TanyaFluffy N Confidentbad Mendez Iesha Evabless

20 hours ago

We guh inna dan dan wid wi lollipop and see who vex….and don’t mek no hypocrite pon yu frenlist act like dem nuh suck cocky….don’t feel shame bcs anuh pu**y we sey a str8 cocky all inna we nose and ears
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Hanifah Lovingrichie Gayle-lattie Brap brap boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

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TanyaFluffy N Confidentbad Mendez Move unnu blooclaaat and lowe mi cuzin….

Hanifah Lovingrichie Gayle-lattie Iesha Evabless

21 hours a

Hold ya head high cuz cause only low life ppl think that’s something dem have pon yuh when the whole ah dem do more than what weh do behind closed doors wid weh mon #theres no victim over here just victory cause that pu**y loose game over p**yhole cause yuh Omar lick out mi cousin battyhole nd she tell weh pu**yhole wid yuh batty mouth pu**y gweh!!!!!!!

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TanyaFluffy N Confidentbad Mendez Mi just glad anuh pu**y yu suck gad know caaz yu cuddnt talk inna mi face. Yu nwed fi teach a bitch how to be a pro mi cuz

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Hanifah Lovingrichie Gayle-lattie Some gal wicked in ah dance nd soft inna bed proper weh say big ppl tings f**k that low life pu**y mad cyaan him cyaan get it ah again him better cherish that bloodclaat video cause yuh lose pu**y wid yuh battymouth Bwoy clear off clown Bwoy
Damien Hollywood

18 hours ago
Mi so f**king bed and mi proud of it join Illuminati burned dawn bridges Brooklawn stoplight that make it worse now n if yuh nuh like mi mi nuh like,yuh too n to,all,who want kill mi who yuh a kill a man who, sell his soul so now mi do whatever mi like

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Denise Caracas U coulda fool mi thought u where this piece ful rasta. Neva know u a di devil r u just pretending to be?

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Damien Hollywood Denise Caracas mi is who mi is no pretending lol

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Denise Caracas U still my friend any way

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Damien Hollywood Denise Caracas mi kno mi link

0 thoughts on “PINKWALL EXPRESS

  1. Ah good fi u Iesha. you gwann like u was the holyest and u no do dem thing deh. well di man weh u sneek and gi piece send u bby fada all ah u undaneet including ur Lisa Hyper pics in hackshion. u is a waste matter. imagine you have 5 pickni and u have time fi a run dung extra buddy ah road. Now u baby fadda put u pon blast you a hide di man pickni dem from him. u shoulda thank god him pick u up wid 3 and own u up when no baddie couldn’t even see u ,cause ur file di oh sooo long. den again him no too riteid edeer. Stop cuss di man and go fine a which one ah u fling send di man ur pics . that was soo disrecpetfull. You well did a trace off him otha bby mada bout u ah wife and and all now unuh cah reach in fronta di pastor. she was rite cause she neva di a suckks you suckks him away. Where is Philly dancehall celebrity, the page that you did have soo much talk on ?? wow it disappear. Please come back cause nuff ppl file need fi dash out. Iesha no matter weh you write and chatt seh you shame like dawg cause every baddie see ur porno pics and no that is not ur babyfadd budddy cause dat is a black man hood and ur babby fadda hood is much prettier . dwl. You no see di man neva rate you. himset you up and send ur pics to ur babydaddy. The hood look like the most popular f**ka man in a Philly dancehall . rumor had that yall been o n the low. mi naw call no name, but thank God u neva ketch no belly fi him like di others cause he surely would of denied that one too. :rate :tkp

  2. Tanya Fluffy, Why you a pick up Iesha prablemz and not running behind Powa weh run gone leff you and send u ina deep depression? all ah di farrin clothes and minings dem couldn’t hole him di man seh a hot and sexy gal to him thing. You is a nex one wid di bag a pickni and expect man fi married unu and stay. go look a life and stay out a ppl own. God no like ugly and all di bible you ah preach him no seh u heart no clean.

      1. Met di way how di bbyfada madd, him blast all a di pic dem ina a Flipgram to Alkaline(cum ova fi a buddy ya.dwl)
        She think she did a hide and bunn di man and di bunna man send it to the man. all now mi cah stop laugh. Di baby fadda still no know how di man get him number or who it is. I guess that is why him madd cause a goodly a man weh him chat to everyday.
        It look like all 3 some a gwann cause nexxx gall ina di room. She ah draw cyad bout him a put up pics of when they were intimate. Di man red and is a big black hood ina har mouth.

        Di babyfadda tell di worl seh dem neva married from jump so she is just a DH wife like di ress.

  3. Iesha you know that is not the dread in that video. You just trying to save face. Stop trying to act like you are the victim. The whole time you was wit the dread you wore your pussy on your forehead. You think these niggas don’t pillow talk with their girls about you inboxing then on FB talking about what you want to do to them? and If he is so broke pocket why you breed 2 times for him and he helped you with the other kids. You need to blast the nigga who dick you sucking cause he the one that got you on blast.

  4. a bun fi bun cause who him no run dung and fu@k offa facebook nuh bawn yet……Punjabi inna the dutty hotel say heller $55 dolla special anytime i r weak

  5. The same bitch that put this bullshit up you suck dick and you sucking broke ass Hollywood dick bitch yall bitches hide behind this shit cause yall punks bitches Omar is a f**king bum steal his babymother pay check to guh pawty with yall same careless suck hood bitches that share the same mon and hang together who worse than yall hoes in philly ain’t none of yall shoplifting hang with money mon nd don’t have any papers but floss every night put up yall it’s document oh iforget they don’t know yall here yall bitches in philly walking cementary hoes can’t chat nobody yall bitches suck pussy!!!!

    1. Iesha are you Seerious?

      When you did a hide and teck Hollywood him neva did deh Wid Crystal?
      All you madda warn you fi leave him you neva diid and now you sorry. Mama gone so money low and now reality lick u rass u a bawkl bout bwoy bruck. him been bruck . You go ina di gal life and she leff him to you now him tunn a mackka ina u hase and u affi ah sleep wid odda man fi meck up the income. Yu teck all ah di insurance money spend pan him so now it dunn you tyaad. Gal gweh ya. Him did see you as a meal ticket and you did a maintain him lifestyle. Mi no have nutten gainst black ppl ,but i suggest you do like Tanya and go bleach weh you insecurities. Ppl like you fi hide and not be seen but instead you nuff and all ova social media like you ah get pay. what time you have fi you pickni dem. mi feel sarrie fi di big ones cause a dem do all di work. ina dah house deh.

    2. How ina di wrong with so much strength..Di man wrong fi put up di video yes but she neva know all a him fault and check teeefin before she go mek a NEXT MAN video her sucking his cock? No man she wrong..u can’t live with no man and a walk a suck cock pan video so fi big woman

      1. before iesha family tell her she wrong them come ah defend the slackness and ah cuss the bwoy…..slackness at its best… :cool

      2. Jezebel behavior dat u caaaaaa live wit u man n children dem n a walk a suck cocky den go home go tawk up inna di ppl dem face dats y men treat unnu so no respect fi unnu self
        Metsy oooooo how u mi draw circle n block out n meck we see wat a gwaan ???

    3. your only making yourself look bad i wouldnt be here trying to prove shit to no one i would be one the phone with my man saying sorry which sorry alone cannot fix….talk about in denial with a no care attitude.

  6. Met is no next man him wicked and lie. A him same one wid pj n seaga hood nasty dutty omar tink dis ago mek she flop but a nuff more man start look har

    1. Of course more men going to look her cause they know she got that champion dick suck. They not going to want her for nothing else more. Which man is going to own her up after that?

  7. TanyaFluffy N Confidentbad Mendezposted to‎ Iesha Evabless
    about an hour ago
    Aaabbbaaayyyy dem cyaaan stop yu….dwrcl mi love the exposure mi feel famous.

    if i laugh todeh yuh see

  8. Whether it’s Hollywood unfit father ass or not who cares bitch oh you do cyaan you ah suck him dick bitch what kind of mon tied frm him babymother don’t play no bills and dress up inna dancehall wild she ah clean shit fi take of dem than f**k pon har with yall f**k out philly bitches tief ah day and pawty at night just to impress yall bitched need to impress irs bitches yall f**k fi clothes nd bottles and don’t have no papers no house yall hangout together and secretly ah f**k yuh friend mon Hollywood yuh ah crosses frm birth fussy hole you suck pu**y and batty so when yuh ah chat mek sure yuh don’t have skeleton inna yuh closet battybwoy!!!!! That was some real pu**y shit gweh cyaan dem say mon f**k yuh inna yuh batty fi money so yuh can guh pawty worthless Bwoy weh live at yuh mother house don’t have shit Bwoy if it wasn’t for Iesha picking up your worthless ass always ah leesh ah ppl yaad pu**y bout yuh ah Hollywood guh change yuh name cause there’s nothing Hollywood bout yuh stinky mouth Bwoy guh wash yuh dutty dreads cyaan it smell like di mon weh Di ah f**k yuh inna yuh batty Bwoy plus you worthless crablous bitch weh ah suck Hollywood dick guh get yuh papers and guh get ah life bitch cyaan yuh probably want suck Iesha pussy why yuh so mad bitch

  9. Why d f**k she fi seh sorry afta she already tell him this triple times she don’t want him she don’t want him he’s scorned she left him and he’s mad even if she did want to be back with him she could silly f**king rabbits “SHE DONT WANT DAT EDIOT”

  10. This bitch talking about what color it is the same color you were before yuh bleach out bitch and still it nuh connect bitch ah dat yuh need fi worry about Hollywood gweh yuh fi get bun all inna yuh eye battybwoy

    1. den u really ah cuss ppl bout bleaching….when yuh fluffy and confident bad fren go from black to white overnight…..

      yes philly bitches get f*k and duck by hollywood including iesha own fambily dem. yea the same one weh ah boost her up and ah smile inna her face. with fambliy like oonu who needs enemies.

  11. Hear she what color is it the same color yuh was before yuh bleach out bitch Hollywood yuh fi get bun all inna yuh ear pussyhole guh suck out some cow batty cow shit yall bitches talking cyaan yall stupid asses ain’t no business and all these tingz ah dis unno life fi nd flossing and dead fi hungry or got tu guh suck some cock fi eat gweh ah true nuh mon nuh put unno shit out there plus everybody already know all yall hype up bitch inna dance suck each other pussy nd sleep wid each other mon unno can chat anybody oh please bitch that have Di most talk I bet yuh don’t have shit ah put ppl sex life pon display wid that batty bwoy weh worse don’t have shit mad cause him cyaan spend har tax money gweh

    1. Ano everybody should b allowed to have sex if u can’t write a proper paragraph to get ur point across u no suppose to know whey cocky look like mi nah lie

  12. Di big mouth gal wid all di rass talk like yuh ah secret service bitch ah which family member yuh ah talk cause the ones I know don’t lay wid dawg fi rise wid fleas my peep trust mi yuh cyaan chat tu di only ting Omar cyaan duh is open up him mouth and weh shit inna him mouth dis bitch is so anger wid Iesha why Omar cyaan spend none of the tax money wid yuh yeah mon free meal dun bitch him stuck dun dah ah di first waste mon mi ever see before but god ah god yuh and him fi guh suck out Iesha after the new buss off inna har guh clean that up fussy hole unno philly dun out gal cyaan chat tu mi ppl dem cause mon reject yall like bad checks bitches hang wid peer money mon and all yall worth is a Moët bottles nd pic’s than when unno leave di dance ah ppl floor unno sleep nd still no papers dwrcl

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