1. This clown had a choice..and she choose to wear that dress. Dam sell out dog shit. In this sensitive time she come if sell us blacks out bout ” MAGA”

    1. By advertising a motto and representing a figure head who will turn your black ass into kunta kente or ma mable if he could!

      Why the hell you playing word games?!

  2. Make USA great again yes woman…
    Wise black people voted for Trump or did not vote, stupid ignorant people voted otherwise…

  3. She wants attention cuz nobody knows her,snd to think the designer is a Filipino immigrant. How can u support a man who has white supremacists in his cabinet and anti immigrants stance? Do better.

  4. Unuh can cuss me and I’m not a Trump fan or supporter bcuz I don’t like how he treating the Mexicans but mi neva hear him talk ntn bad bout black plp. Just the Muslims and Mexican and if black was a issue to him mi nuh think him would a fraid fi seh it. I work for a company part owned by Trump and we get really good pay, health benefits and vacation packages and a nuff black plp work yah. Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture and stop think so small give the man a chance bcuz if he fails has a president so does our country and so will us has the plp of the country….. alright unuh can come cuss me now

    1. Suh becaz u nuh hear him seh nuttn bad bout blacks him nuh racist– u eva hear first dem come fi di muslims mi cut mi yei, den dem cum fi mexicans mi cut mi yei…etc etc? From you hate one set a people because a dem religion,color, race etc you are racist dat means u have no tolerance fi anybody else but your own..dis clown is a prime example along with whom him pick..suh unu stay deh. Mi nuh understand how unu can’t understand seh unu must not be only for unu self because wen it know a unu door nobody nahn guh dehdeh fi unu same way caz unu selffish/crab/lobsta as hell..

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