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The other day Sender101 sent in her letter asking if her man is a battyman because he asks her to skin out her ass for him to sex it. The resounding verdict from your bloggers was the man is a fish.
Well please mek mi know how a man fi deal with his woman coming to him saying she wants to experience anal sex, but with him only as he is her man and she trusts him.
How dat fi guh?


  1. is like wi fi gi unnuh permission fi wallah inna luk pon di pig dem an si if dem ask wi b4 dem wallah inna mud :nohope:

    goog morning shani and metters :peluk

  2. Well sender, this is kind of a different case cause Sender101 said that her man always initiated anal sex and it was something he enjoyed. I say this to EVERYONE…..if ur partner asks you to do something sexually that u are NOT comfortable with….DON’T DO IT. Simple!!! If dem cannot understand your stance den go find sum one else who will do it. Mi nuh tink if yuh love someone, yuh mus force dem to do anything. Especially when it comes to sex. Cause while sex is important in a relationship, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable doing it. After a while you will end up losing interest, resenting ur partner for forcing you or just plain unhappy in the bedroom. Nuh get mi wrong, sum man lick out gainst batty f***king an den once dem try it dem hooked and live ina dem woman rearend like ticks.. So to each their own. I just think all this freakiness is getting out of hand now. Man a give bun tru dem woman naw give head. Woman a give weh di pussy an a run from one partner to di next, jus fi get har pussy eat. Infidelity is now so rampant becausd of one’s sexual desires. Smh. Cum a cum. It last 30 seconds den it done. Have fun and be creative and spontaneous yes. But mi tink dis batty f***king, threesome sex and dis extra freaky stuff is taking away from the value of relationships. If you love your partner, please them yes, but not by force. Sex should be enjoyed by both partners. But if it’s something you really don’t wanna do, nuh mek no baddie force you, love or no love. Unless you are curious to try it. Mawnin bloggers.

    1. Mamacita ,ah tell Yuh your comment make so much sense ,this ass fxxking is getting out of control sex is not being respected anymore, but woman need to start respecting them self more so this madness can stop ,we really living in the last days never did never will .good comment mrs mam!!!!

      1. You’re right. We need fi respect ourselves more fi real. Cause a we have di sugarpot so if a man really want you and ur sugarpot him will surely respect ur wishes. Sex gone to di dogs now, literally cause all animal woman a turn to now just fi please dem man. U remember di story from the African site dat Met put up sometime ago bout di African man who sell him wife body to man an dem dogs jus fi money. An she just go along wid it. If mi nuh mistaken it was one a those African stories here or it may be sum where else, not quite sure. But him sell him wife to man and mek man an dem dog sex off di woman. An she went along after refusingfor a little while . Smh. Worls is in trouble.

  3. Maybe a sumting wha she used long time cause mi never hear a woman say dem waan experience dat yet cause as mi hear “anal” mi body cringe wid pain. Do a batty check pan har. If a sumting she used to, yuh will surely see signs when yuh examine di battam hole. Do it neatly. Jus say “6:30 fi mi baby mek mi look up in mi baby good good tight pussy”. Once she bend ova, di ass will greet u before di pussy even say “hello”. Spread di 2 batty jaw like a di pussy yuh a reach fah an tek a goooood look ina di ass. Virgin batty look different from active batty…so u will know when u see it. Dwl. Woiiieeeee :tkp :tkp :tkp

      1. Chuetyyyyy…Don’t run away from me. Lol. Lol. But a true man, she goodly ina di batty peggings from loooong time. She jus dash in di “you’re my man and I trust you” part fi sweet him up. Cause more time di freakiness come from di side bitch or di side man, not the straight up man or woman who dem love and trust. Suh she know wha she doing. Lol.

    1. mi nuh normally comment on dese topics yah, but mi pass chu an si Cita comment, good comment cita, and also my first thought was that she have tried it before and pretending!!

  4. good morning metty… there is a video going around with some dark skin kids talking bs about dark skin people n the way them a put us down my heart is hurting right now… please see if you can put it up n get the view of real people. thanks

  5. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others..

    i don’t think i need not to really add ntn more afta Cita sum it up quite well….

  6. Im might not be a gay but fran yuh fuk batty yuh is a battyman simple as dat. N all batty a batty so mi wouldn’t put it pass im fi a fuk man batty cho

  7. sender as cita suggest do a batty check ! and its the norm for a woman these days to ask abt wat uve done nd into sexually! jst as a man u wud ask to test d waters n see wat u r up against! ive had a freak frm kgn tell me str8 up when i asked wat him into , he told me orgy , swapping,anal ,3sum etc etc and he videos all of his acts! my thing is hw soon r these all out men who r freaks r gona wana step it up a notch n tek supn ina dem battam! cz once u do orgy to me its only a matter of time!

  8. Anal sex (male/female) is something the porn industry started and lead people to believe women enjoy that stuff. There are a few women who will want a man to sex her in her ass, but they are a small minority. I remember my brother telling me that one of his then girlfriend (Jamaican) wanted him to have anal sex. He was so shock, that he ended the relationship on the spot. She turns out to bi-sexual, with an incredible sexual appetite, told him point blank that she does not like “gentle sex” and had an ongoing bisexual relationship with her Jamaican best friend. By the way, this goes back to the early 1980s.

    1. Mi nuh understand it because when u go bathroom there is no pleasure there really so how dem find a pleasure chest there I dont know.I understand the person penetrating may feel pleasure from the friction but for the receiver it is fake sense of please…a jus di brain a fool dem

  9. bwoy met i knw this girl from canada n a jamaican who love it n says its the best thing ever! i dont knw if a cuz d string part to d vagina lead to d ass where the pleasure come from! but she is like thts mostly wat she does (canadian) if u hear her tlk i was appalled … she say she did stop for a while bt she cnt wait to get bk into the swing of things!after the first time its good she says!smh n if u c her u wudnt even expect it

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