Dee i know for a fact that u a deh with a married man. STOP IT! U mek the man tell yuh the regular man lie bout wife and u believe and bout yuh in love cuz the man buy a ticket fi u go Jamaica go phuck u out. The man nah lef him wife. If only she knew har man love man like u. Yuh is wicked because u know the man wife an say them deh from dem deh high school and a big ole man looking gal like u weh deh pon Facebook everyday a gwaan like goody goody fi do betta. Doe let mi sen in the man picture wid fi u

11 thoughts on “DEE, BUT YOUR MAN MARRIED

  1. Dee you a mistress,side chick all the above you are f***g a married man,you just have to keep quiet because the man would run you if you ever loud it up.

  2. Sender, you a call out hypocrisy 😀 😀 a so dem roll when dem think fi dem business push far out a John public eye sight 😀

    Btw, the man love man, or a the hypocrite you a call man? :hammer

  3. Dirty Dee need to wash the vagina juices off her tongue before she dare tries to violate anyone. Dee is a ole SADOMITE she need fe gweh!

  4. Are these claims true, I don’t know Dee personally, she’s a friend on FB but didn’t know she’s a regular side chick… The post that she has on her page I would think that she’s a intelligent woman, it seems like she has her life going on but would never think by the way she carriers herself from what she shows everyone that she wouldn’t stand to be someone’s side chick, especially since it seems like she has her life together with a promising career, why would she settle for less and not reach for the best in a man… I hope this is a lie you a tell sender because I’m shocked but you must know more than me still cah mi don’t know har…. :cd

  5. Hold up Dee always a side from Shawn days ‘ Sandra dog ex man look at Ricky 247 she looks horrible with those boobs hanging down green giant. She always a sleep with ppl man Carreer or education stop don’t women from open up them legs to married man .

  6. She is a bit much at times! I’m not surprised. She is one of those people who stretches the truth a bit and exaggerates especially with those who don’t know better.

    To top it all off she jus a loud up di ting an har file is not clean… Smh

  7. Dee need to take several seats damn gummy bear,har teeth dem fine like and her gum are discolored,shape bad like,she’s a entertainer on fb say things to get likes and hear what people have to say,when Dee was with the last guy she was off fb and ig,now she’s man less,she’s bored out her mind she sleep and eat fb and ig she post every 2mins,she’s one of those people who want sympathy and attention all the time,sometimes you need not to post so much about all the personal things going on in your life,Dee bored bad,let her entertain her followers it feeds her soul she craves attention badly… You right she fronts a lot like she have most going,if Dee ever have all what claim an act so,she wouldn’t be on fb so much.. according to one of her post social let people be rich etc she’s one too act as if she alone have all this career thing going. Nope not jealous of her.

  8. Dee does too much fronting for social media it’s sad! She is secretary who portrays to be a fashion exec . And acts like her shit don’t stink when it does .

  9. Wow pretty plus! You r not at all far from the truth.

    People should be grateful but no dah can u imagine if she was actually an Exec???

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