Lengendary Rochelle
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b**dclath dutty deck deck spendas bring mi bl**dclath kids them tax money weh u out a road a front wid like u have money p**when u out a road a hype mek people them know seh a ro,ro an prince tax money u a hype pon deck deck u don,t have nothing p**y u baby shower a ro ro an prince money p**y me an u an in a court an the wid the I.R.S p**sy u should a glad mi gi u two kids weh u cah live pon p**sy me an u in a America play time over wid u now dutty low life boy this is the last time u na live pon them because u na mind them all u give them was one set a food an $90 deck deck mi an u pu**y u going to wish u did put that check in my account when I done wid u in ya u going to sorry u f**k wid my kids them money u low life shit house a mi a mind mi kids them pu**y
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Lengendary Rochelle u file tax fi my kids them an u na mind them deck deck u must see madddd me an u p**sy


  1. Waste life u in USA .Movie star dey bout too long fe can’t file tax for ur own kids ‘ why u never let your mom file for them. Stop breed & Abondon your kids that’s why him can do that to u always .

  2. LOL, Fallen Movie Satr just upset over Deck Deck and his new life/soon to be wife.
    She breed and the man run way.
    Kerry Ann breed and Deck Deck still on Deck.
    LOL, these people, these people


  3. listen Rochelle can file for her kids them now that,s how she found out that pussy hole file for her kids and it,s on far for him to file for them and not helping her to take care of them and she is not upset about is life Rochelle have beautiful baby boy last summer for her husband so she can never be upset about deck deck carless life right is an wrong is wrong but I told Rochelle to leave him to time because what go,s around come right back around an none of u all have to like her she have who to love Rochelle is my friend and she is not a bad person she just have a hot head an she know she is right she vent out and don,t give a f**k and for u mr deck deck god is goig to give u a beating for what u have done your wicked person but god is going to deal with u don,t worry Rochelle I,m going to show how to fix his ass

  4. Yuh mean to tell mi seh deck deck money nuh nuff,a lie den a how him a floss so an a fly een hydraneas from oversees fi baby shower…nooooo yuh lying di man deh pon one piece a moggling….yuh serious him lifestyle FAKE …dem need fi stopppp…one bag a bragging an all dese tings an nah mind dem pickney…an mi cyaan stan when ppl love jump up bout di odda ooman fi move on…di ooman have all right fi vent,man nah tek care a him kids an a live life like him rich…foh if a unu a man do it to unu would be pissed…right a right

  5. If Deck Deck file fi har kids and nah support them she should mek IRS gi him the full length. It don’t matter if she have a million kids how u fi nah mine di kids and want to collect? Him fi go rub some time bakka dat its very very out of order

  6. Story come to bump wey papers Rochelle hab ‘ those bandulla documents from longtime . She don’t have No papers but party flyers & children birth papers in a USA . Her mother is a citizen & can’t file for her check her records old booster dat .

    1. So Deck Deck a teef from a teef . Him need fi go jail for that money he stole from the children. Damn teef.

      1. Yuh can have pickney whey u nah mine and run go claim dem? Ive never seen anything like dis yet. Report him to the IRS and mek sure him cannot claim them another year him rude man

  7. That’s just wrong and deck deck should give her the kids money cause woman come and goes but your kids will always be your kids unoo need fi stop show off and put the kids first act unoo wages all that excitement for what put the kids first they’re the future deck deck they will hate yuh cause dem have sense can’t trick these now a days kids

  8. rochelle a wicked she no care bout the pickney them she have every pickney she have she left them withthe man them an go deh with different man from her first bf to movie star kenny to deckdeck an same ting she go do lucky amoney mek shedeh with lucky

  9. That’s not the point she need to get her kids tax money and since she so bad y good good deck deck steal her money only hope u don’t fall in the same predicament cause all when she have a million kids that don’t mean she not to get them tax money stick to the point in this case it is the tax money lol

  10. let me tell u something that girl have her kids from them lock up deck deck on Murdock with gun an weed an he had a case in arizona about two years ago and that girl been working an taking of her kids them and him don,t give her nothing for them and by the way Rochelle only have five kids the only child she didn,t grow is ken son an she do have her shit were she can file for her kids not because she is not on social media bragging and fronting Rochelle have change her life by working and taking care of her kids tings happen in life but it take a real woman to make a change in her life deck deck deck is too wicked when him did steal her kids them out of her house him did go join the welfare line but rochelle stand up like a real woman an work and take care of her kids them him have no right fi take the kids them money I spoke to her and if him did even give her $2000.00 she would have chill him too wicked but deck u gruge Rochelle because u see were she is heading hype life she been there done that she is just defending her kids them money the girl love har kids them the girl have so much plans for her kids but deck deck u going to live to see her

  11. @Me love har#A lie u a tell#Dont know wat the f**k u talking about.Please#Duty Rochelle left her son a Philadelphia Too#All now shi nu go gi him#a deck deck dem family. A look out fi him#that bitch is jealous over deck deck baaaaad

    1. Uno can wrong and strong with it OMG..He stole his children’s money he isn’t supporting him fi go jail for that he is wicked. She jealous because she want her kids money????????????

  12. All of you who gave comments about Rochelle and deck deck lives need to come out of the people business and go check out all yours lives and living condition, mi talk the one’s who capture people house and no want pay any rent just live free with all the different men pickneys wah you got after a one time f**k or a hello,good bye relationship, welfare tired to see you all, mi talk the crusher them who thief pon a daily basic, mi talk the one’s who set up man fi get robbed,mi a talk the one’s who just dressed up with thieving clothes fi go brag in a people party like you buy them, you all dressing code is $00 dollars crush them all with five fingers credit cards mi can go on, on but you all knows you all lifestyles, go and take care of them, most of you need to go clean una dirty house where you all sleep, piss, shit and some time eat because most of you house duty and full of roaches and chinks and you all come a road like you all a somebody, CHECK YOU ALL SELF FIRST. Deck Deck and Rochelle will not stop loving each other don’t care what dogs fight they had or having, you all just jealous of them, if you can’t say good about the both of them don’t said nothing, when things was right with them most of you jealous of them relationship, most of you had a lot to say about them quietly, but now you all feel brave and think you have the right to disrespect them with you all so calls comments, there is no taking side in this, you all wanted the chance to voice you all bad minded opinions about them.Stopped kicking a person down when their down, whatever happening in there lives they are hurting, people do things to cover up their feelings and that is called PRIDE, which is a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity. So sorry the kids got caught up in this, but wah the f**k you all cares, most of you all believes in killing the suckling on the breast if it boil down to that, but think, those children will grow up they will hear or see the scorn you people manifested for their parents, who will answer the question Why or who will cares to, the damages had done. she had the right to express her feeling about her situation, you guys don’t have the right to blow it up and disrespected both of them, I am sorry she put her business on public media for people to use it as a listerine mouthwash to wash out them duty mouth, leave the people business alone, let them solve it without you all get involve, when things was right with them it was only two heads on the pillow. Mix up mother f..kers

    1. Yuh know the song weh Movado sing and in it him say “lost mi lost dem lost mi lost dem easy easy pass dem”???? It comes to mind when mi read ur comment cause you lost me waaaaayyyyy round a gully. Really my girl???? How must one bad mind Rochelle when a she put her own business on Social Media. So how ppl badmind her and kicking her when she down. If a personal friend had dash out her private business then badmind may have been in order yes, but Rochelle has been on this wall before so she is noooo stranger to this. She can handle herself but good looking out though ma’. Rochelle says thanks. Kmt

  13. MY MY MY Out of all these comments only one make sense BIG UP comment #20 you have nuff sense. Bad mind continue on uno have to much time on your hands fi otha people business


  14. I see this is jealousy on her part. Since him keep big baby shower and getting married to his good up real wife to be, it ah bun her. How she want to claim pickney when she never really took care of her kids in the first place? She very money hungry. Thats why she left Kenny in the first place. When money drop out she gone to the next victim. Deck Deck took care of her well. It’s better him spend on someone who would be loyal and who will have some real ambition in life. Not laying on the back breeding fi keep man.

    1. WTH whey u mean she money hungry?? a she teef di money or him? Tell Deck Deck fi bring back the children dem money

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