Hello Met, and fellow meters. I want to touch a sensitive topic I know many will pre-judge me look down on me and say bad things. I had to get this off my chest and see how others feel/point of few on this topic. Is liking a far family member a crime ? Have you done it ? How would you go about ? keep it to him/herself and/or move on ? Uno come talk up because mi know everybody aguh be indenial !!!!!


  1. Ummmm…… You know it’s wrong that’s why you reach here. This world has too many people in it for anyone to be with any type of family member!!!

    1. The heart want what the heart wants. If it’s a family member near or far then so be it. Leave dis owam alone who tell u anyone else….

  2. Ummmm…… You know it’s wrong that’s why you reach here. This world has too many people in it for anyone to be with any type of family member!!!

  3. Sender, I noticed you said “far family member”. Do you mean a cousin, or an in – law? You were not specific. So Sender, whether de family member is near or far, it wrong, wrong wrong.

  4. Sender, I am not pre-judging you but I will say this…normal people don’t think about family ramming their relatives, other wise known as molestation. Normal people don’t pre-meditate molesting a distant family member and then ask for advice on the premeditation and then turn around and say
    “I know many will pre-judge me look down on me and say bad things. I had to get this off my chest and see how others feel/point of few on this topic. Is liking a far family member a crime ? Have you done it ? How would you go about ? keep it to him/herself and/or move on ? Uno come talk up because mi know everybody aguh be indenial !!!!!”…so let me touch on each question that you’ve asked…
    1. Liking a far family member is not a crime if it is interest in a very platonic way…I have some family members that I like because they are nice. I like others because they like to shop. I love my aunt because she is just a fabulous woman. Period!!
    2. Have I done what?????????? I have done a lot of things, and then there are a lot of things that I haven’t done so this question is very vague…but if you are asking about ramming a family member, the answer is no ma’am…abso-fuhcking-lutely not!!!!!!!!
    3. If I were you, I would move on str8 to a psychotherapist’s office/mad couch and seek counseling and possibly medication.
    **I feel sorry fe yuh when Softspot come talk up** :hammer

    1. Yep, me a pre-judge sender, cuz sender pre-judge the metters with that statement bout if wi seh wi neva get dem feelings wi inna “denial”. I see all my male relatives dem as what dem is, relatives, not man fi deh wid. An dem worse.

  5. Some people just horny bwoi! Is not every attractive person you should deh wid, sometime you should see people and just let that one go, gosh! I remember when we had a family reunion in country and all family from foreign and Jamaica went, when my mixed race cousin from Miami turn up…every one a deh girl dem a flirt with him and they all know his mum is their aunt, it was gross! We are all cousins! Even when him and a girl from up the hill start talk (she was not related) them plan fi fight off the girl and one dutty one went as far as to go up to dem and grab him hand a drag him whey…I was in shock cause them know everybody could see! So can you imagine how them gwan with him in private? And don’t get me started one the male cousins who try look mi under the quiet…unuh too bad. Have some limits man, every body unuh waan deh wid!!

  6. Yuh can talk bout “everybody aguh be indenial” fi try justify an mek yuh feel better about yuh incestuous intents, but everybody really don’t want to f**k their relatives like you – at least I never have. Look how many man & woman out deh fi mess wid, why mi, or anybody else for that matter, fi wah look inna dem family fi copulation.
    The Incest (Punishment) Act 1948 states that any male person who has carnal knowledge of a “female person” whom he knows is his grand-daughter, daughter, sister, or mother, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour. Suh weddah yuh a man or ooman galang guh frig yuh cousin, it may nuh legally be incest, but you know yuh wudda dead wrong.

    1. The Incest (Punishment) Act 1948 states that any male person who has carnal knowledge of a “female person” whom he knows is his grand-daughter, daughter, sister, or mother, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
      Cindy, the act specifically states that “any MALE person”. The sender is a female, so the act doesn’t apply to her. That is, she is exempt from your Incest Act of 1948…right? Bwoy, woman always has the upper hand in everything. :thumbup

      1. Clearly the legislation was written in a time when men were usually the aggressors, but we in 2014 now. Yuh really think any sensible judge who get dat before them can look at that statute and not interpret it any male or female? Get real, if it nasty for one it nasty for the other

      2. @Too Much: I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on the blog, but I think you are absolutely wrong here. That is why they update/change Laws to make them current or applicable to today’s standards/situations. The way the Statue is written, it only applies to males. Now the 4th cousin (I guess) could be held accountable with the current Act, but not the female. Clearly, based on your own argument, the Statue would equally apply to females back in 1948, where the female could potentially be the aggressor or consent to the actual act itself. Would you agree?
        If you don’t agree, we will wait for the Blog Attorney (Cindy) to come back and address the Statue in details. Sorry, I only accept her interpretations as facts….for real!

      3. @Cindy Royal, on October 31, 2014 at 1:41pm
        Your parting shot is soooo typical of Cindy Royal. Was that really necessary and isn’t that hitting way below the belt (your aim is a bit off the mark though)? I’m not going to go toe-to-toe with you, since I will be coming out the looser. Anyway, thanks for the updated 2009/2011 incest information. I know you would come through with the relevant Statue. Why didn’t cite the most current information to begin with, instead of providing outdated information and leading to subsequent challenge from me? Yuh slipping Cindy. I thought you were Pre-Law at UTECH? Did you change your major recently?
        Wow, I didn’t even mention your diplomatic status or nothing related to your geography and this is how you treat mi. Mi and yuh anno friend again. Mi gaan …… :tkp :tkp

        1. Lawd Anonymous, don’t get your panties in a bunch man chuh. All who know mi from long time know seh mi rough like sand paper even in di bes way. Look how yuh chubble me all di time an mi nuh cuss, cut mi like yuh wit. :malu
          Btw, Utech pre-law or law or wateva dem duh inna law ova mi alma mater nuh registered, suh mi wudden tell a soul fi put dem money ova deh bout dem doing law. My major nuh change, especially in the last 7 years, it has always been lifelong learning to be better able to take care of my child, my future & my aging parent, while being able to have some fun in this 1 life we have.

    2. Who me? Attorney?! No sah, dem big, big positions dere I do not hold, specially like how now a 500+ a ppl a apply uppa Norman Manley an a ongly like 25 get choo. But every now an agen mi try put some scholastic knowledge inna mi tuff head yah – hence some of my JMG sojourn, cuzen seh a only suh di income increase. But mees jus a common sense-r an smaddy who kip up wid wah gwan inna wi country an wi legislation.
      Our sexual offences legislation has been back an forth for a number of years now & as Too Much said, the legislation was written in a time when men were the main offenders, hence the gender specific nature of it. However, our courts do not turn a blind eye to women sexual abusers on that technicality, but cases against women offenders are rarely reported as WE the citizens of this country DO NOT take it seriously.
      But I leave it to Anonymous cuzen me sure Anony know first hand bout who can get weh wid incest an odder sexual offences.

  7. Sender, mi have Round 2 fe yu. Nuh fcuk none a yu family memba dem. Caw yu see anyhow you do it, a confirm you a confirm yu slutism. So,don’t do that shit !

  8. Good Morning Met.Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    all wen a sed tuh last cousin my pus-c caan jump nor de clitoris stand up…moral is just that,if yuh neva av a prob wid yuh wuden need a feedback yuh inner gut a tell yuh seh it wrong suh yuh knw it dead wrong

  9. How repulsive!!
    People will find a way to justify these actions……take Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn.
    Sender see a Psychiatrists, I don’t believe this is the place to address your weird behavior.

    1. She was adopted, but that still doesn’t excuse it…I wonder why dem never charge him…mussi cause she was grown and of “sound” mind when dem deh…ugh!

      1. U really think that girl was of sound mind, and guh deh wid dah giraffe father of hers, caz no mattah how u cook it he was har faddah? dat ole goat looking heiffa fit im.

  10. You just f@cking nasty. Met I recently met a cousin not even sure we really related but we share the same last name and a pure sex talk the man a bring to me. It must be a virus going around. Smh

    1. DWRL, mi meekly reverse mi response fe Softspot, cause mi know seh she ago light up sender fail feather..ah dat mi ah anxiously wait pon :ngakak

  11. But most time whrn they are like this is because its already in their bloodline. I have a cousin that is SHIT IT SO CONFUSING MI NO KNOW HOW FEH SEH IT. My cousin have pickney feh har aunty baby daddy ……mi gone

      1. Sed suh Simplicity! An dat anuh har uncle, is har aunty man, but tell mi seh dat anuh di heights of caylissniss. Suh imagine if a har uncle.

  12. Sender, it is O.K. Anything past first cousin is fair game. I wouldn’t breed for or breed it. Yuh caan fux all yuh want. Nuh falla these Metters, epecially the ones reading yuh the riot act of 1948. If the Royals can do it, why shouldn’t you. Go for it!

    1. But Anon, Cindy neva seh nutten bout nuh Riot Act; she said The Incest ( Punishment ) Act of 1948…Metty, the Metters dem have me in tears dwmfl!!!!

          1. Yep, a long time mi a mad Anonymous enuh. Yuh nuh si as mi talk Anony stawt chat madniss. Wen Anony si mi jus now a pure emotions, blood an excitement rush inna Anony.
            Nuh seh nutten Anony, u know Cindy Royal only say it cuz I’m truly genuine :kiss

          2. Cindy, anon guh as far as fe research The Incest
            ( Punishment ) Act of 1948 and pull it apart wid ah fine tooth comb..I are deadin :hammer :hammer

  13. @ anonymous nobody said dem aguh breed for dem family enuh the ppl dem love go overboard I brought up a topic that’s all mi not even mention say mi deh with a family member or anything . Dem can stay deh because ah family ram bring nuff of dem . When I mention far relative it was 4 cousins

    1. a cuda tenth cousin but kuh pon yuh dutty bloodclaat tuh :ngakak
      no sah wat a jump weh unda yuh a jump fi dung de line COUSIN den weh it wuda duh if a yuh great grand uncle?!?!?

      1. Yes, people guh ova board wen odda people try justify some amoral shit like it right, an den a try back track like dem neva mean weh dem seh or people a “exegerate” bout weh dem seh.

    2. Wey yuh a get upset with mi fah? Alrighttt then, 4th cousin, yuh good to go. Ram away! Mi just didda warn yuh not to breed during the ramming process, otherwise yuh might have a yellow baby. Yuh sound old enough to know that breeding is a possibility, so don’t practice the withdrawal method with yuh 4th cousin, O.K?

          1. cindyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :peluk doe laugh bout whey anony say because u done send di smaddy fi go hold hands and that kill mi roun yere :hammer

  14. There’s no one in my family near or far who am attracted to. There was a distant cousin who was attracted to my sister. He was much younger than her,until this day he kept I touch with her. He has not spoken to anyone of us just her.
    Sender family should be off limit. Don’t act on your feelings, it may cause havoc in your family. Don’t even think about this person and master…bate, don’t do it, it would be a sin!!

  15. Blessed morning jmg…..bwoy unu bad Lakka yawz loll teck time wid di sendaz som time dem naa nuh sense but wi need dem lmaooooo

    1. Metty, yuh nuh si how Sender *ummm* haffe humble ah tek di beaten…sender, is tough love; we don’t want yuh doing the wrong thing dawlin…but mi sorry fe yuh still when some ah the other bloggers dem ropeen pa yuh lol…

  16. The reality is that a lot of families are in the ” family ram thing” Especially those that say they have high colour, for instance, when you look at those from St Elizabeth, most of them are related and have no shame about it, Their philosophy is based on the concept that they should not water down the high colour. St Elizabeth people, come talk the things .

    1. St. Elizabeth/Manchester ancestry oba yah. No dawling di fambily rammings run pass fi we fambily and di high color tan up trang trang….di color all rung dung inna we pickney dem when nuff ah we tek charcoal skin men :ngakak

      1. @1.09pm, Elliot’s, Banton’s, Sinclair’s, francis just to name a few. Don’t take it personal, however if your family is from there You would know that it is a fact.

      2. Nut’n personal yasso, mi jus talk weh mi knoe. Related tuh di Francis and Holness dem,,,we de pon di Christian/Mandeville ends but nuff sprinklings deh a St. Elizabeth. Kaint bawl out di odda names dem tuh how di ting set up :ngakak

        1. You do know that the Leader of the Opposition is a Holness and his father is from St. Elizabeth. Surely you are not suggesting that the Leader of the Opposition is a product of incest? That in and by itself might explain a few of his shortcomings as a Labourite.

        2. Respect, yardy4life, at lease yuh can acknowledge that Sainty have nuff nuff mix up. OOH, meh feget feh mention the Lynch’s and the Simpsons’ dem.
          Yardy, the Holnss a good people still, I have a few as friends

    2. *reaches for toilet tissue to wipe mi yeye dem*________________________________________________________________________________________

  17. U kno ow’ much people ah fuchh dem relative an doe even kno sey ah dem relative? Stick a pin…gurl meet bwoi an fall in love. Gurl introduce bwoi to parents…daddy realize bwoi fren is him outside son!!!!! Go figure!!!!!! :matabelo

  18. Senda it couldah far like from yah to di moon and bak, from a family it name it wrang..u stay deh bout we in u in denial cauz u need fi si someone fi dah familyram thing wah a gwan innah head. Mi think seh from u cross di line u wi move up to u faddah and’s just pure nastiness dah..guh hold u bible and pray, nuh fallaw CC (lol) and hold no hand, di temptation deh deh already suh walk far and grab u bible instead.

  19. Senda mi nah guh judge yuh, but me definitely CANNOT relate tuh dat deh predicament. Wid dat said, humans ‘suppose’ tuh hab higher intelligence dan animals suh dat mean seh we are expected to operate certain way…yuh feel me? If ah you a feel dem way deh bout di near or far fambily memba, don’t entertain it cah yuh knoe it nuh right. If is not you, tell di person fi run weh den feelings deh.

  20. Because my 1948 information dated, let me put new new:
    The following is an extract from the Sexual Offences Act 2009 and Regulations 2011. A procedural manual on this Act is being developed and will be available to the wider
    membership on its completion.
    The Sexual Offences Act, 2009 and Regulations 2011 came into effect on June 30th, 2011 and have impacted the provisions of the Incest Punishment Act and the Offences Against the Person Act (OAPA). Firstly, it repeals the Incest (Punishment) Act and Sections 44-67 of the
    (OAPA) which deals with offences against females.
    Secondly, it makes new provision for the
    prosecution of rape, by strengthening and defining the offence and has created other sexual
    offences such as grievous sexual assault and marital rape.
    Thirdly, it defines a child as a person
    under the age of sixteen years of age. Finally, it provides for the establishment of a Sex Offender
    Registry to house a register database among other matters.
    Section 7 provides for the offence of incest which is committed by a male or female person who willingly has sexual intercourse with his/her grandmother/grandfather, mother/father, sister/brother, daughter, son, uncle/aunt, niece/nephew, and granddaughter/grandson.
    Cousin still nuh deh pan di liss suh yuh good sendah. :hammer

    1. Madame C Royal in the house… :maafaganwati
      Cousins nah go mek the list because monarchs and the ultra elites depend on that link up to continue their lineage of rich bastards, lolol.

  21. Unno gwan like seh the sender said she a grind out her family !! She just asking if it wrong maybe she know someone who have done it and would like to hear y’all opinions . As anonymous said the royal people is family !!!!!! •_• Oooooo so how uno tell sender fi f**k a mad man she never said nothing but if unno want gwan like bull and style up ppl fi noting then gwan …! It’s reality I’m quite sure ppl know people who have done this but w.E. Play big shot

  22. I know some ppl wah like dem kind a mixup deh, but I can’t. Mi like teck mi hood stress-free. Mi like walk pon road and hold hands stress-free, mi like build mi family stress-free. Nutten wah mi hafif guh hide, duck, whispa, and heng dung mi head bout mi nuh eena it.

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