Dear Met,

I seriously have bad luck with women, I am a woman as well, but no matter how many friendships I come across they never last! Women always hate me because of Men, My Devil May Care Attitude, The way I carry myself like a lady, etc etc .. I’ve tried minimizing my real life friend list and narrowed down to about 3 people I probably considered my real friend; but still didn’t trust 2/3. I always seem to attract Crazy people no matter what, I was once told that I “carry people” never quite understood that statement. I’ve never in my life stole from a friend, whether it be man or money, I never disrespect my friends or chat my friends. I’m very level-minded. I’m more of a peacemaker than a fighter honestly .. Not saying I don’t have my days where I get angry but I would never harm anybody, but somehow most of my friends no matter how much I have done for them or have their back whenever they get upset they always want to get physical with me .. And not just that most of them are into me as well! All the physical altercations I’ve had in my life was with a female who I was sexually involved with (not a butch a girly girl) it’s not a relationship, but I guess something to do when theres nothing to do. They however are always more into me than I am into them and I tend to not care much about their personal feelings intimately and that created several issues because of my nonchalance. They always have a problem with the men I date, always giving me ultimatums between my relationship and their friendship, I always choose the man though. I don’t know if I come off selfish and it builds up hatred inside these people or if it’s plain ol envy. I’ve had women befriended me and tried to get my man to hate me under sikes.

I have a “friend” who gets mad every time we go out and I get in the car she makes silly remarks as such, “why you always have to dress like that” “you always dressing up” “you don’t have regular clothes” “you have to wear makeup?” Mind u I barely do a full face of makeup always something light (I don’t contour or beat my face). My so called friends have stolen things from me, material things of course , money etc. I’ve had a friend told me she was jealous of me because of the way my mother treated me and she couldn’t understand why her mum couldn’t treat her that way she said she felt intimidated by me and have been jealous of me since childhood later on she made advances on me and whenever my bf would f**k up she would make advances on me, kiss my back rub me down and eat my p**!. Whenever I’d try to leave her she would always try to fight me which she has twice ! I did end that friendship because I found that very creepy. I don’t know what the problem is I’m starting to think I am the problem, metters what do you think?


  1. Oh Lorttt, be careful what you ask for, your about to get it: first of all I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your so called friends munching your carpet. Ijs. Secondly who needs friends of the jealous caliber. If they jealous, tell them bye and keep it moving. Don’t I repeat don’t tell anyone your personal business between you and a man. And lastly I’m assuming your young early twenties, I may be wrong. But you have to make better choices in having people around you. Not everyone that smile and nod is your friend. Be more selective and cautious.

  2. Good day met
    Good day metters

    Senda, i think you is are di provlem.

    Mi a sense a likkle bit a bragging from yuh.

    I swear mi sense yuh tink yuh sh-it can mek patty.

    You seem to ave di desease weh a go round nuff nuff dese days… name attention seeker.

    Next time yuh a sen in story to met, sen in di physical fights weh yuh a ave wid yuh girlfrien dem, cuz mi neva di two lesbian fight an mi woulda really like fi si if unno fight different.

      1. Goodaz met!!! waah gwaan?

        Why dem ppl yah luvsen in dem rhetorical stories? Asking for advice, dem already know di answers demself.

        unno know wi tongue vely vely light ova ere, an wi ago gi unno ital advice lol.

  3. Stop f@ck yuh friend dem, hope that helps kmt. Any gal or man who cannot maintain a friendship without f***g that friend deserves all the f@cks they get gal go teach yuh pussy bout platonic friendship and come off a Di bc wall

    1. Omgawwwwwwd :ngakak this lady need fi sit down pon MET virtual pink couch twice weekly but it may cost her. #PayPal #PagingallMetters #PagingallMetters

  4. Lundun, I agree, she is an attention seeker and also a bit conceited. Sender You clearly seem able to analyse your friends and identify the problems so I am sure you would be able if you chose to avoid such friendships. I think you get something from seeing these women getting upset over you and you feed off this. You need to take a good look at the person your three fingers are pointing at when you are pointing at your so called friends as therein lies the real issue.

  5. How is she an attention seeker when her friends are clearly disloyal and obsessed with her d gal thief from her d gal dem envy her .. D gal dem blatantly tell her seh dem jealous !!!! And a she ah d problem? Lol lundun you are in ur feelings about something cuz I don’t get where u coming from ! I don’t get attention seeker this person just don’t choose good people and I’m sensing sender don’t have siblings because why u even care bout friend and company ??? Mek u family u friend ! I u don’t have family stay to u self nobody don’t loyal nowadays ! NOBODY!!! don’t forget that .. Low out people and u need have better judgement u seem naive ! And none of these people are your friends ! And I don’t see why she should keep her vagina to herself that is her decision and it’s not like a she a run down d friend fi fck dem is dem a chase she .. That’s what I got but some people on here .. Ah dem kinda friend deh Ina d post that’s why dem can’t get it …

    1. yuh naah bingo, cuz di only ting mi inna my feelings bout, is dis portion a salt an peppa prawns wid extra chilli and onions weh mi a get weh inna.

      now, mi mek mi observation, mek yours an fly away.

      nuff a wi can read words, but can’t read between the lines, or read and undastan di tone of a “story.” a person can write weh dem want, an try hold back pon what dem really want seh. But it will still be revealed to those who know how to “read.”

      hush, yuh mind simple, but with time, yuh will learn di skill to strengthen it. JMG will help yuh, just stay tuned.

  6. Met Dr max got this one…sender just turn the thing in 1 big fcuking orgy and call it a day…bcuz I want it bothe ways n don’t want to commit

  7. I don’t think she’s bragging, eeason being I can relate. Women could be very jealous of each other, and jealousy sometimes leads to hate which is unwarranted. The only fault I find is that, sender does not have a regular friendship with the women who hate her. She has a sexual relationship, and not totally invested in it, meaning she only want the licky licky and no emotional ties, while they do. Sender do not understand the difference of a bestie and sex partner. Sender once u go to bed with a female she’s your lover, have a chat with her what type of relationship is it going to be, if is just you and her aloe in a committed relationship or, your gonna have you man and she’s gonna be on the side.

  8. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak………..

    when this bi-gal seh…. mind you i don’t contour or beat mi face,just a little make up or how mi mada treat me a deh suh it hit nd mi jus kin rite ova…lady a de pus-c suck’n yuh miss from dat main best friend nd yuh keep telling her yuh gonna leave de man but through the money yuh won’t nd she get tired of waiting nd suck’n you out cuz yah play wid har feelings suh yuh flip it nd a cum wid dis BS

  9. You attract the wrong people because you keep looking in the same places. Why entertain people who abuse your friendship? One time, maybe, but there should never a second time from the same person. Matter of fact, stop seeking friendships. Just live your life and the right people will come in to play. *** Lurker starts singing “What Friend we have in Jesus”**

  10. Looking pass all the salacious details in your post, I can only suggest that the problem is you. We can’t change people, and the only change we can expect is to frolm ourselves. Simply things like STOP being intimate with your female friends. Who can stop this but you? I’ve had female friends (one proposition me, plus she is my God-son’s mother), guess what? She got checked, and I ended the freindship. I don’t play that shit, ooman can sexually assault other women, too. And I do not sleep with women, nor any of my friends (regardless of Gender). Jealous friends, as females I think we’ve all dealt with this, so either you like the drama or you don’t. I don’t keep Jealous people in my life as friends, acqaintance sure but never friends, something you shold consider. Maybe you are just naive as the poster uptop said, all the same this is your life, and you owe no one the right to be in your life that you don’t want there. Care about yourself, set standards for your “front” and your life in genaral and then live by them. You’ll be ok.

  11. I can relate have these same issues right now because of that I stAy to myself don’t have friends!!

  12. I relate I’m a confident classy woman and always females that are ghetto are jealous of me. When you look good females always hate for no reason.

    1. No they hate you when you think you are better than people & think you look better than people…..confident women don’t have to talk about how much they have going for them….the proof is in the pudding….

  13. So da if ah Chevy send dis in? Lmao….she deh pan ig ah talk bout she like to let girls lick her but she nah return di favor and no one on one…only if ah she an har bae true she like watch fi har man & other women lmao

  14. Sender everyone on her has valid points and valid opinions… You are the one who can say enough is enough… Choose your friends wisely before you let them in 100 percent… It’s time to grow up and learn a little something… Stop the cycle before it gets to far that you can’t but a handle to it… Stop dealing with your so call friends in a sexually manner… If you want a female interaction every once in a blue moon seek that from someone else that is not considered a friend… Be humble and be a true friend to someone, so your so call friends won’t think they are beneath you… If your looking up to par, help your friend look up to par so she can also be confident and sexy has you are… So you both can shine when you go out at night… But never think you are better than your friends because that will always cause a problem… Now you are the only one hold the keys to your destiny so choose wisely the way you choose to go…

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