Hello Met! Do you remember uncle mucks the man weh swear up and down she him no deh wid the young girl him did tek under him wing and all leak naked pic if har pon twitter? Well as we all knew he was lying dem did have a likkle boy. But I guess everything is not well in paradise. This should be a lesson to di young gal dem weh think them old man weh want dem will treat dem good and the old man weh want young girls.







  1. F**ka u tek Di ppl dem young gal pickney and spoil har up bout tek under wing u mean u tek har under u cock

  2. Social media is one hell of a thing #air #dirtylaundry. Men not suppose to put their hands on a woman so yu deserve it (the stab). And this woman\girl you are to blame. Nothing is wrong with dating older men @sender. I’m 24 and never dated a man younger than 30. Once the abuse and disrespect start do not tolerate it or leave no matter how good he is treating you, THERE IS ALWAYS BETTER OUT THERE. Nothing beats an independent woman #education #ambition #determination. When you have those he will see your worth and know that you can do better without him and ensures that he does his best for you to stay with him

    1. How is she to blame? Why when man wicked and evil someone always there to blame the woman in some way? Educated and money women a get bax dung and kick dung every rass day of di year. Halle Berry get beat till har ears drum buss and she partially deaf no, Nigella Lawson husband when hab she inna choke hold right in public. Go tell di wicked hawt man dem fi better demself and seek goodness in dem hawt, a dem is to blame.

  3. isn’t this the same young girl and man that sat onstage and swear on everything that it was just a business music relationship am confused I wonder if met still have that clip the two ah them too fukin dry eye nuh sorry fi none them did take john public fi ediot

  4. Met I’m sure you recall me emailing you asking you about about her several times. I was afraid she would reach this low without someone guideing her back on the right path. This is sad. He ruin her and abused her to the point where she retaliated. I’m sure he found someone younger than her by now hence th continuous drama in their relationship. I do not understand why these grown men ruin little girl lives and wonder why they turn prostitute, bitches, whores and all the names they choose to call them. I still do not understand why she think her future would have been brighter after what he did to the girls prior to her. She got her warning when he leaked the picture but yet she stayed and lied on camera about this whole Charade. I hope her mom steps in now as she seems to be relaxed and letting this poor child handle her own problems. Mother , Please take your daughter back , the baby is here already, Let her continue to progress with her singing her voice is so beautifull and this can be her redemption and future riches. Give her all the help you can as she needs more than an intervention.

  5. Mek davina mo e ar rasss. Who hype like she bout her baby fada? N wen ppl try help her she run right back 2 him. Good 4 them both

  6. she left her dad in ny and went back to ja with the baby, was back at Kurrup house, you can see all the pics on her insta with all the artist dem who pass tru too.Hopefully she will leave him this time for real cause she will think about the baby first now. I think her mom still live in the same scheme, is grow she grow up there and love off kurrup from she lilly bit. but no one can really talk to her, is when she get older she will realise how she waste time with him.

  7. Yes him is a woman beater. Him use to beat Bobbie to I witnessed him box Bobbie one day at Hedo….Stab out him raas next time he will think twice…f**ker!

    1. Is true but him seem to have a psychological problem or the recreational drugs fry him brain. Him seem to like them young cause Bobbie she was 16 when she go live wid him. Regular him give her the drugs dem too she high pan ecstasy and drunk and him beat beat har, then strip har and beat har. So is him MO get dem young and control dem wid licks.

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