Met, Mr. Vegas was right about the foreign media bringing Bolt down. It wasn’t front page news when he won 3 gold medals in 3 consecutive Olympics. But look what is on the front page of the New York Post. Bolt needs to be more careful. This NOT a good look.

no sah


  1. kasi a real crosses inu, look pan all of this bad press this man is getting because of her. gf where? if warren weir can bring lexi pan tour…why we cya see usain carry u go carib muchless Rio. you’re a fan, a glorified groupie who never get an invite to see history be made and u did everything u possibly could to bring down the man legacy. now u de pan newspaper a farin win gf label slapped across u pic…congrats bitch! U MADE IT

    1. Yes man she a real crassis if him never link to a soul not a media would care bout him after dark activities, but no this gal wid had nuff self send in story bout she a girlfriend, nah bitch you is just one of the long standing f**ka gal dem a a dat you should a send in.

  2. This is some bullshyt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Straight bullshyt. Look what this likke eediate girl started though. To every action there is a BBC reaction. Why she start? The very first news was from Huffington Post Canada with that aspiring Journalist Kayla Greaves from her Instagram. She sent it in man. She goes to York University. Kasi mussi think it was cute, then daily mail catch it and run with. The rest is history. jESAS Chris!!!!

    As bad as things are with Usain and the girls, this shyt is overshadowing his performance wtf. Vex now.

  3. Shame shame shame on you Kasi Bennett go and hide your face.How the hell you’re Bolt woman and Bolt acting like a single man?now we all seeing it clearly the only reason you’re sticking on is because of Bolt money. Gold digger Kasi!!!!If you were with a regular man and he did all these things you would have dump him longtime.

  4. Let me get this right.Usain is all over the place with women,and it was inevitable the press would have gotten wind of it.However for many people his behaviour is ok, as he is young etc.The issue i have is why people seem to be blaming the young lady.He was the person who acknowledged her existence first,i think.He just seems to be someone who is reckless with his body and with whom he shares it with.Even with his money maybe the young lady truly loves him and this could be painful for her.Had it been her sleeping around.I am sure the comments would not be.”She is just having fun”.

    1. He never call har name. Him say him dating SOMEBODY. she too f**g nuff Maybe a Sam or Mitsy or Lubica or Jane or Nandi. Who the f**k knows.

    2. He is a 30yr old man enjoying His life, Please take your Bulls*it somewhere else, Bolt and Kasi is or was never engaged or married, She should have thought about the consequence before she start send the media about HER being HIS girlfriend when the man never did own her as such.

  5. Usain better be careful he dont lose his endorsements

    taking Kasi out the picture, he needs to stop being so careless *********g these girls out there

    especially the white ones

    dont wanna hear anyone cry rape or assault

    huis best bet is to stick with Kasi and his local threesomes

  6. Aye sah. Bolt betta mine whey him ah do. Him mighta seh more gal. His sponsa might seh less association wid him claat. Dem ave ah brand fi protect.

    An dem nuh care how big of a celeb yuh be. Dem might even personally share his more gal ways BUT business wise ah di money dem deal wid an dem nuh like people ramp wid dem money. Dem nuh like dem kine ah controversy. Memba Tiger Woods. Single are not, him fi tink wisely. All look pan Ryan Lochte(sp)…4 sponsors drop him rass. Bet him neva see dat coming.

    Mi nah seh di man nuh fi hab fun an ray ray but lawd man, him fi gwan betta…think beyond di bag ah instant cratches nuh.

  7. That’s not negative news and Usain is probably the biggest sportsman in the world for years now. Here in UK and Europe he’s been selling out 60,000 seat stadiums for a long time now.Pity usa just catching on.
    Bolt has got a playboy image and that’s it .
    He is single ,it’s people who are saying he’s not,not him.

  8. Why are we blaming Kasi for Bolt’s sleezy behavior? Why are we blaming Kasi for the media putting his sleezy behavior on front page? We are such nasty slackers who like to uphold slack behaviors and enable men do their bullshit.

  9. I definitely don’t agree with Bolt’s messiness but Kasi started this she knows the deal and yet still she go leak information to the press bout she a girlfriend.

    This gon’ f**k wid him money if him don’t stop.

    It look like him lef har an she sey she not going away quietly, she waan something fi the 3sum and time weh she spen, she a look a reality show gig.

    This bitch gon ride this til the wheels fall off.

    1. This page is a mind people business page, if u dont want to see it you may have to come off the www totally because every site a mind people business these days. Go read a book

  10. Mi caa understand some a them badmind gal ya weh only live fi social media. Di man nuh afi show up wid him woman every weh fi show say a him woman. He did made it public say she a him woman weh him never duh wid nuh other gal. Suh all if she wah be a thot likkle more she a still him girl and a she him love. Uno Jamaican gal love bring dung uno one another that’s why di man dem always lef an guh pick next race. Yuh will never hear white ppl a put down them one another. It’s always is black ppl. Then uno say the man them prejudice when a uno dutty ways Mek di man them stray. A net say if bolt did guh deh wid Rihanna or one a dem super star gal deh a foreign uno woulda start praise him an bout relationship goals. And nuh matter how much a bolt family them kasi might f**k as uno claim she still caa bad like a foreign gal. Uno come off a the gal case now man. What if tomorrow uno hear say the girl kill har self? How uno woulda feel. Jamaican women need fi wise up now man. Some a we love too much careless argument. Mi wah know how some a we think we ago better when we try fi bring down others. That’s why some a uno suh salt an caa pass nuh level because uno a pree smaddy else game. Wah fi kasi caa be fi uno. Wait uno Rass turn and stop play dirty.

  11. @Anonymous , How the hell did she leak news to the press about her and bolt? Bolt was the one who went on his Profile Interview and boldly stated that he’s in a relationship with Kasi! Females always want to blame other females for a man infidelity.

      1. Scantily clad in a carnival costume. Come on now – weh him a sell. She doesn’t even go to any of his gal events in Jamaica so wha?

  12. why are people blaming Kasi?Is kasi better than all those other girls Bolt f**g around with?She enable the man to do bullshit not us,why are you people trying to pretend like a just now Bolt a f**k on Kasi?as the sister said along time Kasi know about the man behaviour so dont come on here asking why people blmaing Kasi.

  13. Bolt deals are quite ok.Puma is trying to sell shoes to people who listen Rhianna and Drake;bolt fit the bill.
    If they drop him another brand would grab him so quick for much more money.

  14. Met fail to answer the question on how do you know she leaked information?
    Without the Kasi saga and the negative headlines , no one would even visit this forsaken website. You should thank Kasi. I don’t feel like reading a book today Met. I’m on my day off, relaxing. You should read a bible.

    1. You read it for me and you and your family. I dont need Kasi for views but she need fi put har p— value up deh not jus wid money but with morals. Kasi was the one who started all this by saying she was on her way to Rio which made the small blogs take the old photo of she n usain and put it out there ..That is how it all started. Dont come here and push up my views I really dont need it because my server is stressed, in the meanwhile tell Kasi to go promote her assistant to Publicist then she may get an offer for the article she is looking for.

      1. But I hope she knows there is no come back from this, the international press will have no respect for her if she takes him back so if she knew what was good for her she would have deactivated her page when she made huffington post.

      2. A di assistant dat a text eno met from she get di position without no pay it get to har head… Bloodclaat Ediot numba2 a wah dis….

        1. Whey she did deh when she did fi go tell dem nuh put up the fake picture implying that she was in Rio? Dem so hungry fi fame dem nah hold no meds.

          1. Dwrcl yesss met. Dutty Samantha from age get assistant position she a feel harself!!! Dem Gyal yah hungry bad!!!

  15. Tell unnu bout dis ediot Gal she sell out di man Yuh Dutty bumbo yuh. Gal if mi did deh round Yuh Mi lick u wid a plyboard a sense… Gal when Yuh pray to Satan Yuh neva know Yuh affi give all di details f***a yuh!… A bet it nuh turn like Yuh did want go nyam shit gal cause if Yuh mek dem f** usain bloodclaat gal Yuh Betta run from yawd… Damn skermige…

  16. Am I missing something here????? Wasnt it usain who put up a picture of him and kasi saying “president and first lady” and whether she leaked the story or not this would still make headlines because he still have up the pic with him and kasi at carnival….

    1. When he posts her with proper clothes on, say a Gala or nice Event, come back here come beat yuh finga then. He introduces her to the world on instagram and they both half necked. a JOKE DIS

  17. Big Oman ting mi nuh si how him Fi lose endorsement when him a do the same thing as Weh him do with kissing etc with all Oman … Mi cah tell a who a Di wife When all a dem a get the same ting …obviously him nuh married and him a run up and dung … Usually u mada nah go tell yu Fi settle if u already are

  18. me a blame kasi cuz is not now bolt a do this bolt always have woman inna club worst up a vip but no one really cared cuz he was a SINGLE man but since the media got a hold of him having a gf thats where everything went upside they want to call him a cheater and blah blah blah if she didnt went to the media with this gf news u think his pic would be on the front page talking about bolt cheat on girlfriend come on now

    1. Exactly is that her cheer leaders them don’t realize how much months did he put up that picture from carnival did any overseas media run with it NO. But because of her they talking bout this man a cheater no he’s no he’s a free agent so him free to do whatever

      1. Fair is fair, yes unno mek it clear that unno hate the girl but the person made a statement saying that he NEVER acknowledge her and there’s multiple pics and videos with them together, be more specific next time….

        1. honey of course him acknowledge her and him mek the world know seh him seeing/dating her but dont mean him respect her big big difference and can deh wid yu but no rate yu

  19. Bolt started something that probably will go on for a few weeks… Once this dies down and I hope it does and the media doesn’t try to dig up anything else on Bolt because they are good for that, he needs to really be careful and stop being so careless because his career and his repetition depends on it… He should not paint Jamaica in that type of light because he is the face of Jamaica right now for the Olympics so he needs to tread lightly when it comes on to scandals because there’s woman that are out there to destroy over a couple of change… His management team should of warned him and prepare him for anything… He is to grown to act careless he acts like a big child, and enough is enough just because you are now called the fastest man doesn’t mean you must be careless when making judgments and decisions… I strongly just shake my head, I hope the media doesn’t take this and run it down and his sponsors doesn’t feel that it is just too much… It has nothing to do with him cheating, the sponsors will back out because of his slackness and carelessness that will make a sponsors back out from him. That’s what you guys should be talking about…

  20. @ifeelbadforKasi why the hell yuh cum yah a attack MET ole slime get the f**k off yah yuh a gwan like Bolt married to kasi

  21. Bolt, Please issue a statement stating you’re single and ready to mingle and enjoying your life. Bolt don’t allow your ex-woman to sully your legacy. She’s trying to capitalize off of your accomplishments. Put a stop to the BS now. Attention whoring gold digging kasi bennett you’re going to end up being Public Enemy #1 when the dust from this scandal settles. Kasi you and your Kardashian marketing schemes have no shame.

  22. Kasi can’t walk in Sam shoes and I’m team Mitsy. But Dam better than she fi sure. She just easy and guh tru. No hype to har ting.

  23. @NOTS tell me where did you see or hear Usain Bolt acknowledge Johncrow Kasi existence??? Bitch got what she deserves. The man did an interview and stated that he was dating a girl from Old Harbour…is Kasi the only woman from Old Harbour???? FYI Kasi is Bolts’ brother leftover…she is a gold digging effa who encourages Bolt’s promiscuity by regularly being the insignificant third party in the countless ménage a trois

      1. I can see you is one a them that if a man like your picture on insta send yuh 2 dm that makes for you & him in a relationship/committed relationship that is. What some of you cheerleaders need to understand is this yes they in a relationship yes but a only Kasi alone under the impression it is going to lead somewhere other than a insta post, few skann pictures & a few snaps. The made it clear as day yes him have steady gal wey him a dig out yes, but guess wah? Him a dig out other gals too mean while searching for him wife material.

  24. No problem, Bolt is NOT married therefore this issue is NULL and void… There is no scandal in a Unmarried man enjoying himself with plenty women… He is not engaged either… Still Bolt must be on his guard, and be careful of some of the women he mess with cause some of these women can become a nightmare once you go deh…

  25. Usain will not settle with a black woman noooooo day, with all the money they are spending on him, it has to go back to the white race,so all who pushing up Sammy, mitzie, kasi, start looking out for the Becky because when the media finish with him is only a becKY can clean him up. I hope I’m wrong but I can see it from a mile away.USAIN IS A FOLLOWER AND THAT IS A BAD THING FOR SOMEONE THAT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST LEGENDS EVER LIVED.

    1. Don’t worry bout USAIN him well grounded in Retreat Content. With him mother and father and trust me I been saying it since day one. No fly by day gold digger nah married ms Jennifer one son. So they better hold the f**k and stay in them place .

  26. All you fools, when he posts her with proper clothes on, say at a Gala or nice Event, come back here come beat yuh finga then. He introduces her to the world on Instagram and they both half necked. a JOKE DIS. Picture post from April and no media no run with it then all of a sudden come Olympics there they go. Kasi gal yuh good! Get money bish ahahahah

    p.s MET too many ppl over here now bothering the server. Cant get to post no descent nothing. Browser, cell phone and everything lagging and stick and stucking.

  27. Kasi need fi assess har situation, did bolt leave you without looking back, cutting off your access to the lifestyle and money you so sold your soul, ole and morals for? If so mi can see why you aiming for a paid interview or a book deal fi write a tell all bout you and Bolt, cuz money. but if yuh know unu nuh lef and him a go come back and u tek him back then kibba yuh mouth. cuz the $ him will gi you will be more than the tabloids likkle tups. When unu a date hype and rich man, aim fi more dan boot and bag, aim for assests. A house inna yuh name, a business, a degree suh u can get a good job and sustain yuh self. Dat way wen the man gone, yuh still a live and next time can choose a man who a guh respect you, instead of a man who ill treat yuh but keep yuh brand out. Mek sure wen di man gone u can still ball on and on cuz u did set up u self. Kasi becareful cuz di man may not come back cuz a u famewhoring u gud tun him off fi gud.

  28. Met, I have a little confession. You know, with all this I’ve only had 1 question every time I hear about him with some other girl – similar to the question I used to have about Kartel. What is he like in bed? If someone could just come on & give us the 411 like someone did during my Kartel curiosity, then that’d be great.

  29. Mi Muma Bloodclaat,free up de server mi neva know mi wuda get fi type even this,no man a mek unno bad suh….Shaderoom,mediatakeout,daily,bossip all the outsiders lazy workers what a way unno boodclaat flood the server Hi Hello dont just peep and thief yuh can seh Hi to

    Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    1. lmao, I said the same damn thing today. I cant even use my cellphone come on the site again. A work meh di all when mi a type now the letters them no stop freeze up. kmt. DI ppl dem from over Lipstick Alley are here too. Though they struggling to read the patois. dem deh ya!!!

      1. Some of dem need to go mek people who waa come talk di tings come on..People send in what they want to read so if dem waa see different things dem fi send dem come.

      2. mi haffi stop type and now a read, all refresh extremely slow and my typing is way off mi type all ten things and mi ahead of it,all this comment yuh knw from when mi a type it and the while pon laptop just a spin out rass kmft

  30. Stop being sheeple.Of course it’s front page news and at the top of every news bulletin in the world…He’s of African decent and he’s the fastest man in the world. They must find some way to tarnish his character…Soloman had 400+ wives yet he was still beloved by God. Wake up ppl and stop letting the world dictate how you feel about self and kind.

  31. But met isn’t that the lawyer Sam in the background of one those London pics ? And I see on her Instagram that she’s in London .

      1. This rough dwl based on the pictures in the daily mail is Sam plus her 3 friend and the 2 stripper leave the club in one vehicle . Wonder how da party deh go .

  32. Mi jus cya wait fi him come back a JA, we will know whats the deal then cuz him a come party straight and somebody gotta be by his side, seems like more embarassment to come. U man seh bill then bill! A fi him career not hers. Mi nuh deh pan her side no more cuz gal who gwan like dem have sense nuffi fool fool suh. Mi a read her question and answer and she straight up seh she nuh tek bun and disrespect, suh whats the diff here ?

  33. Why this big excitement about usain bolt and how much woman him want to f…k and a f…k and a wine up pon ?? Usain nuh married tuh nuh body. Him nuh have nuh Pinckney. Him is free to kiss , f…k , date , hang out with as many woman as him please. Uno Jamaican a come a act like uno brand new and a the first uno a si one man with more than 1 woman. Well a ghetto mi come from aND mi use to si man with 3 and 4 baby mother from the same community. And the country people them f…k and breed even them own cousin all the time. Usain not doing nothing strange. Most of uno Jamaican woman Wey a come yah a talk up unno mouth a f..k more than 1 man . Jamaican woman give the most[ jacket ] Pinckney in this wide world that mean sey uno f…k more than 1man without protection.most Jamaican gal start breed from them a 16 years old and nuff a unno man nuh own unno Pinckney because them live with them family. Unno run come tell me when since Jamaican man start have 1 woman??? When since Jamaican gal start teck 1 man.?? Uno nuh hear that song yah there is some bout the side gal and him f..k you but him love me Wey a number 1 song Inna jamaica dance.??? When since Jamaican man start get married Inna them 20s and early 30s?? Uno leave usain bolt the woman 1 Pinckney. Who usain a f…k don’t have nothing to do with is sponsors and running. Him retire now Suh him want to f…k out him good body so wat. Jamaican is the worst set of black people always find ways of bringing down each other .every day uno dey pon usain bolt name. Usain have to die and all of us of to die Suh if a aids kill him a nuh nothing . Some people dead and them body cannot find. Don’t magic Johnson f..k gal while him married and catch aids and him wife still stay with him and the American them never a beat him up like how unno Jamaican a beat up bolt bout who him a f…k and bolt nuh married. Don’t magic get even richer from him aids awareness speeches them when him travel and give. Leave usain alone man and let him live. Don’t bill Clinton f..k off him worker and him was president and Hillary still stay with him and bill was a married man with a child and the American them defend him sey wat bill does with him personal life has nothing to do with him running america. Suh why uno a pressure usain bolt Suh. Him nuh married he doesn’t have any children and he been careful all him life are else him would have a few children because even broke Nigas,in Jamaica usain bolt age have 3 or more children with different woman and usain can afford it but him use him condom and that’s clear.give the champion boy a break Jamaican he deserves to live him life free and happy him not doing anything strange hypocrite Jamaicans uno Wey believe Inna 2 and more man and woman sexual partner a come a bash bolt. Bolt live how yuh want to live. F..k the press .f…k the haters .jealous them jealous of yuh .a God gift talent yuh have bolt them cannot teck that from you and yuh rich already Suh tell them f…k off. And the jealous ass bitches Wey want usain bolt from kasi it not going to work the man already sey him love her so uno ago dead . Bolt I want u to married to kasi and get some pretty children from her if she is your choice. KasI a jealous the bitches them jealous of you most of them Wey a Meck comment have 3 or more Pinckney each with different father’s but them come yah a act like them brand new .Jamaican man call them self dog. Bennie Seh old dog like we ,wi have the gal them Inna 2 and 3. Suh Wats usain doing new Jamaicans.??? Usain bolt you just acting Jamaican. Same way usain a act a wine up pon gal and a kiss up all bout a same way Suh Jamaican man and women act nothing new. Don’t Floyd Mayweather bring home all 10 stripper regular after him done party and have them a wine up pon him and a twerk fi him into him own house while him fiancee Inna the master bedroom a sleep mi nuh hear the Americans them a create nuh seen bout it like how uno a pressure usain bolt. Usain bolt it’s your life so live how yuh want to live. You made our country proud and I’m a proud none hypocrite Jamaican. Your mother is also proud of her 1 child . Puma is proud of you .yuh rich .yuh have up yuh legally earned money .God is good tuh you usain bolt. Enjoy your life Mr bolt them cannot stop yuh.yuh resign in style usain bolt you made history a that uno Jamaican need to be posting instead of these bul shit .love you usain bolt. A me sey team usain tuh the world. Karnium sey buy Wey yuh want buy usain , fly Wey yuh want fly ,fu..k any gal yuh want tuh f..k if that’s the life style Wey yuh want usain. Settle down when you ready bolt and married when yuh please. And if yuh nuh want tuh married and settle it’s your life and your choice because our former prime minister the honourable pj patternson, never married and him a 80 yrs old now .so there is no shame tuh yuh game usain .play on player usain bolt .uno come off a Mr usain bolt and Kasi back. If she bisexuality she is OK with what usain is doing so why uno a stress and the press just a try sell some papers.wat if when kasi sI usain bolt with another woman it turns her on. How uno nuh know Sey Kasi wasn’t on a video call while bolt Inna bed with this woman a watch bolt a f…k and a play with herself and a get a cum. Met and Metter life has changed unno nuh realized. Suh wey uno may consider bad another person may consider it to be OK. So please I’m begging all you hypocrite Jamaicans to leave usain bolt alone and give him a break to enjoy is life.

    1. What an essay. Sorry I didnt read all of it. Is when you kill off Usain brother? bout the mumma 1 child?

    2. BUMBOOCLLLAAW. A u a pop down the server mek d website a a bruk down. tek you Epistle and go weep a Jesus feet caw we dont gatz d time.

    3. NOOOOOOOO MAN!!!!!! @realchat what a whole heap a mix up n confusion u dash put up a top deh! No sa from I was born… ur speech affi go dung inna pink wall history @Met mek sure u Roger dat!

  34. Uno hypocrite Jamaican leave kasi and bolt alone .bolt did put up kasi on hI’m page and sey a she him choose. Nuff man pick up stripper and married to them Suh if kasi pick up while boy usain bolt and want tuh tame him a nuh nothing. How unno mean by kasi cannot come back from this disgrace a wa usain duh Suh bad.??hypocrite Jamaicans how much of uno man / husband breed other woman and uno teck them back and even of tuh take care of the children them ?????? Hypocrite Jamaicans how much a uno f…k next man and breed pon unno baby father and him teck unno back ??? Suh why uno want kasi fi left bolt.??kasi hold on tuh yuh man the line Wey a wait fi teck bolt wey is very long .nuh listen tuh them wicked liar ,hypocrite Jamaican yah. Nuff a them don’t even know them right father because them mother did bad a dan usain. Hypocrite Jamaicans uno never si people divorce and re- married so why kasi can’t get over this it’s not that serious. Mi know bolt and Kasi a laugh at u all like bitches please. Nuff a uno hypocrite Jamaicans Wey a comment uno man beat unno , don’t respect uno , walk pass uno with them next gal regular ,uno nuh stop war the gal up the road fi uno man stab up and chop up and bun man sleep out and come home when him please and unno cannot say nothing but bawl uno eyes out. Nuff Jamaican gal nuh have nuh morals them breed fi man wry have 4 and more baby mother nah mind them Pinckney them and uno still f..k him because them may have a big hood. Nuff Jamaican woman worst than man .nuff a them a secret f…Ker. leave kasi alone she maybe fine with wat usain doing you all don’t need tuh be bashing her .let kasi live how she want tuh live and choose who she want tuh f..k her and accept what she wants tuh accepts from bolt. Tuh each is own. Everyone free tuh live how they please so if kasi want tuh accept wat bolt is doing leave her alone a nuh she alone into that boat and she will never be alone into the boat so this boat will always be sailing. We all play the fool at some point. Suh Kasi my dear I would be a fool for usain Suh like how you a lead me you be that fool because he is a good catch and you must know if usain love you or want you. Hold strong kasi and stand firm girl .usain mi boss love you loads. Just be happy mi boy usain bolt.

    1. Yo dawg or w/e the fck u are. Try to keep it a few words. Nuh baddy nah go really read your wall of text.

      Full of contradictions. Yuh sek f**k down the place, then yuh seh big up Kasi and she fi remain a fool. Then basically we should all be fools even when being disrespected. Confusing eh?

      Yuh have too much fi vent. Like yuh bitter fi all Jamaica. Go chuck offa di shit tank a Waterford fcking scumbag.

  35. So met how you neva tell we seh Rosie and a girl Kamieka weh have a child for elephant man manager get a taste a bolt to! Somebody just a tell me seh dem use to frequent him house an a pure skin out inna pool an so ! No sah Met you is holding backkkkk!

  36. A couple of things. First, the commentary regarding American’s and American media being concerned with Usain’s bedroom business and working overtime to bring him down is comical. He has performed consistently well at the Olympics and Kasi did not just enter the picture and from the looks of it, neither did any of the so called “groupies”. How come it is only now that she has made it past this site and Lipstick Alley. He posted the “President and First Lady” pic in what March or April. He was then and still is an incredible athlete and the FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD with all of these great accolades in which he earned. NONE of the American media outlets cared neither did they bother to run any stories on the matter, but that particular picture WAS posted on here as well as a bunch of commentary regarding his and Kasi’s bedroom activities. I think it is a little too much of a reach to say that American’s are in his and Kasi’s business when just a few weeks ago, Americans didn’t even know Kasi existed much less anything else regarding his personal life. Before now, if you tried to Google Kasi, you would have found NOTHING but the articles from this site and Lipstick Alley where she was mentioned. Not even a wikipedia page. Even in the midst of the drama, she is only somebody to Jamaicans and that includes those living in JA and those in the Diaspora. American media outlets just want a story just like Canadian media outlets and all of the other media outlets that have posted articles regarding the two. They don’t care unless they can profit from it and thats a FACT. In the heat of him again making history, they will continue to run the stories until the information becomes repetitive and people stop caring which will be no later than next week. It is only Jamaicans that know the extent of his and Kasi’s relationship and those involved. Anything posted on LipStick Alley is just watered down information that has been copied from here and said on here YEARS ago. Nothing new, but I digress.

    Secondly, maybe Kasi sold the stories, maybe she did not. Either or, who cares. It is not particularly her fault that he does what he wants to do, however, I doubt that she is as invested in this fiasco as many others are. She knows the deal and has known it for quite some time. I see many saying they feel sorry for her and cussing those who are on the opposing side. Don’t feel sorry for Kasi, feel sorry for yourself for being so invested in Kasi and her RICH man’s business and for you doing the same thing she is doing and has done for her man for a man who doesn’t have a pot to piss in. Kasi is good. Trust me. She hasn’t said much and I don’t blame her. Why? She knows the REAL tea regarding her and Bolt’s relationship and I’m willing to bet that the media frenzy will not stop whatever it is that they have going on. He made himself clear at the start of their relationship and he has not recanted any of his statements. She is the MAIN but she is not the only one and she is fine with that. She isn’t dumb. She’s a smart girl. All I have to say is get money bitch. The same ones talking about what they would do if they were in her shoes or what they would and wouldn’t tolerate, are the same that would give ANYTHING to have Kasi’s man problems. How do I know? This type of thing is EVERYDAY life for some of you and your man is BROKE and/or a regular Joe. Many who praise and idolize her are the same ones laughing at her and talking trash now, but such is life.

    Lastly, Usain Bolt and his endorsements will be fine. How many SINGLE athletes have been photographed in compromising positions with multiple women and plastered in the media???? MANY. They are still successful and Usain will be as well. He is not disgracing Jamaica. He has done well and will continue to do so. Do not try to make his personal life about Jamaica and Jamaican’s as a whole. He is a representation of his country yes, but he got himself to the Olympics with HIS talents. It is not about any of us and Jamaicans shouldn’t be upset and ashamed for him or because of him. Let him live. He’ll be alright. All I can say is he better know what he’s doing. He isn’t doing anything different from what a lot of young successful men do and there’s nothing wrong with having fun, but he just needs to be mindful thats all. A LOT of young successful men particular Black men have gone down because of accusations. People are very calculated when they see a SUCCESSFUL BLACK MAN at the height of his career and will attempt to pull you down.

    1. What’s your Lipstick Alley name baybe? Yuh mek Mathew, Mark, Luke and John look like dem nah try to ratid.

  37. All a uno a cry how mi essay long but uno teck the week a post up usain bolt day and night and a walk and a watch him and a Meck comments fi days. A want to blind uno , deaf uno and dum unno with mi essay. A nuh the essay a the problem a the truth uno hypocrite Jamaican nuh like tuh hear the truth and everything Wey mi write is a fact about uno nasty badmind Jamaican Wey always try so hard to put each other down. Let the young man live him life how him like. Usain earn him money legally so he free to go out and spend it how him like and enjoy him life. Uno nuh talk about how great him him for so many days like how uno chat how him love pu..y .yellow man sey give mi punani,mi want punani. And Bennie sey man fi have nuff gal and gal Inna bungle and all Jamaican man endorsed these types of song because uno nuh keep 1 woman .Suh uno get lost with uno hypocrite Jamaican self. Uno a old pirates.Jamaicans are the worst set of black people .uno a hold down and carry down people. Mi a Jamaican but mi cannot stand most of unno at all. Uno too dam evil and nuh like si people prosper. Usain big up yuh self

    1. @Real Chat Bipolar much?

      The crowd on di pinkwall kinda split on the subject of Sir Bolt, so just bun a spliff and chillz.

      Some say Bolt fi continue dunn out di gal dem – (me say same)
      Some say Bolt fi settle with Mitzi, some say Sam
      Some say Bolt fi hold on to Kasi
      Some say Bolt nasty fi have nuff gyal.
      None of the bloggers badmind Bolt fi him medals or money.

      Everyone entitled to an opinion, not everybody gonna see it your way. But i still say you should take that wall of text and go choke on it.

  38. nuh wonder mi caan phuck’n comment bcuz all dem bloodclaat river Nile comments here a get through nd tek up space while mines barelyyyyyyy…like unno phuck’n c-rus?!?!?! kmft

  39. Its obvious that bolt is purposely doing this to spite his so called self proclaimed gf. Dont know y but i feel like that’s what he is doing.

  40. Bolt don’t want nobody name kasi just watch di joke !
    Also remember that girl Sade who was giving him the threesomes? Remember her oh there’s a pic of her on his page too .. Like gtfoh we really talkin bot a carnival pic look how much time kasi n bolt go a party n how much pic tek INNA decent clothing ! Plzzzzzz not one go up on IG .. And she was forcing him to kiss her in the carnival video I bet bolt only brought her to pick up new girls

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