Dear Met,I am a 44 year old mother of two, i applied to hope educational college last year October 14,2014, to sit cxc H and S biology, to be truthful i dont have it like that but i am trying to better my self. From i paid the money up to this day no class, and the man refuse to give me back my money, if i don’t call them don’t call me. Once i called and got him, i told him i was going to report him, if you ever hear the message the man leave on my phone, i still save it over and over again, another day i called he said i would get it on the first week of February and now is march month end, am asking for you and your readers advice, as i am heart i have my receipt as proof


  1. I suspect that all money and those of many others are already spent and he is having difficulty getting new funds to reimburse you and others. How did you come to know of this “College” and do you know of other student in a similar situation?

    Do you know if he is actually teaching any classes at his location or this is just a con job from the beginning? How much money are we talking about here? Reporting him to the Police might get him arrested, but probably will not result in any refund, since he is probably living off the fraud.

  2. i want to say thank you for the positive answers,it was published under school and colleges in the gleaner last year, that is how i found them.
    2.when i kept calling(voice message still on my phone) i was told me and all the other persons who had registered at the may pen branch would be re reimbursed the first week in February.
    3.again when i asked when class will start he told me they are moving because of a problem with the bathroom and class will start january 2015.
    4. its not much its $4000. but for me not working is a lot to save to better myself.
    5.when i told him i was going to cvm and police he said, and i quote”go right ahead, i welcome it”

    1. Carla, contact MOCA because chances are others have lodged complaints about this establishment already, if not…then you’ll be doing your part in getting justice and they can tell you the steps to take.

      Don’t call “missa man” again because cons are dangerous once they’ve been exposed- let the law talk fi you.

      1. ….. “cons are dangerous once they’ve been exposed”….

        Something Carla needs to have at the back of mine at all times. Someone remind me recently that it is very cheap to get someone killed in Jamaica. That is how people settle their score these days. There are Con Artist everywhere in Jamaica now.

  3. I would encourage you to contact Consumer Affairs Commission. They may be able to help. Spreading the word is very important as well, so as to avoid other persons being defrauded as well. It is very disheartening that here you are, trying to better yourself and this lowlife takes your money and instead of being apologetic, he is being disrespectful. Don’t argue, just take action…

  4. Sender I am sorry to hear about your dilemma. It sad fi knoe seh di man nah hold up fi him end ah di deal and and ah hold on pon yuh money like ah him wuk it gi yuh. Tek di advice from the bloggers and report that snake. It nuh right weh him duh and di way him ah handle di situation :marah

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