0 thoughts on “DEM A REACH FI AMBER

  1. Him and his mother are two crasses, the child support them want cut off. What a set a wicked in-law Amber she has, a must thats why she so bitter. Even though she made me laugh yesterday. lol. I don’t believe this, mek Wiz dem gweh

    1. She need fe lawyer up ah stop play dem ghetto games wid dese hood rats n’ these types of damaging allegations..g
      Gag Order ALL dey asses ( the Kardashians included ) dem seh she mean business ah she naah ramp wid none ah dem nuhmore…

      1. She has a lawyer already, she is getting money for she and the baby. Wiz doesn’t want to pay so probably made this up to have the judge give his mother the baby. The muma is no better than Amber, she acts like a teenager. Mek dem gweh

  2. I think his manly looking mother is a part of this…all of a sudden Amber is a horrible person and a bad mother. Didn’t he know the type of person she was before he married her?

  3. Coke out Wiz n him nasty mumma fi go drown and avoid Amber who nasty like cranny Wiz him look like him wha born again wid dem dey coke out dread locks pon him quarter size head

  4. I can’t stand in laws like that…. She need to but out where was she when Amber n wiz was laying up together. kmt she might cause more harm than good in court. Amber need to stop answering them… I don’t want her character as a mom get tainted if puzzy face wiz should try to drag her in court. Wiz go ahead an play team Khole we will see who laff last.

  5. I don’t believe any of it. Di Kartrashian backers coming fi Amber, but di whole a dem hab dem pickney and Khole caan hab none suh di seed wah dem waan sow dem betta memba di harvest is coming fi dem too. See Bruce up pon manslaughter charges yah now, right when him in di process of becomign Brianna. Meck deze men run behind dem, ain’t none wah stay wid dem end up normal in di end. Wiz is one step away from di dump, suh him can run behind dem till him ketch eena it, ole fawt a side wid deze witches instead a di one ooman wah geem di title of father. Reggie got out in the nick of time.

  6. Kourtney’s boyfriend/fiance *Scott mi think him name* hate alla dem like poison…he want out of the relationship with Khloe, but feel stuck because of his kids…

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