‘Criminals in the police force’ – #KartelMurderTrial
Posted on February 7, 2014 by emilycrooks

Pierre Rogers who represents Kahira Jones and Miguel Lorne who represents Shawn Campbell (Shawn Storm) now and their cross examination of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vernal Thompson.

Here are my verbatim notes of those cross examinations in the #KartelMurderTrial.


Pierre Rogers to DSP Vernal Thompson
Q- an Investigating Officer, IO has overarching responsibility regarding investigation
A- yes

Q- but not absolute control
A- yes sir. Not in terms of securing scientific evidence
Rogers – Mr. Thompson. Don’t get lost

Q- most IO direct the path investigation takes
A- Yes

Q- they chart the course
A- yes

Q- In most matters they do that. In this did you do that
A- No, in most aspects

Q- So in this case an unseen hand was guiding you
A- Not an unseen hand. I can’t give instructions to matters I didn’t know about

Q- Officers higher than you who were guiding you
A- Yes. ACP Ealan Powell

Q- I don’t ask you who yet. I asked you if there were some people pulling strings
A- I don’t understand that line

Q- Knowledge of how the investigation was conducted ought properly to be in your head
A- Yes

Q- Are you aware that 3 car load a police go pick up Mr. Chow
A – I am not aware

Q- Are you aware that Chow had control of a firearm on the night Lzard went missing
A- I aasn’t aware

Rogers (sotto voce that was not quite so) – oh no

Q- If you were aware you would pursue new lines of enquiry
A- Perhaps

Q- Are you aware that when police went for Chow he still had control of a fireman
A- I am not aware of what you are talking about

Q- If you were aware you would have gone in search of it
A – If I had information to that effect I would have searched for it

Q- Because that is what transparent police ought to do
A- Yes

Q- So in not sharing that information with you, your fellow colleagues were corrupting your investigation
A- Couldn’t say that

Rogers -Follow me now – if they have information and didn’t give you would…
A- Probably they would delay my investigation by not giving me at the time

Q- Word from Chow about him having a gun
A- Would have raised some suspicion

Q- If they had shared it with you that would have caused you to pursue another line of enquiry
A- Sure

Q- And in not sharing they closed that line
A- If they knew

Q- Are you aware that Chow told police he had a fireman
A- Wouldn’t be surprised. I read his statement of him having possession of firearm. I informed DSP Paul Thomas of

Q -What I want to know is whether you knew that Chow had a big gun
A- I never knew read what was in his statement. I was not the one who interviewed Chow.

Q- I thought as IO all knowledge about the case ought to come into your head
A- Yes. And that came after Chow statement

Q- What
A- Homicide at 7 Swallowfield Ave

Rogers – Sorry. You keep crossingthe line. We are talking about big gun in Chow’s presence
Taylor – nowhere in evidence Chow said big gun
Rogers- big, medium, small – If you knew about he gun would you have pursued another line of investigation

Taylor – the question has been asked time and time again
Judge – that is Mr. Rogers style. When I look back through my notes I do notice that but that is his style
Rogers- I am obliged My Lord

Q- by not giving you information that Chow had a gun, the Police closed down a line of investigation
A- Yes but I have answered why you keep asking same question over and over

Q- The Police delegated to investigate would have done so in a professional manner
A- Believe so

Q- They took orders only from you
A – Ealan Powell as well. Not a one to one

Q- As IO were you aware of all instructions given by Powell
A- Yes

Q- ACP Powell told Detective Sergeant Linton to leave keys on top of locker
A- No sir

Q- Would you be surprised to learn that Linton left the key on top of locker
A- Would be surprised and concerned

Q- Because Exhibits are to be kept secure
A- Yes

Q- Are you aware of instructions given for Flying Squad to use the phone
A- I gave no such order

Q- Are you aware that the phone was being used
A- Heard it on news

Q- Did you or ACP Powell instruct CyberCrimes Unit to use the phone
A- Not aware and I gave no such instruction

Q- Are you aware that the phone was being used down there
A- Heard it on the news

Q- Use of phone at CyberCrimes Unit makes you surprised or concerned
A- Concerned

Q- Not surprised
A- Not

Q- Why.
A- There are unscrupulous persons present in some organisations including the JCF

Q- Persons other than designated examiner were interfering with not only phone but data
A- Not aware of that …I have learnt that there are hackers in international systems all over. Just as DIGICEL systems was hacked

Q- This phone was in possession of police and was being used?
A- That’s why I say there are unscrupulous persons

Q- Are you Surprised
A- This is Jamaica. I am not surprised. Lot of criminal even in the police force

Q- have you done a case involving cell phone
A- No. My first one

Rogers I am at and end.

Rogers to judge – I was hoping you would have told me that I am uncharacteristically short.

Miguel Lorne – lawyer for Shawn Campbell otherwise called Shawn Storm begins his cross examinations
Q- Are you aware that Shawn Campbell’s name was issue as person of interest
A- Not aware

Q- Person of interest causes people to lose their jobs
A- Not aware but it can

Q- Shawn Campbell came to see you
A- Yes

Q- In your statement you say ’13th Oct 2011, I was informed he was in custody…’and he spoke to u
A-No sir

Q- Did you investigate why he was in custody
A- I read a document and came to conclusion that he should not be

Q- And you ordered him release
A- Yes

Q- But Shawn told you he heard his name on TV and that’s why he came
A- He never said that and he’s sitting right there (witness indicates in the direction of the dock where Shawn Storm sits)
Lorne – and you are right there

Q- Upon being released he gave you two numbers
A- Yes. Home and cell

Q- And said if you need him to call
A- Yes sir

Q- Further to that his baby mother Camille Chow came to station
A- Yes

Q- She is a very pretty lady
A- She’s beautiful

Q- And she gave you her number
A- Yes

Q- And said if you have difficulty reaching aching Shawn you could call her
A- Yes

Q- You didn’t consider Campbell a flight risk
A- Not at that stage

Q- Later on he gave you his number …lawyers name
A- Yes

Q- And lawyer’s number
A- Can’t recall that but I spoke with lawyer, Michael Deans

Q- Sometime later you called Deans to have Campbell come and see you
A- Yes

Q- That was the second time
A- Yes

Q- He left 14 Oct 2011 and returned 25 of Oct

Q- They came to see you and you told them you are not ready and then came back
A- No they came back on 25th

Q- When. He came first time and gave you address
A- The first time I met him in custody he never came to me

Q- Did you get his address
A- His record is there and an address

Q- Did you at anytime you go to his house or took any item from him
A- No Sir

Lorne ends. The judge now has questions of his own

Judge – Criminals in the JCF
A- Unscrupulous persons

Q- The team of persons who worked on with you this would you identify any of them as unscrupulous
A- No Sir

‘Criminals in the police force’ – #KartelMurderTrial


  1. This Police does not seem professional. it gives the impression that Shawn Storm babymother sweet him up to not charge him or give him special treatment.

    1. Abolute ASSumption…come on now. At some point and time onu affi leggo off a de suss/propgagand dem infuse inna onu head about corruption.

      Not all PU$$y carry power. :ngakak

  2. Don’t kill me here but I don’t like this Lamar chow guy. If it’s him really thief the gun and run way the attorney is now eluding to the fact that he cause his friend lizards death then mr chow doesn’t feel any culpability? I never find the testimony if any criminal to be reliable against a bigger criminal. And did he come clean about his brother in law shawn. The whole heap of twisted questioning and the white wearing is not distracting me from the fact that it’s every criminal for himself . Tired a di verdict me a wait pon

      1. @SMH wee and Lizard hid the guns then got acquainted with men from another area and told them about the guns and these other men stole the guns. But what I don’t understand if kartel knew who stole the guns why not go after them instead???

          1. Met yu right enuh, corey todd and roach (both of whom knows kartel more than all of us) have said it over and over that he is coward, plus when him bounty killer was friends bounty one said kartel was afraid to go to montego bay bcuz men there were threatening him.

      2. Met, why wasn’t Shawn Storm baby mother brought to court? Didn’t they submit phone evidence of her cautioning him not to trust anyone? And since she’s the sister of Lamar who he attempted to murder wouldn’t she be vital to the case?

          1. Shawn convince her that they were not going to kill her brother only Lizard, but he himself know that that is not true. Wee coulda easily been killed that day, but he ran for his life and the dog bite brought confusion to the scene

        1. No one can be forced to testify anony so as much as she and the taxi driver and whoever else may have information, dem cyah force dem fi testify

          1. That is not true @My2cents…Once she’s served with a summons to appear then she has to. Clearly, she is a part of the case.

            @Met, nuff women will back their men before their brothers so its not entirely surprising. You and I are both 100% aware of the fact that they attempted to murder Chow and she knows this.

  3. @original smh!…..naa try kill yuh mum lol but who is better to testify against a criminal odda dan his own partner in crime? In almost every mob/gang related case, is always di foot soldiers squeal pon di boss wen pressure reach dem, to di prosecutors di person who gives di orders is always a bigger fry, dan di person who actually carry out di orders.

    1. yes @Cc Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano the former underboss of the Gambino crime family. He is known as the man who helped bring down John Gotti, the family’s boss, by agreeing to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) government witness.remember

  4. Kartel have you guys weak. All who hate him and all who love him.Talk bout him everyday thats what he want.All of you are Kartel fanatics. Haters and lovers.dwl

  5. Cc dear all when criminal testify pon boss dem ongle tell what benefits them. More time them end up a jail later bc criminals are like addicts. If Lamar own sister a support her man over her brother something inna something, of that I am sure.

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