The girl by the name of Errice, I don’t know her and I think some people think she’s mad cool cuz she says she doesn’t care what people think. But she does, cuz nuff time people post comment on her pages saying how she acts isn’t appropriate etc and she makes a gazillion videos to cuss dem. But if you dress like a ho and act like a ho and even went so far as to post har pu**y pics on Instagram (someone showed me and people reported it and Instagram management warn her an tek it off) and she flaunting her body half naked, den why she feel dat people not gonna call har out on her behavior and question har lifestyle? When di people dem report it to Instagram one piece a cussing and ranting and writing up she gwaan wid, den afterwards mek video bout how people ‘badmind’ her and how she leave dem to God cuz she is blessed and dem cyaa stop her and she not worried. But would God approve of you putting your vagina in a bathtub of water so your ‘followers’ could see? She should stop curse and gwaan when she does stupid shit and den use God inna di next breath cus it makes her sound Bipolar and crazy. You say one thing (Miss I dont give a f**k..that’s what she calls herself) then do another by ranting and making videos cussing and acting all mad and upset dat people actually reprimanding her on her shit. I’m just saying dat sound like a Bipolar person.

And why act surprised when a hundred men email har saying dem want fi nyam/f**k/ram out har pu**y when she herself put it on a public forum so everybody can see it? And dress wid her nipples and body showing? If you act a certain way don’t be surprised if people treat you as such. Of course people gonna talk and regard you like a escort cuz if u don’t work, spend more time pon instagram than anything else, say you’re a designer yet no one ever sees your shit in stores, you don’t promote your merchandise in the media and you don’t advertise, of course people gonna get a clue. Jamaica small and people know people. Why show ur body more dan clothes! We get it, you have a beautiful body fine. But if you need to advertise it should be your business and your apparel, not your breasts or vagina on Instagram!. No man is gonna wife someone who can put dem vagina on Instagram, and who wears clothes without underwear and it’s obvious. Might as well you walk naked and put ESCORT SERVICE on your page. I just think such a beautiful girl selling herself then turning around and cursing people out while calling God name and saying that she’s God blessed and highly favored is kinda cliche when you doing everything ungodly. Dem muss stop use God name, cuz is only when people comment and call dem out on what dem doing den all of a sudden GOD find dem mouth and your’re a “hater” and “badmind” and all these things. You put urself and ur body out dere, so tek di good comments from di ‘fans’ wid di bad ones and shut up. People wouldn’t be calling your shit out if you weren’t doing it.

As mi granny woulda seh, if it nuh go suh a nearly so. Nobody wouldn’t be putting u up on Pinkwall if you never involve. Stop dressing and acting like a drunken ho and you won’t have people treat you like one.

Just my two cents met cuz she is a nice girl but I guess di wrong set a people she a falla cuz she make herself look cheap, like any man can buy her and shit. Social Media is not anyone’s friend. It only portrays a persona and people pick up on that and follow it.
Oh and Met,

I forgot to tell you because she loves to post half naked pics and she put up her vagina on Instagram, someone had taken her pics and put them on a porn site (that was wrong, no matter what people think of her) and made a fake profile on this porn website making it look like she was selling herself. She was soo upset she smoke her weed (she smokes weed and drinks alot) and post video a rant and rave and cuss, den after talks about how she’s godly. I think she may be seriously Bipolar, it’s not a good look.

66 thoughts on “I LOVE IT…A METTER TO ERRICE

  1. ehhhhhemmm, had to clear my throat, yeah.
    Love it sender, but listen I don’t buy the someone took her photos and put on porn site shit at all, these girls wanna be like Paris who is on almost every mada plucking dating website. She might call foul because someone might have spotted her over there. Sham di whole a dem a sham illusionist, dem a sell demselves to the highest bidders via social media.

    Gyal Errice go have a seat. As to her ratchet designs I can do that cut cut up some fabric and hole hole up some too and mi good to go. Sheena Carby mi money dey pon and she never a wuk yet.

  2. Good role models are what these girls need. Stop walk an sell unnu kratches and den when people call a hoe by its name u get upset. No freeness nuh deh a road, but dat nuh mean say a dem loose ting deh unnu shoulda take up fi pay unnu bills. Go wuk like everybody else and get unnu life together.

  3. The sender makes some valid points- why would you be exposing your body on a daily basis- yet act indignant when man come to you a proposition you? That part always kills me. She shape good yes, but you don’t always have to have your parts hanging out. If you have a talent, nutten no wrong with using all your assets to make a good living. ISpy, there is a very large and strong market out there for ratchet designs, lol, you know how much money she can make!

  4. hit the nail on the f**king head

    i alwayssssssssss wonder why she complain when man send her nasty messages , AHM DUH !!! YUH LOOK LIKE YUH A SELL OR HORNY OR A LOOK ATTENTION

    then she post these hellavo long ass speeches how these men thirsty and she dont understand why she being judged etc etc ec-cet-ta-raaaaa

    these girls are dumb and in the day and age of the internet they not using dem head

    jamaicans are natural born hustlas and dem a waste dem youth , beauty and vaginas

    look at blac chyna , keyshia dior , bria myles , natalie nunn , melissa ford ,plus many more – these girls not even half as pretty as jamaican girls yet dem know seh dem haffi use what dem have whie dem have it

    dem know dem body sell off and will get alot of attention so dem tek it turn into a business – modeling , appearances, selling clothes , instagram company like jai nice , videos , etc

    but dem jamaican girl here just a run down local man, white man , brazilian weave , tun lesbian

    why not try the reality tv route like milan (bet college hill ) , rebecca (find me my man) , lava (ray j of love) , elease (bad girls club) then turn that popularity and spin it to mek some money

    dem gyal yah a wasteee time

    1. trix of the trade…we a natural born trickster n hustlers but some a dem trick more dan hustle. When u put up certain pics you a go get a certain response and they know this so why complain? trick dem a trick dem want some man feel special like a dem alone dem a feature but at the same time dem fool because di man a look fi trick dem outa some f— and move on ….if dem post a pic and it nuh get no like or comment dem a go post and post until dem feel dem get di responses whey dem want so no need to complain..Mi cyah manage too much social networking and jmg so a only hear mi a hear wha a gwaan and I’m glad because dem would be an annoyance to me if mi haffi see dem pan my feed too much time fi di day pan di same bullshit

      1. to me they already exploiting themselves sexually already on social media everyday

        why not get paid for it

        instead dem a f**k fi small change

        who pretty like rosie, bobbiesha, bianca ,errice , flawless, rebecca, ishawna , kenesha – in jamaica pretty girl with banging bodies deh everyweh

        worse wid makeup, weave, plastic surgery and filters girls like tasha may , dolly, sweet , star barbie – di whole a dem can fix up

        ladies !! please use yall heads for 2014 – no more free f**k !! BUSINESSES !

        all these men do is put aside a potion of money dem a go spend fi get a certain girl – cause to dem dat a nuh money – gi yuh hairdresser and nail money, fly yall to bahamas and vegas , might pay a few bills then dem f**k you then move on and laugh and discuss you amoung their friends and pass you to the next one

        errice mi see you have 4000 followers on instagram , you should have something selling to all 4000 of those people – and not your half naked clothes or your pussy

        ho business 101

        only paris mi see a mek some stride – by any means neccessary

        1. yes mi hear se paris doing well fi true..They just like the attention ..21/22/23/24/25/ but not when u over that age..u supposed to a wise up after 25 good good and a look fi mek something work fi u..who buying the items ..anyone ordering? from Errice that is??

        2. @says so make di first step an pay dem fi come a ur event nuh come spice it up lol…a joke yah…but on a serious note di reason why dem probably behave so when di man dem a look dem based on half naked pics is probably cause a man weh nah run nuh money…u tink if a man did a link dem an say yow mi a put u pon a flight fi come a LA tomorrow, u tink dem vex bout dat…nope

  5. Sender, you went straight __________ to the point. Good for you, but dem gal yah eaze hard and yu know dem vocabulary short and consist of “hater” and “badmind”. All dem ago do a private dem site and kip up de same slackness…poor idiots. Nice try doe.

  6. Omg!!!!! Met, can I tell u say ah last week Simone commented on one of Erica’s insta naked pic and it come to my news feed so me did waan si a who really a post them kinda pic deh on insta so me go click on the pic, mi tek a look thru her pics and Met!!!! I was in shock, the girl have pure half naked pics on her page, hear me to me self “this yah gal man cyan tell har fi stop post them sinting yah pan Instagram” look like the man them like the naked pics so she post more. I read some of her comments and jus as how the sender say she cuss and gwan ah same so it go fi true. She is a nice looking girl with a nice body but good god man, all that exposing no necessary, leave something to the man them imagination. I saw a pic were she comment that she was once a lesbian, me mouth drop. How them live so man! Jeez. The part weh have me confused is di part weh she say she a designer!!!! Cut out holes in a spandex fabric a designing? Every dress have pure hole!! Them need prayers, das all I can say. Smh

          1. ok Met but I think she should take sender advice.. anyone a her friends them a peep weh mean her any good.. even if its a little once.. drop dat message in her email no. she need guidance

          2. Do you realize that every time anybody ask her if she working she says no!!!!!!

  7. Afternoon Met and Metters…

    Errice is a good looking girl, and I hope the message is clear to her. You don’t have to wear half-naked or be naked on social media to show your beauty. And it looks like she’s heard Met because she took down the videos she posted yesterday cussing out we claaat and most of her nude and semi-nude pics (and those pics with her wearing dresses that you could see through) are gone.

    Look here Met I support talent. Nuff a we nah none or can’t tap into our God-given talents, and a beautiful girl like that should use the talents god give her to uplift herself and mek har money without resorting to a peep show. It saddens me because all dat do is mek man tink dat you can BUY a woman and that all women are the same. Just throw money at dem and use dem and dash dem whe when yuh dun. Women should know their worth and dont sell demself to NO RASS MAN!! Use ur talents, ur intelligence and if you wanna use your beauty, fine. But use it without having to prostitute yourself or sleep with a man!! If Met and the rest of us metters never care we wouldnt be calling her out on her shit.

    And that’s real talk. She can make it far in life w/o degrading herself. And we all rooting for her, just come outta di selling yuhself lifestyle and use yuh talents.

  8. Sigh real meds cum in like she live fi insta ,posting videos entertaining ppl she nuh see say time a fly, she nuh look dumb, a mean d clothes dem nuh 100 but sum a dem can wear if thats her only talent n she nuh want wrk fi ppl ,she can invest in it and go sum store n sell dem r somn but prob she too hype fi dat she want appear perfect to here followers, listen tho errice u prob say everybody who comment pon dis badmind but pree it diff we actually want see you mek summn of yuhself, hair, makeup, clothes and d dryrotten shoes dem aint all dat, makes yu superficial, d pussy dem pon yuh page a write bout ppl badmind yuh dem nuh want you reach noweh ,your jus there for thier entertainment .fix it up mama______ #big up PARIS st88888888 mek sure u check out hair therapy in HWT clock tower dem gal yah neva stop try ….. #midunnnn

  9. It’s so true. Why they live like that! I saw her bestie Kenesha on the beach with a white man the other day and the whole time she looked uncomfortable! She just a look if anybody see her! Lol and you want to see where she live to! Smfh! It’s a f**kin shame! Errice is one of the top freaks in Kingston. From Neville and Melissa days! What I don’t understand is the they all f**k the same men and remain frenz! Si Neville drop Melissa like a hot bread! All because har shape left har! It nuh look good!

      1. Sas Chrise met! How dah one den miss you! Melissa and Neville a bare dash dem dash Wud pin dem one another Pom ig! Him all have up pics wid him and him new gyal pon beach dung yah! She is another sad story. One ting tho him shouldn’t put har out cause she have a child for him! Him a dutty man

  10. Yes she have a nice little girl dead stamp a Him and all now Neville Doan have up one pic wid di Pickney Pon him profile but him have up wole heap wid di other kids! Me nuh rate dat either. Dem gyal yah fi know seh freak nuh wole man cause she Mel him freak har badly den park har. F**k off di wola har fren dem! I don’t think Melissa reach 30 yet but di way how him do har she look like a proper 40 year old now.

  11. All you guys commenting on this girl I could tell you all are very ugly sad not to mention miserable! Met you need some f**k up your ass with a broomthen maybe you can find something more constructive to do. Leave the f**kin young pretty independent girls alone and go get yourself a f**kin life

    1. why me fi tek dem breed a tings deh ina my ole when big hole like urs deh deh fi tek it?Wha happen u move from broom to vacuum now?

  12. wait deh which kenesha u see….im not sure i believe that cuz she has a good job so i doubt that she is an escort too

  13. Sender hit the nail on the head I thou I wad the only one who found errice repulsive.. she used to be on ma facebook and bbm wen bbm a shot the lille lite head gyal juss sick mi stomach.. met a couldda 3am inna d morning she change statis di sbitch change status like every 5 mins I used to be like thos biycb don’t sleep. As early as cock crow she a change pic and status os made me sick. Mi did affi delete har I almost felt sorry for her cause all it look like she had goi g was d body so she exploited it and showed it constantly.. man all wen she cook everything was on fb n bbm. And yes she sell se x she told me out har own mouth bout the farrin whitey weh she did fi go mobay go f**k.. and yes she eat punnash.. but what me want know is of she get deport from england? Cause she never ever go back from she land a ja inna 2009.. ob and mama reese u haor always stay very velly bad

      1. Mi hear sehhhhhhh all di next one she a walk di strips dung a mobay a look fi client…so u mean to say dem cyah duh nutting more dan sell pums?

        1. Yes dats what she do lay on her back and use har tongue too. She look ooman hard. The last time mi did check she did a tek mi fren man weh keep brit jam but a so dat go cause body look good and thing… it look like ahe finally get visa weh day cause she start fly out. Mi memba one day mi buck har a town and she a come outta dis car wid one stay bad bigman wen she see me si frighten and waan sink inna the grung , very uncomfortable badddd
          God see and know say errice have a problem when she did dwh pon fb and the man dem say a bag a nastiness bout har punash how dem wah beat it up she get mad but in the same breath she tek pic wid d draws dem pull way way dung to the brim a har front. Mi say all day and night food pics, bathing suit pics, half naked pics, work out pics a show belly just the same thing every damn day.. errice is addicted to attention, but by now I would feel tha she wouldda out grow eem likkle loose somthing deh ..yes dem use to tek har pic put pon porn site fi tru and she use to gallang bad , but what she expect whenu a put pornographic llooking pics.. har body sell off but har face a say BAG MI

          1. Yuh know i dont mind if dem do dem tings but a di likkle younger people dem who a run in pan dem page and a frighten over what dem nuh know how dem get…

  14. Met check yuh inbox is not lie anonymous tlkin Neville do Melissa really bad. The way she did hype omg, but him a dutty many post pics of ur other kids n don’t post pic of ur young child, dem man deh woman nuh fi look pon fi breed bcuz as him breed her him lef her. Everywhere u go I alwys see dem together but that goodly show Melissa wasnt saving at all she can’t show nothing whe she get from him more than a child no assets nuttin. Her daughter is cute thou nice baby n fava the dutty puppa. But come bk here anonymous me never knw him put her out of the apartment say it ain’t so wht a wicked man

  15. Yes me love after she go talk him buy har apartment. I guess the wife found out too so him caan post pics with the little girl which is very sad. But the way how Melissa use tog waan me think she did well smart. No to bloodclaat. Gyal can fool so man. Yes is dip err ice get from England. I know them good so you best believe me.

    1. I’m going to need you to serve some more hot tea….what’s the deal with Ishawna and Kenesha? All of a sudden Kenesha start par with Errice hard and no Ishawna. Oh and Errice have a man in New York? She had some pics on insta with her in a RR…woie

  16. i dont know what happened cuz they been friends for so long…since high school they been bff but all three of them were friends tho ishawna kenesha and errece but errece and kenesha was tighter than errece and ishawna tho

  17. Sad Case of pure f**kery mi a read yah suh!! #Dead #Dead #Dead #Dead
    All we affi do a laugh dem people yah need help. Unuh lie n wicked yah nuh bloodclaat!! Unuh know people more dan dem know densely nuh rass

  18. All I’m saying to errice and friends. Be careful who you call your friends as they might be the same one telling it all. I’m talking from experience

    1. A bunch of haters! Of course is friends talking strangers don’t know ur business unless you tell them. Nutten naw gwan feh sender so she feel like throwing salt on someone else’s shine. It’s all being done out of jealousy, hate and badmine. At the end of the day they living their lives how they feel it fit. WOMEN NEED TO STOP HATING ON OTHER WOMEN MOST QOULD DO THE SAME SHIT IF THEY HAD THE GUTS TO. If they were living their lives they wouldn’t have time to play detective in others lives. Make your pussy ur best friend and your secrets will be safe. NOTHING LIKE A HATING ASS BITCH AROUND YOU , YOU CAN NEVER LIVE IN PEACE THEY LIVE ON UR NAME LIKE JANCROW.

      Not giving sender no thumbs up. SHES CLEARLY A F**KING HATER. Let the women live their lives damn bitch what you doing? Smh

  19. You clearly stated that you only know her from Instagram…WHY yu sr presistant in defending her character when people here, and KNOW her a tell yu fi gwan go settle dung.
    A friend yu a look from her so bad yu a stay pon de defense…eerice?

  20. She ain’t no saint n so aren’t u Glammity!!
    Oh please a Errice hole a badda unuh. Kmt y’all comments are funny. Deadass!

    N yes mi a defend har nah fi a f**k or suck har but mi a defend a friend! F**k what you heard!!
    N if unuh have a problem with the chick why not see her n confront her why do it on the blogs boo boo!! Cyber bullies!

    N yes people looking in n assuming suh she ain’t got shit to worry about! Gwaan thru rere finish up the big project n mek we do road again. 2014 nuh good again!!

    1. LOL WTF?? Are you okay? I’m mean…are you okay. First you don’t know her..and now she is your friend. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

      OKAAAAAAAAY #byeErrice.

      1. Dummy read again. When did I say I didn’t know her! No get lost bitch!

        Idiots! Dem ago tired fi see u face Errice cause dem can’t get u out a u race! Dem a chat like dem perfect n we who know u know say u a head strong hard working crazy kookie jokster mek dem gwaan watch n fret! Nah mek dem no stronger!

  21. I notice she&her friend Shawna wah work a bank not so tight again enuh she all delete pics of her frm IG wonder what happened

  22. I soooooo agree with this sender, i was sayin the same thing. Couple yrs ago i was having a drink wid a friend of mine who actually has an escort service and him strt show me some pics of his girls and she was one. Now apparently somebody loud her up wah day an u wah c he she a wild up herself an a gwann pan insta and mi jus a laugh mi ass off cuz she look like a f**kin idiot. She an Zum deh an she cya put up a pic of her an him but she a tlk bout her man love her an she love him.

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