She a start to “nedge” mi teet now. Smh. Lawd man. Paying bills should be the norm for the average American. A nuh sumting fi broadcast. Nuff much. Mi a get tired of har horn weh she a blow now. Kmt. An mi naw hate eeda. Gosh.










  1. If she’s bothering you so much unfriend her off Facebook that can help you meshes?!side eye.listen we all know she post for attention, she’s not the most beautiful young lady and growing up I always hear old people say ugly people seek the most attention to be seen or ugly people love give trouble, in any event,people we can call her anything we want her post is her post it’s her Facebook page,plus she doesn’t post anything negative. She feel Happy to pay her bills she can post if she like,whoever send this in it’s may 3 2015 are your bills paid yet?!stop worrying about people post go say a prayer or Happy Sunday JMG.

  2. The caption and story by sender accuses Dee of constantly “praising” our wonderful God, for blessing her with the ability to be a self sufficient, sole provider so much so that it annoys the sender and “nedge” dem teet’, yet out of the eight (8) posts the sender provided, ONLY ONCE did I see Dee give God thanks for his blessings.

    Sender mi nuh waan bash yuh, but this is knit picking for NOOOOO reason is just DAMN PETTY! VERY PETTY!!! That’s why mi nuh turn not even my back pon Social Media enuh, because mi HAAAAATE the hypocrisy! If you have a problem with her and or the things she posts, why di rass yuh nuh duh yuhself di favour and AVOID the girl???? Why do you continue to friend her and visit her page/profile???? She is living her life, doing what she loves and chooses to share bits and pieces with her “friends” on Facebook, having no knowledge that she annoys the shit outta you and “nedge” your teeth, so since she is not a mind reader, and you won’t be honest with her about the disservice we she ah duh you and yuh pearly whites, why don’t you DO YOURSELF THE GREAT SERVICE/FAVOUR AND AVOID BY UNFRIENDING HER!?!

  3. Dee U live with ur mom so of course u bills ago pay by u mother & mmmmm dnt forget u have man problem cause the man leave u last month so stop it Dee u life Nuh all that cause no man no stay with u only fritters mouth Evan fi borrow out u money & mash up u relationship,

  4. Da girl ya sound like she have har head pon har body…… You don’t see many constructive and meaningful posts on the net no more….. just senseless ranting…. mi no kno yuh n mi nah look yuh but yuh sound like yuh priorities figured out….”fix ur crown” like that

  5. Sender you clearly make no sense. You angry at the person for what they post. I bet you if she would post shoes and boots all day long it would bother you as well. You can’t win or lose with people are please please. Everything people post bother y’all. If you dont like the person post unfriend her …

  6. I’ve came to realization that some women are truly petty and nasty and 80 % of the time it’s for no reason and for spike. I follow her myself and she speaks truth for herself and if someone can relate then more power to them but if she’s that bad that she can’t say she happy that her bills are paid shit I would be happy to by the grace of God I have the things that are needed. So sender go find something to be proud about and get off the girl name.

  7. Unu need fi leave di girl alone. I can never understand why people follow or friend someone they can’t stand or is annoyed by. I don’t see nothing wrong wid wah di Oman post if shi did sidung pon di bone a har ass an nah work yuh wudda still find spun fi seh. Send a guh look a life an come off a di girl page if I weh shi a post badda yuh so much! Kmft

  8. As far as di word on the street goes. Di mafia Ladies dem Grudge Marsha. Dem bex wid har cause she never run come dash out the riches gi dem once dem find out she she was going in . Marsha no ina dem either cause dem never help out wid har pickney when she did get lock up. Kelly shame on you cause when Flippa ina dance him no affi ask you fi wipe di sweat off ah him face you volunteer. Di pickni dem di a box bout cause Kelly Who no wah work couldn’t bother fi lend ah helping hand. when money di a run Kelly come een like rat weh love chees bout chu it slow now she star jess back. And Kelly was di main one weh throw Marsha ina sinking pit. Kellty mussi did hate Marsha under di quiet, cause it really shows once her back was against the wall. Unuh no notice how stress a Kill Kelly fi di last 2 years. She need fi stay outa di gambling house and go look a werk.

    Kayann you as di next one after Marsha treat you like fi har Pickni and you forsake your cousin dem just like Kelly. Member seh you no reach no weh ina Merikka and you have 2 pickni now. Unuh no fi throw stone behind unuh. Di whole family a unuh use Marsha and she walk pon fire fi meck unuh be somebody in addition to be a genuine fren . I’m sur e she has lewearnt her lesson that is why she stay far from unuh and continue to treat unh like di snakes unuh is. Unh and all a Flippa woman was bess frens while unh a laugh ina Marsha face. Me live fi see unh ah choke pon bunn more than Marsha . Unuh judgement no reach yet so unh gwan kool wicked set of hogshits.. unuh love runn een pan fren chu dem put 2 piece a name brand together unh wah be ppl fren. . Unuh fi change unuh name from mafia ladies to NoN ambition ladies.

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