Dear Met,

I am a regular blogger on your site, this new forum that you have recently began gives me the opportunity to ask the advice of my fellow bloggers or even the peepers and yourself Met about moisturizers and hydrating foundation. I have dry skin, always have so I make it a point of duty to always lotion my self properly, I have no problem with the body because the lotions that I use assists very well, the problem is a good hydrating foundation. I have tried almost everything, from Estee lauder, Bobby Brown, Lancôme, Benefits, Chanel and now Bare essentials, but I am just not satisfied. Lancôme had given me a regimen which looked good and helped, it gave me the glow that I liked but it was very expensive to keep up and I know that there has to be some that will work without breaking the pocket, a good face moisturizer recommendation will also be helpful. Thanks in advance to all who will answer..

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  1. Also stop using tap water to wash your face use purified bottled water. I had the same dry skin problem tried so many moisturizers some of which you have mentioned. Decided to stop using tap when when I noticed a strong chlorine scent in it. My skin has never looked better.

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