Hi Met,

I’ve been reading your site for a couple years now and I truly enjoy it, especially the comments. I know you do a lot of mix up and man court stories but today I just need some advice on both. I was hoping your readers could help me out as well.

So I have a friend who has been talking to a popular DJ in Jamaica for a couple years now. By talking I mean they have never met face to face but they message each other quite often. I’ve warned her from day 1 to be careful because the men in this industry are wutless and will use you to get what they want and then dash you away. For quite sometime things have been a little suspicious because he used to write her every night but for the past year now things have been off. Well to make a long story short a couple nights ago she get a message on FB and it’s some woman claiming to be his wife. Yes his wife! She write up a paragraph about how she need to leave him alone before she get one bax. My friend was shaken up by the message and confused. She called me to ask what she should do and I told her to confront him. She asked if he was married and he laughed it off and said no. Now come to find out him just had a baby the other day and di woman send her pics and all. I told her that from the beginning that he was up to no good. Even with all this come to light she still nuh convinced. Mind you this man is a big big DJ at a popular radio station enuh. So it’s not hard to find out if he’s lying but since she’s not in Jamaica she only taking his word. Met I need to know what to tell her in this situation because her heart and head not in the same place and I don’t want her to be heartbroken but worst I don’t want her to be looked at as a matie either because she’s not that kind of character. Should I leave it alone and let her find out the hard way?


  1. Wife/babymodda was right…u fren want a bax.U fren fail fi tell u seh she wire money as well caz I’m sure dats why him stick around suh long and never see har yet.

  2. Morning sender, me want fi aska few questions, don’t think I am being drastic or sarcastic, but you say she has never seen this man, and the cyber space relationship is going on for more than a year, 1. yuh fren ugly or what? 2. no man nuh look pan her in America, , what I want find out ,why these women live in US, but keep up this nonsense bout them have man a yaad, if the Jamaican men here nuh good y uno think the ones them down there is :nerd any better, tell u fren to tek her head out the clouds and stop live in la la land, and fine a nice likkle man yere and come out a dream, wake her up, because she still a sleep. :mewek :matabelo :selamat

  3. Tell yuh friend fe lowe this long distance nonsense of a so called relationship and move on…is she really that stupid??

  4. Sender my advise to you is to cut ur losses n go about ur way u might have invested quite a bit of money I understand but let that b a lesson that love cannot be bought n secondly unnu fi tap buy puss inna bag, I don’t see how much of a broken heart u will suffer cause u Neva see di man in person yet u no know how him hand feel holding urs or nothing so just let it go and try n learn from u mistakes simple oh senda I meant my advise to ur friend (wink wink) alright big woman thing this thing whey u describe bares no resemblance to a relationship was just CUT

    1. ((( LOL))) Chuetie, I cudden seh it better. Great advice!!! Sender read Chuetie advice ten times, shed a tear an move on. Nuff good man deh bout, yuh juss affi go de right place fi find de right man. Truss mi, dem deh bout.

      1. You are so right, Kunta! Nuff sane, non head effing men about. Dancehall/music is not the place to find scrupulous men. Nuff of them are in the industry just to get chicks.
        We women have to broaden our horizons and stop offering up our money, hearts and punnu on a plate , without researching first.

  5. Mi dus nuh get it :mewek How yuh fi ah talk tuh smady fi a couple years an neva meet?? Suh shi nuh hab green card fi travel an him nuh hab visa fi cum a farrin??? Now di fren a seh “…her heart and head not in the same place…” Dawlin, ah long time fi har head an heart nuh inna di right place ef a suh shi flex inna har relationship dem. Mi neva know dem yah kind a simple people still deh bout….kmt

  6. Morning peeps and admin.

    Sender, yu friend a yankee? She de yah stuck wid out papers?

    Cause ticket cheap if you book 14 days in advance…so no excuse why she can’t see man face-to-face and end dis long distance fantasy.

    Yu friend is no better than a matie…she wors-t because she is a MAN CLOWN. A matie is in a stronger position because all a what have your ‘friend’ depress matie would have been aware of from jump street. DWLn

    Again, man clown issues are complex cause it hard fi convince dem, she soon vex wid you fi a tell her fi leave de man alone.

  7. Yes ma, ma, the man clown them wi bex wid u quick a clock if yuh try fi tell them say the man a moscut them out of them money, mi did have one weh every man tell her say them like,she just start cook big fish and choice steak, buy the most expensive clothes and shoes give the boy mine mother inlaw/father inlaw the whole gingeration, and every body except she know seh the boy never want her, when my poor heart cudden tek it no more, mi just :bola her company bud duff baff, brup. :kr

    1. Sketel a fren dem a look bout mine madda n fadda FOH wit dat me a outlaw mi no deal wid inlaw kmt

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