konyaku-plant-OptimizedMet you have this girl in brooklyn, that has be plaguing sharle, she lock up sharlene the other day because sharlene took her baby father to court for child support. sharlene is the mother and father for her only child. Deedee have the man, sharlene dont want the man , she dont talk to the man, the man not taking care of his child, so sharlene have enough of him not taking care of his first born, when the man file income tax a year time he dont give sharlene not a dime for the child, a people have to be giving sharlene stuff for her son. Sharlene use to work out by tracie shop on flatbush ave deedee send the city out a tracie shop telling them that tracie have illegal alien working out there,now sharlene stop work and a stay home, deedee create fake facebookpage and send message to tracie telling her that she report sharlene to immigration and she not gonna stop until she lock close down tracie shop, i have the message that she send to tracie ( i gave a copy of the letter to sharlene lawyer). Come on now deedee you wrap up poor man inna file paper and plant him, the poor man dont even talk to his mother and sister because of you. Deedee you really have a major problem, can you just be walking around making trouble with people who dont trouble you, Sharlene dont want your babyfather, sharlene been over him, deedee get a life, a sharlene vagina you want to borrow,because you really have a major problem, what the f**k tracie do you m you gonna send the girl message saying that you gonna close down her shop, its 2014 get a life go find someting constructive to do, take up your bible and and ask GOD for forgiveness rememeber you have a child too, You dont know what the future hold, leave the people them alone enough is enough

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  1. The way how this sounds it doesn’t sound like its DeeDee to me it sounds like it’s the married man weh Tracy a f**k wife a teck set pon Tracy and a promise fi lock down har shop because that evil woman love call immigration pon people who har husband a f**k worse she go call up a Tracy shop and cuss out Tracy and Tracy naw stop f**k di married man.

  2. New year… Same bullshit! Could there b a party coming up this month for one off these three??? I mean after all publicity ah publicity.

  3. its deedee she tell people that she is the one who send the city at tracie shop, plus the letter that she send tracie, have sharlene baby father family in it. Deedee is a devil in womb clothing. And so what if tracie want f**k a next man, you a act like tracie a borrow your vagina

    1. Tracy can’t borrow my vagina because it know say it’s not suppose to take married man and if she did borrow mine she would’ve had more principles y’all self-esteem lower than the ground y’all walk.

      1. you a pathetic, you are a sad state of an animal, tracie good pussy a mad you,you principle pussy is like the weapon of mass destruction that they never find in iraq, you talking about low self esteem, where’s your you on jmg every day posting on post go get life, you are like feaces in the tiolet bowl waiting to be flush

  4. Met i spoke with the baby father of sharlene and deedee, and he say its deedee, because deedee sen the police to tracie shop and make them lock up sharlene saying that sharlene threaten her, DeeDee also called child proctective service on her baby father sister them, just because they are on sharlene side. Its 2014 i think the days of stupidness was over but deedee has taken this to a whole new level

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