1. As much as mi like yakini and dogg passa uno fi ease up offa har a tiny bit,chuh…We all have flaws in appearance dats why she cova up her flaws..Now uno mek yak yak a walk round like halla raisin bread.Yak nuh falla dem yaw

    1. wap wap beating for u :mewek
      but its the truth…she wear tights we chat n she doe wear we seh mistake :hammer n u se raisin :tkp

  2. Are those remnants of ‘sore’ (as what Jamaicans call it) or tatoo????!! Unuh see it that JMG is very powerful….if the stocking and tights issue never bring up here, Scamini wudden show us her legss :ngakak

  3. di titeniss inna di dress sen di wol a di fat gawn dung a battam den di shoez sen up back sum…di poor fat get back up inna di bag a lumpy :nohope

  4. she looks nice. probably a lot better than some of you bloggers. Someone probably went through every pic she had to try and find what they might call a flaw. I couldn;t be a dancehall superstar, llok how you judge the lady feet

  5. Are those mosquito bites discolorations all over her legs??? Sorry mum I know I asked you to show us some leg but my girl either invest in some MAC Body Foundation or put on back the tights….

  6. I guess everyone who post here should be in the running for Ms World perfect body and beauty queen the way how some of you can gwan and look and pick every little thing and flaw inna people, waaaaay too disgusting and so unnecessary more times…SMFH@ black people

    Girl you look fine nothing nuh wrong with the way you look or dress and the bottom line is smaddy on here have issues with you so no matter what you wear or dont wear dem a guh find fault and chat you cah some how that makes them feel better about dem selfs which is beyond sad!!!

  7. …its obvious she didnt get her legs done. her legs are still obese. she still looks cute…nothing some squats and running cant tighten.

  8. Yakini mi lie yuh body not ready fi di video light since you are about life! yuh nuh sexy an yuh fassy fassy yam foot dem is going to be yuh down fall fi di type ah man dem dat you want if ah man ah guh spen him money pan yuh yuh ah fi luk like sexy apple FLAWLESS!!!

  9. met your editing dem always kill me dead___________________________________ met say skammy _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ pass di f**k out

  10. Please har dance coming up so a gooda all she tell her friend dem fi send this een fi stay relevant, not buying it one bit.

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