DEE …………DEE……….. MI SEH DEE……….. 3 TIME DEE


she neva nervous with that color hair so why ppl fi nervous inna dem fake brand?


Broadway Dee Scarlett

I would rather where no brand then fake brand..i swear at times i see people rocking the hell out of fake stuff and i think to myself yall dont be nervous? Mi really curious..

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Nichola S Davis But dee di way how fake tek ova di place even wen yuh wear yuh real tings people sey a fake. Dwl

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Diana Ross Perry lol at nervous. Cho

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Kirk Fashon Dead.

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Douglas Dougie-Platinum Robinson Nichola S Davis I strongly agree!!! It has completely taken over. Cuz all when them have on the fake them tek GOD off a the cross and a say a REAL.

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Shelly Classic I agree with dee 100%;I think if I have to wear fake that mean I can’t afford it……rather to wait and buy the real shit even if it’s the only one.Mesha Slim Willi

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Shelly Classic Sorry @Nichola Davis it’s foes tek over but when you know real shit sometimes you recognize it from a far

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Broadway Dee Scarlett Its never that serious.. I would rather save mi lickle pennies dem for aslong as mi can to get the real thing lol no sah

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Mika Rae #Forever21#H&M#Zara. My No brand never fails meBroadway Dee Scarlett

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Shaneeka Thomas Especially than Chanel brand, everything have double C all over it

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Camille Spencer That’s funny as heck saw an Italian looking chic at the mall yesterday rocking a prada bag and if my friend wasn’t well fass i wouldn’t have seen it said PADA not a R in sight i could have passed out from laughing.. it’s hard out there y’all for all ethnic groups… lol

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  1. sender yuh nervous that’s why yuh sen in dis, dwlllll. di girl nuh say nuttin wrong, a true she a talk. look like she hit the nail pon YUH head that’s why yuh mad. u mad or nah?????? lol

  2. True anonymous drag queen have more sex appeal than this horse mouth dee . She can never soften up & look sexy but love critic ppl . Trust me i don’t want to see ur face when u wake up in the morning with out made up or eye lash one ugly B….fire like the wayans brother say fe put out the ugly gal in the movie fire .

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