Met illiteracy is a very serious problem in America. It is even worse when it is grown people in the dancehall. This is a letter that was written by a 54 year old very hype and show off dancehall promoter. I had a very difficult time reading it too lol.

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  1. is dat a police report…she might nuh book smart but a bet yuh any money she street smart nd can turn har money include saving it,nuff ppl neva get fi guh school or complete due to circumstances however dem cum here weh every community college give free GED classes nd wont even try to attend wan….age doah hab shit fi duh wid going back tuh sch

    1. simply is a teefin no good drug dealing dunce hype can’t read can’t write properly 54 year old big man write this letter here. i use to date him and when we broke up this is what he write to the police sey him want back the few little things him leave over my house. he bought me the bed and because i broke it off with him he want back the bed so i wouldn’t sleep with no other man on it. my kids would ask him to help them with their homework and he would tell them to go ask their mother. now you see why.

      1. I would want the bed back to. Give the man back his bed. The bed was just a loan during the relationship and once the romance done, the bed have to be return…prompto. How would you feel daggering on the bed that the man brought? I would want back everything I gave you during the relationship, even the bed sheets. LOL

  2. I reading from a tiny phone screen, but sender, I don’t see a lot of spelling errors here. Maybe a few grammer issues, but thats it.ex.” she use the money to put in her account. . ” should be she USED. Is this an issue of penmanship? To me he has a nice cursive way of writing, but that maybe because me write crab toe. Him issue is grammar not illiteracy.

      1. Mi did a wonda if this was part two, cuz and means there were other things im waan back. Im join up nuh bad, up ya suh a only Catholic school still teach cursive. You can tell im go schoolfrom slate days, abd gigovernment kahkees. Cuz a suh dem big ppl write.

  3. I think we use the word illiterate too light enuh, because clearly this is not an illiterate person…the person obviously can read and write…kmt

  4. I don’t see anything wrong. Don’t know what the person is saying, but I don’t know the context. It may make perfect sense to the recipient. By the way, the person handwriting better than mine ( and I have multiple degree’s).

    1. If you see mine and I have a MS. You woulda tink, smaddy kidnap mi, tie up mi hand and foot, and place a pen or pencil unda mi slippas titty and and gi mi paper and seh write.

  5. Honestly don’t see that this person is illiterate. Maybe not university educated etc, but he seems to be able to present his ideas cohesively….ESPECIALLY the bed part. I have told women in my past that I will NOT buy a bed with/for them if I can’t take it with me when I leave…No sah…agree with the man pan dah one deh!!!

    1. he is not university educated not even home school educated. he never attended school at all. sold drugs and theft his whole life. very buff and show off. the kind that will make fun of hard working people and their mere earnings because he can hustle up thousands in less than a few hours. and cannot read or write. ole payneland criminal.

    1. Hi top of the morning. I think you are a bit confused, re-gather your thoughts so you can say what you need to say with clarity :kiss

      1. I like how you respond to the letter writer. You would be amazed how such a response make them look and feel stupid. No need to respond in kind, small mind, small dick. That is why the sender left him and now he wants his bed back.

      2. :ngakak Yow Metty I love how you took d higher road and handled the situation resectfully, classy & professionally. Trust mi that bun him worst than if yuh did tell him 2 badwud :ngakak

      3. Met u see all that whe u respond to from shoota real illiterate that. But anyway, me did have a friend e me and her go university together in TO and she was an English major. Had this boyfriend that we all figured, only spoke patois With us since we all Jamaican, until they broke up and he wrote a love letter. Met him Neva know a word of English that had more than 4 letters in it. Of I should say he was unable to spell them. He wrote exactly how he spoke. “I loves to mi art”, should be heart by the way & it just got worst with every sentence. She did so shame, ofćourse being in final year of university wid English major snd man we can’t read or talk, nope it had to be final at that point. That letter bout the bed just remind mi of the yute, look good, dress hot but couldn’t read a stitch. It sad.

    2. Dutty drancrow Shoota yuh wake up dis morning once again widout ambition and purpose. Dis post hav yuh away, nuh worry yuself it nuh too late fi tek up a ABC Learn to Read book. Please tuh stop give us tips weh yuh duh to fi yuh mumma. Tonks in advance….:travel

    3. She may be worse than TMZ, but I bet her penmanship is way better than yours…dawg, guh learn how fe read ah write properly :ngakak

    4. When yuh move yuh bloodcloth head, beach towel tongue batty bwoy. Yuh nuh have nuh mother cauz a out a batty hole u come out a. F**king stink & bright!!!!!!

    1. i am sure it is the dunce writer of this letter because he is ignorant in real life. he love to walk and theft people things and bad them up and give women things and take it back. he better stop it. shoots stop shoot blanks. u know exactly what i mean ambulance sound waaa waaa lol.

  6. Mi nuh think a illiteracy a fi him problem mussi him maamamanism (a fi mi new word that, cauz d word mi a look fi describe dah mandirella yah nuh inna d dictionary)What a piece a maama man!!!!! A pussy feelings him a carry eh nuh, Guh weh & low d woman wid d bed man!!! If a mi a d woman a chop d damn bed in 2 and gi him fi yuh 1/2. Damn disgusting!! Look like seh if him cld an tek back him f**k him wld an tek it back to!!! Mi hate dem man yah weh love gi woman things & tek it back yuh si, that’s y woman fi have dem own, cauz all dem yah libbaty tekking yah. Big bitch like dem yah yuh nuffi get no pussy at all, not even mek dem si which part yuh piss. D woman gooda sorry d day she gi yuh likkle pussy, it bun mi fi di credelle yuh si man!!!! :marah :berduka

  7. I actually think he had wonderful penmanship or hand – writing.
    I think it is low life and petty On the other hand to ask back for the bed you have as a gift.
    A very LOW blow to submit this letter to jmg and criticize his spelling or grammar.
    Apparently when he was sexing you good ON the bed BEFORE a you all broke up, his lack of writing skills was NOT a problem.
    Caribbean people especially have a terrible way of putting people down when the relationship does not work out. Be mature and try be cordial at least.
    – In terms of illiteracy, I have read hundreds of thousands of writing samples and have seen MUCH worse context of words. I understood the main point of the problem he was trying to convey in the letter.
    This story did not require JMG public ridicule and to be posted. It was a private letter, not an instagram or facebook post.
    What a WAY some wome would stoop to great low low life to get back at a person!
    Humiliating an individual publicly for their lack of grammar skills does not solve the problem.
    I blame the issue on people’s laziness and lack,of motivation to buy DICTIONARIES a and depend only on spell check. Lack of interest in grammar books and studying tools and more interest in MATERIAL F**KERIES * like fancy car, boots and beds.
    Too many women Gwaan like shallow whores and eat out and live off of man KNOWING a them AH old crosses and lacking much brain.

  8. Woooi… @ONE DROP u AH KILL me….. Weak. I LOVE you your ” new word” and definition for (((( mamamanisim )))) best word in CENTURIES !!!!
    I rolling on d floor now with laugh how he remind u of d ‘ manderilla’ up ah refer to from d dictionary

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