Section 8: Hasidic Neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, Receives High Level of Federal Aid, Reports Say
Up to a third of residents in South Williamsburg take part in the Section 8 voucher program, WNYC and the New York Daily News reported. The area has some of the highest rental costs in the U.S.



  1. But they dont live in a ghetto verses a black section 8 area weh trash dirty high crime ghetto see da difference

  2. Because many of the Orthodox men don’t work, dem claims seh studying di Torah and other written works is dem work, same ting dem do a Israel. The women are homemakers so they have to get house and food chu di govt.

    1. You are 110% correct!! In Israel they are well known for this. They tend to have many children too, yet no one criticize them for milking the system. They are also known for their shady business dealings.

  3. One of the big SECRETS of society is a lot of certain groups of people recieve millions of $’s or/and £’s to set up business or just to live a easy financial life, secretly funded by the government… Black people will never recieve such beneficial grants.
    Thats why these people live so easy cause they are well funded without working for it, while the blacks have to struggle…

    1. Yes about owning these run down apartment buildings. Not only Brooklyn, but also in Harlem. A lot of these buildings end up in flames after awhile (Arson?).

    1. I for one will never believe we are or ever were worthless. The industrial revolution happen because of our free labour. If we were so lazy why fight so hard to keep us in bondages. Plus, I was NEVER raised around no worthless black people. I realize early on the system lean ‘gainst us, and to a lesser degree against other people of color. But that never stop us from trying. From hustling, to earning a bread the 9-5 way my people. Black people nuh mek nutten hold dem down. Yes, every group have the careless ones and we are no different. But worthless? NEVER!! The one who created us will reveal in time our true value…wait and see.

  4. I use to be a welfare fraud investigator in Brooklyn and every Hasidic house whe you visit, the husband work fi the Rabbi and mek a hundred dollars a week. And if you ever si dem furniture, them put hollywood to shame.

  5. Them people there well organize. Because of the Hitler business them act like say the world owe them and the should be treated special. Black s facing struggle and oppression who cares. Them send the young back man them a prison daily for crime they don’t do. It’s just sad. Them murder them. Oh Lord them people is quite ok. Me andy kids need help and all those luxuries I can’t get.

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