes gay undercover but i dont say ntg to him

    1. seet har emal nuh rite…har pums nuh rite onli battam :hammer sender 101 cum ereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kay needs yuh :maho

  20. Some uno love money till it aguh kill uno,no morals as long as the man have money and can give uno the life style weh soon kill uno off, sake a bag a money uno tek batty man, MNL, uno too good, mi nah mek no bicth of a man f**k me in my ass, a shit come out dere nothing nah guh up in dere

  21. Lmaoooo @ Willie
    Dwrl I wouldn’t know where to locate this bredda fi u it’s been so long
    Metsy the wall a shot like Kartel pon him voice note dem ooooooooo a yasso well noicccccceee

  22. @Observer 1:53pm, Anal ease have the same ingredients that’s in oralgel. it’s for numbing. I Guess you can use if you want to but I don’t want to numb my pums. I like a likkle pain with my pleasure. I want to feel di buddy as it enters inch by inch. lol

    1. lissen to mih is a pint mi a try mek…puxxy mek fi tek hood n stretch no numbing roun ere pain fi feel oooooooooooo but hef numbness needed fi di batty fi penetration why guh dere? den ow di feelings a guh get hef it numb luk ere mi gawn :travel

  23. Mi seyyyy mi neva know sey a suh Kay bad>>>>>
    Senda yuh man is a fish and yuh nuffi complain if the money is letting you stay. My girl tek the phuck inna yuh battam or leave, simple as dat. Nuh sell yuh soul tuh a battyman fi money.
    @Chuety jeezammmmm mumma no sah, yuh sey when yuh use tuh bad yuh piss inna the man face and yuh get 1grand every week.
    Thank yuh senda causen sey dis topic close out my JMG weekend :rate :rate

    1. @Kay whey yuh sey mumma? GAL eat yuh from behind? Mi tink yuh sey yuh nuh like gal even doah yuh dream sey yuh lick 3 gal pums. Mi affi leave mi cannot stay or mi aguh calapse :tkp :tkp :ngacir2

  24. see dis is why mi and most a unnu pon ya cannot agree because unnu a some a di most bloodklaat ignorant, uneducated, backawall and backbush living set a crosses……………mi mek a post based on a hypothesis (including examples) to show that quite possibly he is not gay but has an abnormal sexual preference……AND………….. i also clearly stated that his interest in having another naked man around him means dat him is a battyman… how di mumma bumboraasklaat dis turn into an inquistion into my sex life?……..well since unnu want fast inna mi sex life mek mi help unnu out…..unnu come suck out mi battyhole…………if a kinova and dead wid raasklaat laff…….

  25. Kay come mi eat yuh from behind but u haffi look like me or better than mi and yuh pussy haffi pretty and clean and shave

          1. ____________________________________________________________________________________ i r nat ere :tkp

      1. _____________________________________________________ wait deh…is a mind send mi come back come read! WHAT IS DIS!!

    1. and i prefer men eating my puss bcuz i dont know how to eat oman n i nvr have! but me knw hw fi lay dung n tek nyam out -_-

  26. BATTYMAN DAT :cool

    I use to date a guy who always ‘accidentally’ put him dick near my ass. The first two times he did it mi tink a accident and call him out pon it. The next time he did it and then he TRIED to push him dick inna mi ass. METTERSSSSS!!! MI KINGSTON 13 SIDE COME OUT AND ME HAAFI TELL HIM BOUT HIM RASSSS AND CUSS OUT HIM CLAAT SEH ME NUH INNA DEM TINGS DEH! :marah :marah

    Hear di pussy bout “But babes you gonna like it, is something new we can try” :nohope

    Mi Kindly tell him dat out of my list of new things to try…DAT NUH DEH PON EEH SO KINDLY FIND DI FRONT ENTRANCE AND LEF DI BACK OR ELSE ME WILL FIND ANEDDA MAN WHO NAH GO SO CONFUSE!! Kmft. Damn brite. Mi lef him right after dat same way, after me realize day di bwoy a straight freak cuz him keep a come to me a introduce new shit….so one day I bring my dildo and tell him seh alright, we can try new shit…if him will mek ME use my dildo pon him inna him ASSS! :nerd

  27. :hn So much batty get nyam & f***k out on JMG!?!? Mi mumma in heaven!!!!
    No sah Kay a look new partner, Sender101 a look Kay & Willie mad nuh rass!!! Mi seh JMG on FIYAH!! :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  28. I has to remains incognito on disya topic cause it mekin me blush. Mi neva yet av hanal sexual but hi watch porno flims a lot and hi wants to know ow those hoomans hin the videos batty ole spread out broad and wide like mout piece like when smaddy ha yell like this :mewek2 . Sometime mi hall si dem hooman deh ha sawka 2 buddy inna them battam hole. If constipation hurt suh bad coming out why hoomans like tek buddy going in dem battam? Hi cyaah lie doe hi like watch dem sawka sawka deh but very afraids to does it :malu2

    1. membah seh a wen yuh n di ppl dem a cuss dem call yuh freak but mi personally neva call freaks pon spanish yet anyway doah be suh quik fi believe dem up a top caw dem caw seh dem a yawdie n nutten nuh guh suh

      membah you a spanish trap inna yawdie body :hammer

  29. wen i attempted it i didnt pooh for a week! bcuz u knw doin anal push up d shit n u knw deh suh mek fi it cum dung!i nvr wah feel d wrath a me sins fi attempt supn un natural so me wait d week b4 me pooh

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