0 thoughts on “DEDMENTS!

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    the last comment inna de red square look like a stew peas alone him keep posting cuden it simply be because a dat him love nd stay asking him babymada fah…anuh evry badi stay like robbaz nd deh pon the pantiritis thing nuh drawz wata nah lay all man belly tuh pusc rest :nerd

    1. No seriously… Was thinking the SAME thing which is y I clicked to read the comments. No need for me to reiterate… U said it!! B

    2. Mi didda wonda if a skellion or green peppers and stew peas usually a bit redder if mi recall, a nuh summen mi eat often, but mi nuh recall it suh white..mussi canned peas used meck it. Anyways, a hot meal afta work is a joyous ting, suh gwan tru missis.

  2. That dnt look appetizing..mi wouldnt feed mi granny pigs dem with it much less…da pot dey mek gaza slim food look delicious

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