No shavel, you trying so hard it’s not even funny. Who the hell walk around dung a dirty south inna dem dress deh a morning time…what day when you can get the welfare money no more and what a day when you can’t get toy r us credit no more… By the way did you buy Shirley bedroom set yet?….shavel take a picture inna Shirley bed post it, mek ppl a farrin see nastiness!


    1. May God guh wid u cuz yuh comment nah 7/11 more while wen unno doah av shit fi rite seh unno nuffi rite at all….den if a suh she (cuz mi nah call dung ntn pon ppl pickney) did dead dem nuffi rush her the nearest hospital but to a private doc ..no sah dis nuh real
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

    2. Really? Not everything private doctor can deal with and if the child must be admitted is Children’s dem goin send den. That’s where paediatric specialists are located, actually the best place fi carry yuh pickney. Come wid a betta diss than that because dat us just stupid.

  1. to the dumb ass up top let me enlighten yuh, even if yuh carry the pickney go private doctor, certain cases will have to go to Children’s because they are the only hospital that caters to Children under 12 within the caribbean. Some ppl just love to talk enuh!!!!!!!!

  2. Hate is a disease, where there no cure for some people, all this story here now, why u send it enn, the girl looks fabulous in her tall dress, if Pluggy can a model in him long skirt never mind a real woman. Lol, any way put fun, and joke a side, tell me something now, is what the private hospital did ago do for the child better than the well equipped and well established, and renowned for taking care of children, than Children’s hospital. Sender you is one ole fart.

  3. She looks good…lil awkward though, modeling for the cameras/social media in a evening gown @ the hospital while your child is sick…

  4. Good Afternoon Met/Metters.
    @ sender, what should she wear in the morning in the ghetto? So because she IN di ghetto she must be OF di ghetto? She can only be who she is. I believe if she was living up in Belvedere St. Andrew, she would dress the same way.

    1. Yuh see say di fassyhole gal tek ghetto people fi clown. Ghetto people caan wear long dress, it is too classy and elegant for them and their environment. She needs a fat box.

  5. I think wht d sender is saying is that is an evening dress, not for day time…too dressy. A nice distressed jeans n a tank top would be more appropriate
    Save tht dress for a party

  6. Yes Met, cause Pluggy a parade in her tall designer dress, no dressmaker thing and good earrings good hair, and as according to shim good whatever else, suh me start to where pure tall dress with my good shoes like Pluggy. Wooooiiiiii. :malu2 :kr

  7. Yes Met, u nuh see how miss Pluggy a parade in her long dress, not dressmaker,her $5,0000 earring, good hair, nice things, good shoes under the tall dress. So if she/him can a wear her tall dress ma! The girl can wear her tall dress go all in a bathchume too, just about any where. :kr

  8. Agen how unu knw de gurl nuh jus a cum in yute sick nd run wid him like dat, get call seh dem deh a childrens and show up as is or follow smaddy deh str8from a dance…my my do many ways arubdv dat dressing de smaddy jus doah av shit fi sen in
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Why the hate? Isn’t it much easier to show love and compassion for your fellow human being? What did this girl do to you why you hate her so much? Your heart is not clean.

    1. i wouldnt say shavell looks like a dolly cuz some a unu jamaican gal swear unu cute wid unu bleach out face and love call unuself doll kmt shavell to me isnt cute and she shape bad nuh hell and love wear skimpy clothing d time she a breeed fi ppl man she guh get a GED kmft like i cannot deal wid the careless ppl dem idc what she have on or where she deh a tek d pic teng gaddd she get papers but she like wa 21 ? its ridiculous with these girls

  9. Met shavel grow bad She never grow up no where good but I am very happy she get her papers she just need to get her grandmother out that dirty house on that dirty bed in that dirty place that is why the child get sick ‘ I just hope she get a new toilet also & stop shitting into that pit toilet

  10. uno a get real lame now … as the girl mek a move uno post it yall got no type a f**king life for one … uno badmind to a limit that as the girl post anything uno quick fi post it pan dis f**king site. AND BY THE WAY SHAVEL DONT NEED NO F**KING GED CUZ SHE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL .. uno fool yuh f**k … u here bashing the damn girl and all now she nuh see none a uno .. f**k uno a falla up SHAVEL fah and a gwan like uno name nuh stink and dutty outta road … it hot mi fi some a uno dutty pussyhole u see .. leave di f**king girl … as the girl mek a step uno start watch

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