1. Mi jus a tan nd a watch wah unfold wid dis,because i went ack and read konshens post words for words slowly and the fact that he said i will take care of your daughter and not daughters that raise a lil flag inna mi head but like i said i will just sit and watch the outcome of this.

  2. damm yo ……i always tell people to get over one is to dive in another until the pain wear off…..some people love too hard …..thats just crazy …RIP youth

  3. Both mother and father dark and child light skin, i guess he would have known from the get go, jah know.

    1. That baby tailor made to the core..fava Sean Paul to rass :babygirl :hammer while the mumma look like shrek

  4. So ppl looking who to blame for someone who took dem life? If you teck your life is you to blame, no matter di motivation, is nobody else’s fault. We all dealing wid wi own shit, but wi batta and guh through. There is nothing inherently wrong with taking your life, it’s the ultimate act of free will, so I have no judgement on those who choose that exit strategy, but nobody else should be sought out for blame.

  5. U know say is something mi observe Jcan women give jacket in a lickety splitey second eno THAT RAWSEEEEE IS SO WRONG N EVIL IF U NO SURE NO GIVE THE CHILD TO NO BODY MAN KMFT

    1. How dem sleep wid two man one time dat dem nuh know who fi gi di baby to some a dem is a shame to womanhood

      1. Metsy night u know that always puzzle mi cause that mean say dem a sleep wid 2 man in the matter of days my front couldn’t manage that traffic smh it sad tho can u imagine the stigma that “jacket” will grow with cause trust me she will hear oh God man

          1. A so dem wicked n cold eno if u sleep wid 2 or more wait till the child Baden n do dna when the chile bawn man it look like she a shoot n shot split n divide as she feel please

          2. KANCHEENA deal wid it good..him seh him nah blame nobody but I can tell him it nuh sink in yet…when it sink a judgement

  6. Delus is not the first entertainer that has gotten a jacket. Everyone has forgotten that Chino wasnt the first dad named as Rosie’s baby father. Secondly AIDS/Herpes yu can live wid it. Its sad all around. The baby-mother is not the first to give ‘jacket’. I hope she doesnt do anything rash like kill herself or the baby.

  7. smh totally rubbish .. look how much man get jacket and don’t kill them self
    ..dont say it right what the girlfriend do but him kill him self no him daughter what his is own , him leave har with out a father smh

  8. I don’t know how to put it but I don’t think is baby let him kill himself it’s deeper that that..when people do them thing deh and have kid’s thm give up all hope’s bcuz his brother is also gonna have that stigma on his back for the rest of his life..

  9. Staci- lee come here muma if u the livin girlfriend what u have hiv or herpes or both , met a pass mi a pass and fass

  10. Wow this is a sad ass tragedy. . I just read a blog stating allegedly delus made a video confessing some things he’d been going through for a few months now. . #1 His last daughter ano fi him. #2 He and konshens did a have problems… so till konshens see him a dance and pass him like him nuh know him (if this is true, then that is f***d up!) #3 Because he found out that he contracted a STD (They didn’t say which 1)

  11. Seems like the baby madda deh pan some reaal careless lifestyle cuz she a fck him and next man widout protection and ketch disease and also breed fi the man. Its just very disgusting and u know Jamaican man cya tek bun already and fi know a nxt man breed u baby madda and she a seh a urs, bullshit ! If she a fck a nxt man she cudda use condom.
    Mi hear the news from early in the evening from before all the speculations and I was looking on his instagram and i thought to myself that he has 2 baby madda, nt surprise is not his.

  12. She wicked still but him a loooooooooo cause youth a wah so bout she? bwoy dat pu$$y muss tight cause YOUTH yuh coulda do betta BOY UNNU SOFT… you an yuh brother are soft.. men are not wearing the pants in there homes anymore………. what a day when God took a rib from adam. If he gave him a male partner nothing would work but a woman it can but remember it’s still from a man so much more deadly
    God I understand you. Either way you took it something would have happened but you tried wid us anyways

  13. The fact that she’s lighter or that he never claimed the baby does not mean the baby is not his. Sounds like all you folks saw the paternity test. I don’t the chic but we need fi stop use the don’t look like, him post only one picture etc….to mean we know as fact that he was not the father. It’s foolish. But anyway he took his life, very sad, but he’s a big man and that burden should be his and his alone so….mi not blaming the woman jus cause we speculating on the details of what occurred.

  14. He did claim the child he has a video posted poking fun at the fact that he and the child’s mother are both dark skinned and the child is lighter…I won’t be so quick to pass judgement on the lady she too has lost someone, she will have to raise a child that has lost her father. Plus I find that its too easy to condemn women for something men do all the time. Men impregnate multiple women at the same time and leave women to pick up the pieces. Who knows what sort of relationship they had

  15. And the gf is a bich …she look fi di worst pic of the baby mother to put up.When my man suicidal a couple years ago after the murder of his mom I reminded him about the life he had here and how him nah guh get fi fuq mi again and him nuh talk bout nuh more suicide since !!!!

    1. Bitch please. You really think you resolve the man feelings towards him hurt? Phuck wid him nerve and you will see the result of pent up hate, anger, frustration and human emotions from the darkest place. Gwan like unu pussc can calm storm.

  16. Why do I get the feeling that the now deceased is being given a “free pass” of sorts by many of you? If the allegations are correct then his selfish act deprived a daughter of a father and this responsibility has to be assumed by someone else. The baby mother didn’t committ murder directly or indirectly, an individual became overwhelmed with his issues and chose a means of escape that would not hold him accountable. To be lied to and deceived hurts alot but the hurt now is permanent.

    1. I agree. Him selfish and dash weh him life now his daughter don’t have a father. Nuff ppl guh tru wirst

      1. …and do YOU know his worst? Do you know how those people got over their worst?

        You self righteous people need to keep unu judgement to what unu have no experience or knowledge of. Gwan go defend the vampire babymothers and the jacket that caused heartache, which lead to death.

        If a person want to end their life it is their perogative and only the creator (if they give a sh!t about religion) can decide if they were right or wrong in no longer living in this hell hole.

        1. I dont know his worst but nuff people guh tru worst. You need to read carefully. u mek it seem like him a d first wha get jacket and a disease (?).

          My point is he has a daughter and regardless of anything he should think about she first. Now the little girl a guh tru pain.

          u not even know whats elf righteous mean kmt

          1. Self righteous NB is you and you nonsense. You know what the man thought about fi seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years?

            Lo the man in death…him mek him choice to bow out from this life. The daughter have mother and the uncle vow to carry on on the behalf of her father. Go tek set pon the gal dem whey a run dem crotcheslike a supreme ventures limited pick3, or cash plus!

  17. Unuh musnt quick fi throw blame pon ppl Suh .I’m 100 % sure that most female’s sleep with more than one partner in their lifetime. And I’m also 100% sure nuff a Unuh give a man jacket or two inna Unuh lifetime or Unuh self a damn jacket to…. I’m sure the bm is going through a lot also because she herself lost somebody she loves or once loved, he is a coward yes a coward if that’s his ( allegedly) reason to kill himself, what about his other daughter , families, friends.

  18. P. S some a Unuh a seh how di baby mother could have slept with two men at the same time…don’t the guy had a girlfriend and seems like he was still messing with the bm so does that gives him a past ???.#ijs

  19. @ needle if you did deh beside me me woulda shake you hand. What about the daughter that is apparently his, doesn’t she deserve a father too? I’m 100 percent sure his mother would take a jacket over a deceased son family and friends alike. I am NOT excusing the action of the baby mother but come on man.

  20. Suppose is not the baby mother give delus the STD?? Suppose delus gave it to her and that’s why she started tormenting him??? We DON’T know what happened … we can only speculate.. I really hope the family finds peace at this time of bereavement. Sigh 🙁

    1. Then SUPPOSED a no the babymother give her self a Jacket baby fi “torment” the deceased with?

      A see unu lotto players popping out of the wood work like how the lotto ball them pop out a the tube!

      Go sit ya’ll asses down like the ball that never got played.

      Top of the day Met :kiss

  21. When Ishawna dem a lay down an a mek all sort a man f**k har out unuh cant seem to let it go, she a di worst a everything but unuh a try give this baby madda a pass bout man a fck pan her, who lose ??? Unuh cya stoop to man levels den find excuse, u still a disrespect u ole. If yah fck 2 man why u cant protect urself ??? Wah condom do dem nasty people yah ?? A nastiness dat !! People a call the girlfriend a bitch, and she jus mek a one statement. U cya seh it wasnt a good enough reason for him to take his own life cuz ur not him. This man actually pulled a trigger, that is brave and I know he didnt do it in a split second, I originally thought he was selfish but I know how life can get. My childhood is what haunts me the most, everything leads back to it, everytime Im down I seem to blame my childhood and ask whyy, he clearly bottled up alot. Some people need to just stop chatting cuz a pure crap. Only who feels it knows it, only him and God understand what really was his issue.

    1. Gwan through cause you on point. The girlfriend have alright fi do up the gal.

      Shrek friend them or ones like her think babymother status give them full authority over a man life, and vise versa with some baby fathers.

      Slimy living nah no excuse! Bitch go catch a belly fi disrupt the man life and see the outcome is one she can’t find Bible verse verse fah. Look like har mumma didn’t have a saying for when har daughta slimy…worst than Delilah and Jezebel cause dem Neva did a run jackpot wid no jacket baby.

  22. The girlfriend couldnt pick a betta pic cuz the baby madda is straight up UGLY and stay bad. Mi guh pan har profile and me a wonda how she get dat deh nice clean man. This pic posted is one of the best.

  23. I dont care if the baby mother had 6 kids by 8 different fathers – SHE should not be to blame for his death. Perhaps the actions contributed to his hurt feelings… but there had to be other anguish – an unhappiness or depression lingering. Is it possible that in a life that he found disappointing – this was the icing on the cake? yes..but not her fault

    whatever tormented this young man was enough to make him believe that taking his own life was the answer. Unfortunately what most successful suicide’rs dont think of is the effects it will have on their families – typically they have cried out and felt as though they were not heard. So the only way to make their point and level of hurt clear is to take their own life..and transfer that hurt onto others. Am I a professional or educated in this area – NO! but I have lost someone in this same manner.
    RIP young man… family, baby mother, brother,friends, girlfriend – Dont blame yourselves – when someone was that deep in sorrow – there is nothing you could have done to cure it.

    1. And all that “anguish- unhappiness or depression…” came from that one source! Unu fi lock unu crotches if unu going to play main bitch role. Not have unsafe sex, breed and act like all is well in the world.

      Unu lotto belly destroy lives!

      Yes yu one a dem! Unu live defend each other :travel

  24. I sit and read and I just shake my head. Anyone who knows what deppression is wouldnt chat crap. And you can say what u would and wouldnt do just because your not in their shoes. WHat ever it is that makes you tick what ever gives you purpose try taking it away quickly and then talk. As I said before its a demon that ambushes you and no matter how strong you think you are you can never prepare for it. Many times you need help. Mental illness is something we all need to educate ourselves about because we take it for granted. Anybody and I dont care who you are anybody can develop mental illness all it takes is the right conditions. I hear some say oh herpes thats nothing but its the emotional turmoil that takes it up a notch. Imagine you been faithful doing your best and putting out your all and putting up with crap only to be rewarded with an incurable disease. I have seen it first hand and watch one of the strongest person I know break. I have seen so many people suffer in silence because so many people dont/wont get it.

    1. Thank u…some people who commit suicide selfish but others are really in pain. Some people ketch herpes and never sleep with anyone after that but some ketch it and is like they caught nothing

    2. Listen I know, I speak this from experience depression mentally n physically yes physically HURTS but it’s all from the enemy believe me , listen a smell a sound a single thought can spiral u into the abyss, u feel ur heart hurting like real pain for me I stayed in bed for dayssssss I cried till I slept then would wake up crying it’s not nice it’s not normal and no two person experience is the same. Smh as his brother said “can’t say u shouldn’t do it, but I wish you didn’t it” this life can come at us hard and for these situation only the love of God and faith in his words that sorrow is only but for a night JOY MUST COME IN THE MORNING will bring us thru.
      Ppl seek God study his words n watch him work wonders in your lives.

      1. Hey Chuet. Yesterday I told SaranW that a few of us shared our moments of depression on site, and each of us expressed our different triggers.

        You have to have a support a system superior to your mental state and a belief system (God or whatever) to fortify your support system.

        The holy rollers,doctor Oz and phils don’t have nothing on this because it’s spiritual and unique to the afflicted person.

        1. PP hi my dear , God alone him alone smh serious thing depression is hard I pray anyone having a hard time just find a person who is spiritually awake n seek help or drop on ur knees n pray just call out to God

  25. she is to be partially blamed becuase she was taunting him under his pictures, that man died inside months ago base on the things i read if they are true he as been thru alot not everyone is strong enough mentally to deal with certain situation, i will not bash him because only him and god knows y he did what he did

  26. I read that one family member was saying there was a video sent to her with a gun to his head. By the time she get back him dead. U tell mi stress
    Is no joke. Mix that with depression It can kill. No she did not send him to kill himself n no she is not to be blamed 100 percent. But she did play her part in a child having no father n a man being dead. People need to wake up its all fun
    N game till it gets serious.

  27. These type of things only happen to NICE GUYS girl woldnt do this if they know u with kill there ass. Black woman Jamaica germs , but him shoulda run and leave everey thing

  28. I am Jamaican and I won’t lie .. We have most of wickidesttttttt Oman dem fi grace dis fckn planet !!!
    Dem love obeah , love give jacket, love money , greedy , lie and full a shit I swear not all but most !!!! Why why why !

    1. you must be speaking on the ones that surround you i.e. your family and friends…escape your environment and please don’t classify all Jamaican women as the same. Bless

  29. Why are people so quick to cuss and call people ugly… clearly the guy is no angel sleeping with multiple women at the same time, I will not speak ill of the dead but have compassion for the Lady.

  30. @ Anon 11:42 with that jack ass of a response and generalization you should go play in traffic and don’t concern yourself with everyone’s “crotches” this isn’t about crotches ..I don’t understand how everything wrong or right can equate to crotches for some of you duncebats.

    I can only speculate and you support my speculation as you’ve stated and don’t even realize that -there were issues there that in my opinion could not have just stemmed from a baby mother bc he had a girlfriend. However – The truth and fact of the matter is WE WILL NEVER KNOW AS HE TOOK IT WITH HIM TO HIS GRAVE. Rest in peace

    No need for you to respond to me as I refuse to have further battles with someone whom I suspect smells like sour cabbage water and hot turtle tank.
    Peace and blessings.

  31. Listen he was promiscuous… and so was the baby mom..they were always going through shit…she was insecure..loved by his mom..but he was in the spotlight..getting prettier and younger ladies. She made a bad decision and thought if she pretended that it didn’t happen it would wrk out..having that child didn’t keep him…he moved on..they were always going back and forth. She found out about the disease and decided to make him pay. This spilling her own secret while threatening to destroy him. He didn’t want to lose the new gf. That’s y the video was sent to her. The child being his was not the played a part..but it was the fact that the disease would destroy many lives. That’s y she was taunting him to tell her.. In the end she thought doing all that she would win him back but she didn’t realize he didn’t love her anymore..and his secret would cost him the one he really loved.

  32. So yuh live wid man and all the days of him life him a mad over him babymother. Mi woulda shame fi talk.

  33. Met, one876 has taken Simplicity’s ccomment & used it to falsely create an article they call “Delus’baby mother hits back at Konshens”.They also pulled some other comments from here.

      1. :ngakak. If not fi Cindy I wouldn’t know site name so!

        Saran Oooy waste fi defend anything ova de ohi 😀 😀

        Met! The wretch copy and paste not even on point 😀

        A site like that cannot be respected.

  34. Betting on top of it ALL she lied about having a disease and he died thinking he was infected but it was a LIE

  35. I’m sorry he died but unoo giving him a pass and cannot understand why. How convenient to blame the bm. Gf should be grieving she have time to throw up the lady kids on her social media. She trifling to. This is bad for everybody….and so many basing their facts off what they read somewhere? And we all know how accurate most blogs are right…rolls eyes

    1. The girlfriend is triflin for real because she really should not be doing this & it seemed she shared the suicide video with others because Laden the bitch (yes Laden youse a bitch) was on ER last night running his bitch mouth about things said on the video that he & some of his friends have access to.

      Clearly Delus had a type of women that he liked – triflin.

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