Hello good morning Met. I’m one of your loyal bloggers who is always giving advice but is now seeking advice from you and the other bloggers. I’m heartbroken because I think I have just lost a friend who was beginning to mean a lot to me. We were starting to build an emotional bond and I think I ruined everything…all because I over reacted to something he said to me. Even though I did not like the comment that he made, I think I took the comment way out of context and I may have said some things that were hurtful to him. I apologized to him this morning and his response, although positive, seemed a bit vague and stand offish. I really miss talking to him …what is the best way to mend, heal and to put this situation behind us ????????… my friend…again…I miss you and I am sorry. Please don’t walk away

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  1. Well this is a sticky situation, first i need to ask if this relationship is more than friendship?

    What ppl don’t realize is WORDS are very powerful and needs to be spoken gentle, yes you broken your freinds heart but if your friendship was anything in the first place then a forgiving heart should also be a part of this freindship. You can’t do nothing but make the person truly feel like you sorry but don’t over do it because a true freindship does not need over doing,

          1. Very good advice…..@Smh, yuh get an A++ fi dat

            ‘If your friendship was anything in the first place then a forgiving heart should also be a part of this friendship’ That statement is so true.

            And Sender, please try to think before you speak cawsen sey, di spoken word can NEVER be taken back (chuh!!!….Need fi tek mi own advice thu)

  2. Our friendship has not gotten physical yet but there was a very strong emotional bond building. I hope he at least listens to the song and just replace the “girl” with “boy”.

  3. Good morning sender I would like to add my little two cents in, you said you apologized to him this morning, I hope it was in person and NOT over the phone, If it was over the phone, you need to ask TO see HIM, as it makes a HUGE difference in sincere apology, eye contact while you try to resolve the issue. Making him understand what triggered you to respond that way and conveying to him how meaningful your friendship is should break him down much, allowing him to speak and not interrupting him will be also helpful. Communication is the key to ANY relationship whether intimate or platonic good luck to you!.

  4. Yettttttttt….the last line what does that have to do with anything? if this is a man on man , woman on woman, man on woman, it doesn’t matter. i thought this was about how one needs to behave when they’re in like or love.


  5. maybe you also realize that your true self is showing to the person. No one wants to be around a psycho, and maybe some of that escaped. hard to put the genie back in the bottle. best to let the person know that is a part og your personality and then see if them can deal with it

      1. go back and read what you posted. you used the word over reacted… somehow I think you went ballistic and you know it. because anyone who you are building a bond with will overlook normal overreaction.. but when you take it to another level, they begin to think twice about what kind of individual they are dealing with

        1. pmrm it soun like wen men n men war an tings get outtah control..evn wid suma dem mad gyal yah weh man nuh wah forgive..juss move on n lowe di “man” em wi forgive in due time if at all

  6. Met you know mi like dah sinting yah whey yuh ah do, caws yuh bloggers dem are very intelligent and funny all in one, si pmrm come wid ah comment deh whey mek mi pred whey pon grung lolololll, an yuh know how mi love laugh, but on a serious note our difference of opinion is good for self learning and understanding, keep it up….ALSO METTERS I HAVE A QUESTION (I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE AWAY FROM THIS TOPIC) so I will formally send it in to Met and she will put it up for me Obara Meji

  7. This is for Sender’s friend! I’m asking for your forgiveness on behalf of sender. Sometime things get best of us and we blow things out of proportion. Sender is very sorry and as you can see she cares alot about your friendship.just think of all the times and memories you shared and don’t throw it away over petty argument.

    1. Observer you must loveee me because with all the comments you always fine mines..and only Met could trouble me and sometimes even then i can’t be control….

        1. Met you a headache with that first Met you see Paul Range party pics? that’s for another day. back to this topic here.

          1. me a headache…u have h ina ur name to and no mi nuh see mr paul pictures at all..what a way u scoping out the girls dem pet :maho

          2. di whole heep a girls whey mine him and di one whey gi him di ”Sheniel” necklace whey day…………….mine u mek him wife stalk down mi site till di http drap offa it ooooooooooooo :tkp
            him r di girls men :hammer

          3. Yuh know mi a go do as u seh and stop sorry fi dem but a not even dem mi a sorry fah a di ooman dem and mi a go stop sorry fi dem! because dem feel comfortable a mine man and no real man dont need no woman fi mine dem :travel
            and some a dem know something not right and dem cuss and fight ova di man dem knowing dat di man dem dont want no ooman..smh talk di tings yah

          4. Met you feel sorry for them?? kmt / cha / wtf / gimmie a break. if they don’t feel sorry for themselves why should we?

            maybe is should be changing my name now

        2. Imagine that possibility metty :nohope: couldn’t be further from the truth PUHLEEZEEEEEEEEEEE em not evn a real “him” :travel

          1. observer you could come fine out how real i am,,CANADA BOUND!,,i might like men but guarantee you if you meet me you would have nothing to say after i give you what you looking for,,bout not real! man me name and man me look like!!!!!!!unno luddyyyyyyyyy no rassssssssss

          2. a whey di________________________________________ den if u like man how u fi give zervah what she looking for..u man confused much?? doe badda ansa :travel

          3. observer is the one that said i’m not a real man,,so him no need to see how real i am? those r d woman these man sleep with that have so much chat for nothing,,

            WHAT’S MAKE A REAL MAN? did not know how or who him sleep with makes him real,,cha back to the topic on hand

          4. mi guh cook enuh caw yuh wah my likkle man lef mih….yuh naw dun offa mih @ smh. Mi did seh yuh not a real man?? mi seh yuh not a real “him”

            HIM…”masculine” pronoun
            MAN….a genome that has inherited a “Y” chromosome from his father. The Y chromosome is the genes used to make a MAN :ngakak

            tel mi now which a dem yuh is? doah ansa oooooo :travel

  8. @Sender….I kno it’s hard sometimes to refrain from letting harsh words come out cos I have a temper too but try Hun to go by this golden rule: a soft word turns away anger but grievous words
    Stir up wrath

  9. Proffer a sincere apology with no excuses and hope for the best. Do not incessantly call or message the person, or recruit other people to reach out to them on your behalf. Do not get nasty and start saying shit like “If you was my real friend………” Apologize and accept whatever happens after. Also, because the person may opt to not deal with you after that or they alter the relationship doesn’t mean that they haven’t forgiven you, or that they were not a true friend or some rubbish like that. It just means that they do not wish to subject themself to whatever transpired again. You have to respect that.
    In General (AS A PREMISE AND NOT AT YOU SPECIFICALLY SENDER); oftentimes, people do or say reckless shit and feel like “sorry” or “mi never mean it” should be some vanishing ointment…. it no work dah way deh. Say what you mean, mean what you say; and deal with the consequences of whatever happens with the same temerity with which you executed the offending action.

  10. Sender i hope you got some good advise , by the way do you know why you behave in such a way in the first place? sometimes action is the real feelings of one’s heart.

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