Good day Met! I need your help in finding a natural cure for protein in urine. After a few urinalysis, the findings still shows protein in my urine. My doctor said I do not have kidney problems but I’m becoming very concern as I’m suppose to start a new job and need to redo urine test in two days.

I’m drinking a lot of water and thinking of having only fruits and vegetables for the two days as this is a dream job.

Nuff love and respect for your help


  1. As Anonymous says its not good and i do agree… This can develop into GOUT. Alot of water is good but u have to stay away from beef, mackerel, peanuts less chicken etc. they are high in protein. Just google GOUT and read up more on it.

  2. Proteinuria is generally a problem unless you are an athlete, on certain medication or takes steroids. I know it’s frequent in diabetics who are having kidney problems but there are a host of other problems that it is attributed to. While it’s the kidney’s role to filter the protein so it’s the very first place they’ll look for a problem, it could be a heart condition or any one of a number of medical problems. Unless you had been stressed or undergone a rigorous workout prior to take the test, I would suggest that you re-test and seek a specialist. Do not try to self medicate and ignore the implications of this.

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  4. Bless up Met & Metters! Thks for the feedback guys. I do exercise alot so the medical centre requested a first morning urine, as they said this should not contain protein if one do not have kidney problems. I did that this morning and happy to report it was free of protein

  5. Good afternoon metters! Protein in the urine is a sign that something is going on with the kidneys not filtering properly, I have been a kidney patient and was on dialysis three years, our Lord and saviour bless me with a new kidney last sunday the 13th. Sender go get a a second opinion, and keep up with your doctors appointment, and watch your protein intake and sweets, may God continually bless miss met and the metters.

    1. Amen I am happy for you…Can you send in about your experience etc with the kidney situation please? It may help other readers

  6. I sure will met whenever I get get my strength back, I will gladly let others know about my journey, today is my first day back from visiting the site, got my call 1:30 sunday morning.To God be the glory.

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