14 thoughts on “TO MICHELLE

  1. You cant worry about AIDS too much again. It’s the herpes too! Imagine seeing a man with a bumpy dick. A women with a bumpy pussy.

  2. That big head,suck batty mouth man, whey look like Mortician son fi go find a coffin and cova up!

    Missta! Mek you up in a de gal business so? Wha de Benz key you can’t get? You too ras ole fi a tek on bitch role.

    You see the gal PUSSC or lab test fi say she have herpes? She should carry you go court fi slander.

    Man no know dem testosterone role again.confuse bitches along wid de dutty foot gal dem from the last post bout the girl. Red-eye bitches!

  3. It look like a somebody paying him to do this, look how him looking sideways. Old mama man and I don’t know any of the parties involved.

    1. When him go GP and have fi a suck 2 hood one time him developed the side glance.

      Michelle no argue wid man who can gargle buddy and smile same time. Hungry belly cock sucker.

    1. Me send call you don’t?

      Yu duss off you dutty foot before you tek up device fi come trace?

      Tell you mumma fi stop spread har market basket pussc bout the place and the STD rate we drop!

      While Matthew de bout go pon a gully bank go spread you tinking pussy mek rain beat it out.

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