It is our tradition in Jamaica to begin cooking after 12’00 in observance of The greatest sacrifice. Here’s too all who commemorate this religious holiday.
good friday

Good Friday Poem
What makes Good Friday good?” you ask.
A challenge! A rather daunting task.
Some may dismiss it with a shrug and a smirk,
And consider it another day off work.
Others, religious, pious as such,
Take a few minutes for a mournful watch;
Merchants unlock their doors with glee,
Anticipating the pre-Easter shopping spree.
A bunny here, a chocolate egg there,
Symbols of a society that doesn’t care.
“Care?” you say, “Do you mean me?”
“What’s there to care; how can this be?”
It’s the cross, you forget, that rugged wood,
That makes Good Friday eternally good.
What’s so good about the death of an ancient man,
Who died long before my life began?
This man, who on this earth once trod,
Was not only man, but the Son of God.
That wood, that tree, that old rugged cross,
Was the symbol of gain and the symbol of loss.
To those who believe, it is the promise of gain;
The hope that, like Jesus, we’ll rise again!
For the skeptic, the doubter, the meaning is loss;
An eternal gulf, which no one can cross.
Good Friday is good, because of the death
Of Jesus the Savior, who gave His last breath
So you, friend, and I, could be cleared of our guilt,
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb that was spilt.
Mourn not, my dear soul, for the death of the Lamb,
For that cross made the bridge to the Great I AM.
Christ paid the price, rose again to God’s side,
And brought us next Sunday: the Resurrection-tide!

~by Alan Allegra~

0 thoughts on “NEVER FORGET

  1. That’s only because we have been brainwashed. Easter is the fertility goddess Ishtar and what we are partaking in has nothing to do with Jesus Christ instead it is sex worship. Which is why we have eggs and bunny rabbit of symbols of the holiday. Full day wi bun babylon and them festivities and wake up. Christ consciousness is within, everything external is total paganism rituals and has absolutely nothing to do with God or Jesus.

    1. Yes Foxy but that a ur ting. Other people like miself dis a our ting people choose what they choose that is why mi put for those who celebrate

  2. People who chose to celebrate these pagan customs are ignorant to the facts. Even though Foxxy Lady put out the info on Easter, ppl still a defend it. This is public knowledge but I guess the only public knowledge they care about is gossip. Constantine created the religion christianity change the holy day of worship to Sunday. These are the same ppl if you tell them jesus and god is a so called black man, they would cut your throat for their white jesus. I challenge any one of you christians and you Met to show me in the KJV Bible where it says jesus or god is white. Spare me King James was a faggot, so he had ppl write that isrealites were black and denounced ‘battyism’. That would be one confuse devil writing against his own ppl. Two-thirds of Isreal shall burn like the edomites you worship.

  3. Met is it 12 or 3 “clock? Mi think i madda did sey Jesus was on di cross from 12-3pm, so we nuffi light no fire till afta that time cauz ‘wi a go mek it hotta pon di cross fi him”. Mi just start cook cauz mi did tink a so it go

  4. Happy Good Friday for those who choose to celebrate as we commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection!

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