Good day Met,

Please allow me to commend you on the wonderful job that you are doing, by creating this forum for the mass to express their opinions. Met, I am a faithful reader and blogger of your forum and I’ve seen where you and your fellow Metters have assist many through positive counseling. Now here I am seeking advice from anyone who will deliver.
Just a brief background, I was born and raised in the church…although sometimes on your forum my mouth knows no boundaries. I decided at a very young age to accomplished everything I need on my own…no man nuh give me what me have, me wuk fe everything mi own…mainly because I didn’t want to diminished my character by using men for what I want out of life. Although it was a great struggle I can confidently say, I DID IT FOR MYSELF! Obeah I know exist. But I’ve never fooled around with it because God says “Mediums can defiled you.” So I walked far and wide from such activities. But Met, there has been some things that has been occurring in my life…I’m trying my hardest not to believe people obeah me, but what’s happening in my life, currently, Jah know, nobody cyaa tell me say “hand” nuh deh pon me.
I met my husband when we were children. We didn’t get intimate til I was 32 years old, mainly, because I migrated at an early age and we didn’t reconnect til years later. The attraction was still there so we decided to see where it leads. We had a child together 7 years later. He, however, has a child (first) by another woman who swore blind she is gonna stop at nothing to break us apart. But because of my Christian background I stand firm in my relationship. Met from I found out that I was pregnant, my husband mek ah 360…seems like a stranger in my eyes. Throughout my pregnancy I had so many complications, only God knows what I’ve been through. My child was born premature…doctors had to performed an emergency c-section to save both me and my child from a placental abruption.

To cut a long story short, words got back to me that my husband baby mother put “hands” on me to kill us, my child and I. My so call mother-in-law hate me like poison…she is the “likky-likky”type so she prefers the first baby mother. But thank God we are here breathing…alive. From day one this baby mother has been a thorn in my side. I got fed up the other day and ended the relationship with my husband, because I don’t feel as if I should compete for man’s love. My husband now despises my child, who is the spitting image of him. Honestly, it beaks my heart but I had to let him go before I go insane. Not that this is a “big deal” but what advise can you or your Metters offer? Anything to ease my sorrow/pain because I do love this man.

P.S. There is a lot more to this story but this is all my heart can give me to share…

21 thoughts on “DEAR MET, DID THEY OBEAH ME?

  1. lady! ,,,,,,,, no pun intended but I think you’re mistaking this site for “tell me paster” and Ms MET for the reverend Aaron Dumas! if you’re a christian as you claim you are why not bring your problems to your church rather than pinkwall? that last time I check prayers,exorcism and holy purification is way more worthwhile than gossip, unless Ms. MET is a converter-woman or mother-women and we don’t know but bringing your situation on here is only for MET and her PINKWALLERS to analyze and gossip, the solvent or solution to your problem is Aaron Dumas radio program or your church/paster! ,,,,,,,, given that he is legit and not trying to make a money on the side :ngakak :tkp

    1. Stop being so harsh ! Sometimes this is how people vent and this is not even remotely funny you dumb ass kmt mi just hate dutty ppl

      Girl just pray don’t think negatively ! I for one feel this has happened to me as well but just pray !!!! Don’t welcome any of that negative energy into your life ! That stupid stupid man will get his Karma how u fi hate yuh own flesh n blood obeah r not he is a wuklis piece a shit .. Mi hate man Weh fool to gal to the point Weh the gal can tie dem n dem don’t even realize ! Idiot bwoy dat

      Hugsssss just pray!

  2. Sender it is quite “unnatural” for a parent to hate their child so somewhere in this man’s faculty something is wrong. This is a test of your faith, your strength and everything else within you…don’t let it break you. Funny enough I feel more sympathy than bitterness or hate for your husband so continue to pray for him. Tings tek a likkle time fellow blogger.

  3. You did the right thing by walking away from all the drama. Though it might not be the end of your marriage (hoping it isn’t and everything will return to being good again), at least you were courageous enough to step away and show by your actions, you are not in for the drama. Stand firm in your belief and on the Word of God. The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night. You were given power to trample serpents, I pray for your strength as you go through this rough patch in your life. I pray for your beautiful child; that her father will change his feelings towards the innocent child and step up and show this child love and affection. Pray. Fast. Make your requests known unto the Lord, He shall sustain you. Obeah is real, but so is your God. He will never leave you nor forsake you in the wilderness. What the devil meant for bad, God is going to shift things around in your favor. My only suggestion would be prayer, faith and for you to remain as humble as possible about this matter. You shall come out of this victorious.

  4. From him a deal with yuh good tan along right desso. If him a deal wid yuh bad and a compromise yuh sanity then yea lef dat. Obeah is real; I use to deal with this Obeah man and him try him Obeah pon mi a few times but him sey mi spirit strong. If the mom hate yuh like poison maybe a she a yuh Obeah problem. Who knows. Fast & pray, plead the blood of Jesus & command those spirits go go in Yeshua’s name!

  5. Writer you wrong…you sound brighter dan mi and IF you don’t si weh you wrong well ah doe know Rasta… Let me tell you weh Yu gu wrung, Yu tek di gal man ,breed and married to him.. It’s call karma honey … Not a obeah..!

    1. But how u know this is the situation what is wrong with ppl?
      What if he never even mentioned the baby mother
      What if him hate d baby mother like poison stop fckn assume is that what you did or what someone did to you and u obeah dem? Some a unu need fi Gweh

    2. I agree with you, the sender sound very bright, SENDER? My question to you is, Did you get involve with this man when he was still with His Baby mother? because honestly? If you did? This is KARMA and not Obeah Dear. Some of us really think because we dah a FARRIN, We can go back to Jamaica or where ever we come from and go take people Man, marry them and bring them to Farrin. When Karma take you enuh? Hahahahaaaa. Go pray that God will deliver you from all the hurt and pain. Move on with your life, If this man don’t want to have anything to do with your child, don’t force him to. Prayers work.

  6. @Anonymous 8:56 ,,,,,,,, I wasn’t being harsh, not at all, I was only trying to point her in the RIGHT direction, as you can see IF YOU CAN READ, some bloggers read her story, analyze it, PIN-POINT HER FAULTS, AND DRAW HER OUT. :2thumbup

  7. Mi love dem ting yaw eno Mi tink a did some off di wall type a shit di Senda did a talk bout.. Mi tink Mi did ago hear bout some real shit dis a regular tings…

  8. Unuh love chat bout karma dis & karma dat eeh #1 di woman neva teck weh him from his wife since Unuh chat bout karma, God never put that union together , So there & then he was free to be anyone else’s husband. Unuh love f**g chat bout karma too damn much.

  9. Hi senda,small correction re saying ur husband changed 360.
    The expression is 180…cuz360 means a full circle so u end up where u started from so he wouldn’t have changed.

    Obeah is real as there are many scriptures speaking to that fact.try to do a self assessment as to ur role in all of this n if u are truly faultless…dont beat urself up.take it to JAH in prayer,doan let the enemy within win!

  10. Lady just keep focus on ur child n don’t watch that man actions…if him don’t want to show the child love he’s the one that gonna miss to the obeah thing I don’t think so mi granny always seh if yu nu a fowl roost fowl caa shit pan yu..meaning a tan bad people dem from morning dem wudda gi anybody hell not just u

  11. Sender, I’m sorry to hear of your troubles & while I won’t say your husband’s babymother is not indulging in inequity, I’m not a big believer in its power. However, I know it’s a mind over matter thing for some people, so some people believe it works for them & indulge in it, some people feels it works against them & feel it’s messing with their life.

    I will say this, I don’t want any obeah worker around me, because 1 thing is sure with these people, they are always putting substance in clothing or food & while it may have no spiritual power, these things are still chemicals that can adversely affect you.

    All that said, I do believe in prayer and no, I’m no Christian & sometimes I even question things, but I would advise you to take your troubles to God.

    Pray for the health of your child, I could tell how I had to go into prayer for mine some years ago (went to God with all attituded, but my comment already long) & how while nothing seemed to change when I got up the next day, my mind was so clear & I knew exactly what to do & to date, he’s well, so I’m well.

    Pray for yourself that He grants you the strength you need to persevere through your adversities and be able to be strong for yourself & your child.

    Pray for your husband (only good prayers). That he does well in life. Pray good prayers for his mother too & his other child & even his child’s mother. I know it will be hard, so start with yourself & your child first.

    It will be very hard for a while, but that’s all it will be, for a while. Focus on your child & enriching your life. You will have lapses or what should’ve been, but shake them off & keep moving forward. Seek help from your family & close friends who won’t cut against you & will offer support in regards to your son.

    Pray for wisdom & the ability to decipher everything that will come your way, especially in your dealing with your husband.

    But whatever you do, DO NOT indulge in anything you think is being used against you. Save your money to help yourself & your child. God bless.

  12. Well what you are going through is a regular thing with some of these men that has baby mothers.
    Sometimes these baby mothers don’t want to let go so they brain wash the man dem especially if they aren’t strong enough and cause problems in their relationships.
    My advice is leave that man alone, go and make life for you and your child and I can tell you soon or later he will come around and when he do don’t entertain him interms of getting back with him.

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