Betty I did not know is you kill your mother is yesterday I know the you need to leave we coner an stop sit down here y we keep you around us. so long we think you were somebody a so you walk an f**k when night come shame leave the woman man an go look for dutty shine you sit an make shine f**k you out an then a walk an be trouble in people life. dutty woman you are a sh*t as I can see were your daughter them get it from you need to go get a job.U never work from you were born all you do is live after your family an friends. that y she of to walk an look friend so is because she is short of food. dutty betty is you alone I see right now is looking everbody look forward all wood she a suck evernight. fi her hour’s on the road that she walk is gunman alone walk that time of night you know how much night I see that bitch leting out all kind of man after four .them time your two big p**y daughter need to talk to you It dont look good one man f**k the three of you just for a five bills klist dutty betty an now you gona in a pat life f**k out betty an she can walk an f**k an ever hungry an g’ooooo can beg klist


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