Hi Met, I am writing to you because I know this is the place to go if you want to find out about a person, I am not writing to say anything bad I just would like to know something about this young miss I am falling for. I have been on a few dates with this girl and I really like her, she said that she does not have a man, I am back and forth from Jamaica so I wouldnt know if this is true, things have gotten intimate with no protection the way mi rate har, I am ready to take it to the next step. I asked a few people about her and they said she only dates men with money, I have some cash, I don’t mind that. Her name is Kim and she has a cute tattoo on her left breast, she said she used to go to Merlgrove and she is a August girl. She lives in Kingston, real petite and has long hair she knows I like her and from what we have discussed she like me too. I just want to protect myself from getting hurt. I don’t want to include a pic because I don’t want to put her out their like that, but I can if the peeps need more information.

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  1. She is a whore and you are a trick. pretty it up anyway you like. You have sex without protection with a girl who loves men for money and then ask if that is a good move or if she is wife material.

    1. If she ah screw him unprotected she’s doing the same thing with other men. Looks doe mean a damn thing when u get the monster.

    2. I nayly piss mi draws when ah read the sender’s Dear Abby letter to our good up food up Metty….Sar, I doe know if yuh realize this or not, but you gave enough info. To put this young miss on blast. Read weh pmrm seh uppa top deh ah run wid dat. I hope to meet you soon tuh. Jus mek sure seh yuh have more dan ah likkle cash ah yuh nuh mine when it missin jus as quick as i will be…

  2. Wow pmrm how u so harsh ma’am lol
    Sender if u have doubts it’s for a reason matter of fact u already going raw wit this chick so wat does it matter if u like her accept har for wat she was (maybe she has changed or will change) don’t let anyone give u any info on this girl find out for ur self . Good luck n use protection until ur sure

    1. Is this the real Chuetty?????? Cause the Chuetty weh mi know would ah guh een hard like ah ton ah bricks…Chuetty? Imposter, tap use wi good good Chuetty name!!

          1. yeppie :kiss but wat a way yuh gwaan bad ova sunday post mi sehhhhhhhh ayy hayyyyyyy

            mi comment but figet fi sign enn ooooo

  3. Damn Ninja, u hit it without protection?! U want to protect u self from getting “hurt” but not from getting diseases ?

    A girl with a tat on her breast are a dime a dozens these days , so we may not be able to help u . Hold on to your money son, she has a man!

  4. “U have some cash” senda, act like u don’t have any money an see how she treats u. Because if she’s only interested in men with money, what’s going to happen when u ran out of cash an have to say no to her?

  5. People are so badmine wikid and jealous listen here do not bring any 3rd party into ur relationship with this girl especially if you are looking to take the next step take things slow if your mot sure but don’t let other people ruin what could be a good thing only dating men with money isnt a bad thing do u date ugky girls?? If she had like bruk man she maybe wouldn’t have found u

  6. is a man write diss? really??

    why u a blow up di girl like this senda?

    if a mi like har, mi kick ur rass to di curb, whatever happened to finding out about a person on ur own and make ur own decision? u sound like a real clown.

    if she has never been on the wall b4, and she has done u no wrong, u even claim to like her and its no secret that she prefers men with money, and u accept and r willing to work with her…… weh di rass u a blow up di girl pon jmg fah???

    1. :thanks2
      Senderrrrrrrrr yuh chat tuh much!!!!
      No need to tell us you slept unprotected or that she only date men with money…..A brief description and her schoolinh would have been sufficient.

    2. Mi feel ah sikes ah try use fe draw out the girl file cabinet. If ah all me im ah chat ah mi fine out ah woulda dash ah bowl ah hot piss pan im…outta awda

  7. Lawd mi glad mi anno Kim from Kingston cause mi woulda shame!!!! Sender why di people dem weh say she only date man wid money nuh give u di rest of the info…since u know people that know her…u know how much Kim live inna Kingston…an wid di recent tattoo craze that could be anybody. Plus we nuh know if a weave or a di girl real hair lol…good luck with that.

    1. same so mi sey…..a girl with a tat on har breast is a dime a dozen she could be anybody, an pan top of it har name is KIM. Au said him need fi ask di people dem weh sey she date man wid money dem have har file.

  8. Liking men with money don’t mean that a woman is bad, it’s just like if a girl like a thief or gun man, so stop the investigating, because this going to boil down to a matter of who you ask, and very person has their own opinion, and opinions are not fact. Try and get to know her, you may just find out she has a good heart.

  9. everybody have a bloodclaat past weh de phuck yuh send in a ask bout yuh tink de hungry belly germs weh knw ar or ago pretend sey dem knw har aguh write ntn gud yuh nuh jus ride the bloodclaat waves nd falla yuh instincts….maybe yuh bring out the best inna har while addas de worse ..yuh bomboclaat luuu fe dis nd mi nah tek back mi comment,if she mean yuh gud den work wid yuh 100% trust which its clear yuh dont av.

    if yuh inna denial low de gal..kmft

    1. No Simply, ano the girl past weh ah worry im. Is him money him ah fret ova. Dats why mi nuh rate some ah dem man ya cause dem devalue women when it come on tuh money and end up missin the bigger picture and a clear shot at real love with a good ooman. My yute, betta yuh get fe know the girl an tell ar str8 up seh yuh bruk but yuh want get to know her vs. throwing your lil money and weight around ( which is extremely insensitive and very vain of you) because if that’s the case, you deserve to get played for every dollar and red cent that you’re worth..which doesn’t seems like much..

    2. Him shoulda find all dat out before him screw har without rubbers. The only concern he should have now is what he catch from f**king har raw damn idiot!!!

  10. Boy unu deal with me wicked, mi tink metty wuda edit it up fi mi if it did a expose too much. Some a unu right still mi shouldnt put her on blast like that, but caz mi know JMG keep it real and mi just did wah secure miself, but mi a guh mek tings right, mi a guh give har the benefit a the doubt and go with the flow. I apologize in advance, mi a young youth enuh but mi know when fi admit seh mi wrong, and own up to it.

    1. U cant please everyone so dont try to…mi cyah tell u whey fi do or anything bout har if mi nuh si a who…
      u a pre me and mi editing dow :hammer

    2. Young man the biggest bitch will n can turn into a proper wife fi di right man take for eg the chick called Tashamaye she just married one jockey a JA bout 2 months aback

    3. Senda, U are your own man. What we’re saying to u may go through one ear an come through the other, please wrap it up next time u decided to sleep with someone. U sleep with everybody she slept with, so be careful. One night of passion can determine the rest of your life.

      And don’t use your lil money for some chick like u.

  11. Mi have one question sender. You already a phux bear back so what’s the next step a ring? My youth you seem quite careless.

  12. The sender does not sound like a man to me. Men don’t write these shit. Why would “he” think the JMG bloggers would know “Kim”? Is she a dancehall celebrity or something? Very strange…maybe you should protect yourself from STD (with no protection the way mi rate har) first and then worry about you heart (getting hurt). So you only use protection with girls you don’t rate?

    This is definitely a sender with motives and an unclean heart.

  13. @CM….When u say your “ready to take it to the next step” can u please enlighten us on what u mean by that? And please don’t send in her pic. :nerd

  14. Jah know star mi see weh mi guh wrong, shi party still that’s why mi think she would be known. Mi never start out never wah use condom it was just a dumb mistake, nxt step mi mean wife har up. Mi nuh have nuh hidden motives just a fan a the site and wanted to get some honest opinions. Mi aprecilove all the comments still, mi approach wrong mi overstand dat pon a levels still mi a guh man up to mi mistake and mek shi know one on one weh mi a deal with.

    1. Please, please before you wife anybody take a HIV test and ask them to do the same. If she say no let her go. Good luck

  15. CM – You write say dat you are a “young youth”. No age given. Mi a go go easy wid yu still because you sound like a likkle scary cat to me,and yu admit say yu a go man up to your mistake. You nuh lissen to dancehall music my yute. In a one ear yu nuh hear Chronixx a tell yu say “how yu fe trus when yu nuh certain, wey dem a do behind curtain”, and inna de nex ear yu nuh hear Ninjaman and Tinga Stewart a tell yu say fe “take time to know her, it”s not an overnight thing .” Watch yu money spending my yute. Remember say that today”s excesses could be the source of tomorrow”s embarassment. GO SLOW. I end with those two words.

  16. Thiss pure sikes the sender man or woman is trying to expose this girl for whatever reasons .why would they put so much info .they are just trying to wreck peoples lives..

  17. Yu know a nuh expose mi did a try expose nuh body still as me seh mi jus guh bout it wrong, throw it up to young and stupid mistake, i explained to her still and even apologized to Miss J.P (mom), and her. Wrong move star. (Sunshine City princess big up yuself). Loved you with the bangs.

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